My coming Christmas next week is already doomed, I mean, it’s not going to be merry. I think I’ll just lie over my bed and pretend it’s like an ordinary day in the island. The joy of having the family and friends for this season can fairly wait for next year, if I get lucky to land a better job. The spirit of giving is not yet felt but I’m already working on it, I hope to at least put a smile to the people I am with when Christmas come. What’s important for that day is that deep inside is where the real spirit of Christmas is found. But on the second thought, I think I already spent the Holidays two weeks ago when I went to Ilo-ilo City.

There were reasons why I went there during the first week of December. Number one because it’s the only time of the month when we are allowed to go free on a leave for a few days, so instead of hanging out in the island I’m  so very familiar with I opted for some adventures in a city. Ilo-ilo was the place to be. Other than shopping some personal stuffs, I think I just wanna see Ilo-ilo as a tourist not just a mere pit-stop on the way home… you know taste their famous lapaz batchoy, hang-out In their malls, visit some Boracay friends who lives there, check in to their hotels and, ahem, to check some beautiful Ilongas.

This is Ilo-ilo's famous Lapaz batchoy

Number two reason was, I wanna run there. Yeah I was able to participate in the Philippine National Red Cross’s “Million Volunteer Run”. I originally signed up for the Kalibo leg during my 21st blood donation, but was shifted to the Boracay leg, but ended up in Ilo-ilo anyway just in time for the vacation. The run was OK, but I don’t know if they really did measure the 5k distance, because it really felt shorter. Mas pinawisan pa ako sa aerobics afterwards, kaysa takbuhan. I arrived at Ilo-ilo city the night before the race, so I was not able to check where the starting line was, and boy that was hard to find. The venue was not posted on the internet ( or I just couldn’t find it), no posters were posted at the streets, and even the people there doesn’t even know of such race. I think the organizers needs more publicity practice. Fortunately, I met some highschoolers running the streets just before the race started, they led me to the venue. At least I still got the chance to run.

"mas pinagpawisan ba ko sa aerobics kaysa pagtakbo"

this is the only solo I got from the MVR that day.

For the first night we stayed at a certain Empress pension house. It was a bad idea. For a cheap rate we got ourselves some bad night to stay in: a remote control that doesn’t work, a shower with no water, a toilet that doesn’t flash (yuck), and a f***ing bad room service. We transferred at the Fine Rock Hotel for our second night. It was one of the best ideas I’ve made. Sa Front office pa lang masaya ka na, because they got lovely FO agents that embodies true Ilonga beauty  to welcome you. For a cheap rate, we got a bigger TV with a functioning remote control, hot and cold showers, comfortable CR, and just lovely meals at the dining area. And it’s near the Robinson’s Place Ilo-ilo.

The Ilo-ilo Art Museum, a place where Visayan artist are displayed..

Lomography meets CD-R King.

But my ultimate reason for going to the big city was to buy a laptop. It’s been a hard year for me, perhaps I’ve worked harder than I can manage, left the lively Cebu for a lonely planet called Boracay, endured sickening night shifts and became a vampire on the process just to get that machine. I consider the act of buying that machine as a trophy for a job well done living throught it all. I bought the machine at Accent Micro inside SM City Ilo-ilo. I have chosen the HP Pavilion Series G4 because it got the features and specifications that I need. Plus they came a few bucks cheaper than her equivalent in Acer, Asus and Vaio. Her color is charcoal black, her body is nice, not so stylish but elegant looking – a far cry from my gothic lovin’ bad-ass personality. The deciding factor forthe laptop was not really about the price or the brand it was the freebie! Hahaha. It comes with a free HP S300 digital camera worth P5,000, and it does came in black.

Guys say hello to my new baby girl...

and she comes with this.

Oh my, it feels so good to finally have a laptop. And it feels even sweeter because she’s from my own hard-earned money. That’s my gift for myself this Christmas. Belated Merry Christmas to me and it is Merry Merry Christmas to all of you.

  1. Haha! Where the hell is Empress Pension House? Lol!

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