Songs of the Year (i know the title is bad, so shut up and listen)

Posted: December 15, 2011 in Music
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It’s already the half-time show for this month. I only posted two articles, two depressing articles to be exact. I wish I wasn’t too busy with work or too occupied with thing beyond my control. I have to admit there were a lot of exciting ideas and inspiration to write a post under normal circumstances. RC-san’s departure was such a big blow to anyone who’ve known her, and to me it looks like the old man continues to live and the young girl leaves. That’s not a fair deal to me. So wakey wakey, and starting blogging like a mad man for the second half of action, because instead of going deep into the dark, I think it would be much better to come out and celebrate love.

This is the first post of the many many post that will come out within the next two weeks. Let’s start with songs that made a lot of sounds in my life this year.

Number 1: Hear You Me  by Jimmy Eat World

There’s no other song that have captured all of the emotions I’ve felt the past couple of weeks. You know the pain of losing a good friend, how all the people miss her, and that nagging “sayang di ko man lang nasabi sa kanya” (things I never said drama stuffs…). The lyrics simply says it all. And you’ve got to love the way these guys sang the music in an effortless showcase of soulful acoustic.

The song was written and released by the band in their album “Bleed American” way back in 2001 just before the 9/11 attack, that’s a full decade ago. And I only recently heard the song well, one month ago after hearing Ashley Gosiengfiao’s cover of this song on her tumbr blog. Ashley’s version was also very very nice, all the more reason to love the G sisters indeed.

Number 2. Jet Lag (french version) – Simple Plan feat. Marie-Mai

Simple plan is back! And this time they’re bringing some French lovin’ in the air. The last I saw MYX Daily Top 10 was way back last year so I have no idea if the song even landed, but chances are it did. The official video was the one with the English lyrics featuring Natasha Bedingfield, but man I so freakin’ love the French version. It’s a perfect fusion of punk rock and pop songs, sing it on the most beautiful language on earth and there you have one bad-ass melody playing on  your mind over and over and over again. There came a day where I played the song all day long.

By the way, the music video of the French and English version are almost the same, Natasha and Marie-Mai just took turns on shooting the same scenes. To Pierre, WT? two ladies loving you? I knew you’re a  two timer. Bad-ass.

Number 3: Rolling in the Deep – by Adele

This song probably saved the music industry this year. With massive decline of albums sales and the rise of digital downloads (on pirate bay) the past couple of years, 2011 was considered the year to be forgotten but not before this young British singer showed up bringing a fresh powerful voice in this epic song. Adele’s album 21 (because she’s  21) is already breaking up records this year and many would consider the album of the year. Rolling in the Deep of course are likely to become the single of the year, not just because it sells millions but also reminds us that one doesn’t have to have a great body and and reach extremely high notes to become a diva.

Number 4: Super Bass – cover by Ashley Gosiengfiao

click on the photo to see the video, (di ko ma.attach eh)

Super Bass

Fore me that big hit from Nicki Minaj of the same title is one of the most annoying thing to come out this year, because its like a combination of bad rapping and a false sense of retro pop resurrection. But a cute hyperactive British girl named Sophia Grace brownlee sang it on youtube, and the world found one of the most promising natural talent. Then came the younger sister of Alodia, the Cosplay goddess/crush ko last summer, and completely blow me off my feet. My God, its the best cover of the song and I dont have to endure it, in fact I love it. But you know what, I have a secret desire to dance with it. hahaha.

Number 5: Celebrate Love by Jordan Pruit

Since its Christmas I am obliged to put a Christmas song in this list, and what an opportunity! Lovely lyrics, soulful notes and beautiful beautiful voice from Jordan Fruit. Napapaiyak talaga ako minsan if naririnig ko to sa Playlist ko, hahaha lumalambot din pala ako. It’s one of my favorite Christmas songs of all time, and I wont be surprised if you guys haven’t heard this one. It’s a part of the Christmas album released by Disney Channel in 2007 titled “Disney Channel Holiday“, that’s the album featuring an innocent Miley Cyrus and then unknown Jonas Brothers (trust me, they just made that great album look bad rather than sell it).

Ok, that’s all folks.

  1. Jacklyn Belo says:

    cool list! Simple Plan with French! Cool! I still don’t get why a lot of people are addictive with Adele’s music.. I intentionally listen to Adele’s songs many times so that I can learn to appreciate the way others do.. pero wala eh, hindi ko pa rin trip hehe… bet ko Super Bass even if the lyrics need to be censored hehe…. Like you, I secretly want to dance with that song 😀

  2. lapiskamay says:

    thanks Jackie! yeah the french version was really cool, i cant get enough of it. aha, Adele’s voice is something really perplexing some people love it, other’s dont. i like her voice, i think she only comes great with her second album, her first was really bad. basta maganda xa pakinggan for me. may pagkaliberated nga lyrics ng SB, parang ang babae ang naghahabol sa lalaki. hhehehe.

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