Never Gone

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Boracay Chronicles
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Hello guys, my apologies for not posting earlier this week. I was supposed to post about really interesting topics about my recent trip to Ilo-ilo City last weekend, you know what crazy things I did there, the places I visited (and end up with) and simply to brag about my new laptop. But I think those can wait for future post, not this week. I simply don’t feel like blogging I just want to take some time off the internet and celebrate the life of my precious friend who recently passed away.

RC Estrada was a good friend of mine. I met her on facebook two years ago although we were schoolmates before. We’ve shared great moments as we filled each other’s fb inboxes sharing our thoughts and opinions and general non-sense friends love to talk about. We were like modern-day pen pals. Our correspondence was a very pleasant experience for me because I got to know her beyond her beautiful face. It gives me the chance to know the real her – the one is so kind, so sweet and friendly young woman. By the way, she’s a pretty smart girl, her words are well thought yet maintained her quality of being innocent, fun-loving and carefree.

She’s probably one of the nicest person I know, such kindred spirit that is so kind and so young. But I never knew her in person actually but we love to keep it that way, at least we have something to look forward to in the future. If Christmases and New Years are much-anticipated by everybody that the English language decide to capitalize their first letter, RC and I decided to call our much-anticipated future together as  Someday.

One of the best thing that makes us click as good friends was that we shared the same fascination for Japan, with its rich culture and picturesque landscapes. We fell in love to the idea of visiting Japan, well, Someday. I address her as RC-san, and she addresses me as Lester-san. I guess that was our terms of endearment. I cherished every moment I call her RC-san, like what Japanese call their friends, the sound of it and the fluid motion of typing it in the keyboard felt so natural as if I’ve known her a long time..

RC-san was diagnosed with the big C, some three years ago. She was fighting for her life all those time we shared on the internet. I never met someone outside my family who has given me time to listen to my thoughts and took the pain of reading my letters with utmost attention, all that while on chemotherapy. I can only imagine how much she had to go through in all those years of battling cancer. But the irony of it all is that she’s still thankful for the life she had, the family and who loves her. Her sense of optimism was so overwhelming. I will be forever thankful for all the time and friendship she has given me.

The past couple of Christmases were highlighted by our friendship, and really I couldn’t imagine this Christmas without reading a word from her. This year I probably  had spent my Christmas in Ilo-ilo last week, I guess she spared me that one joy by not letting me know about her departure.  And I am so missing her this Christmas (this really is not my Christmas, no family, no money, no time, and no RC-san).

I just wish she knew how much I much I cared for her. But maybe she got it when I told her that I’d do anything to make her happy and if a guy should ever hurt her, I’ll beat the hell out of him. hahaha. She made it so easy for me to make her laugh and I really hope I made a good company for her. I’m just glad that she’s no longer in pain, that she would not feel alone anymore. Finally, you can now rest my friend. For me there’s no doubt that you’ve lived a good life, even though it was cut short too soon but you sure left many good memories and smiles. The people you’ve touched will always be celebrating for the change of  knowing you and deep within our hearts we know you are never gone.

I designed this T-shirt for her, and still is the best tee I have on my closet.

  1. veghotpot says:

    RIP, Im so sorry you have lost such a good friend. Your post was very heart warming and it is clear she meant a lot to you.

  2. Jim Murphy says:

    Very sorry to hear this – my condolences…

  3. PM says:

    oh man hugs buddy. i know there are no words that can help quell your sadness right now but hang in there. things will get better.

  4. lapiskamay says:

    hi PM thank for taking the time to read my post. I’m really off nowadays. but that’s life people come and go. I also believe things are really going to get better (at least better than this Christmas), thank you.

  5. […] I’m tired, uninspired and pretty much screwing up my life.  At least I’ll see‘her’ there. Sorry guys, but I just miss her badly until now. But fate says I’m not finished here, […]

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