The Game of the Year 2k11!

Posted: December 20, 2011 in Boracay Chronicles
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I am natural dummy when it comes to video games, because my game I.Q. is really low always messing up the controls and easily freaks out when the tough gets going. However playing video games this year has been one of my outlet for all sorts of situations and of course one of the my useless activity for fun.

I’ve playing some really great games nowadays though. And one video game  has stand out , as in the game that I never tired of playing all year-long – it’s the NBA 2k11. I got a little addicted with it that I always play when I rent inside an internet cafe.

I love the graphics first and for all, most of the players are realistically rendered like their real life counterparts especially superstars like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett and LeBron James. The gameplay is also even more realistic. I’ve never seen such sports game that felt very very realistic.

His Airness breaks away for one of his high flying stunts. Bad-ass!

My favorite part of the game is not really about the 2011 season (wth the Lakers lost), but rather I’m more into the retro in its Jordan Challenge   that let gamers relive 10 of the greatest games from His Airness. All those games you not only required to win the game but also accomplish statistical goals like score 50 points, grab 5 rebounds, dish out 5 assists and average 55%  field goal percentage. Trust me, its hard.  The games ranges from his break-out performance against the powerhouse Celtics in the 1986 play-offs as a sophomore  all the way to the game winning dagger against the Jazz in the 1998 Finals. The most challenging game of the challenge for me was the 1996 NBA Finals against the hot shooting Sonics – where you are required to grab 9 rebounds which is really really hard to do given Jordan isn’t a great rebounder himself.

The Arrival, the first and the easiest Jordan Challenge.

I have never completed all the challenges but hopefully I will accomplish them, I’ll just have to skip the regular season mode of the game since the game sequel NBA2K12 is already out.

Overall the game is very good, and I love it, especially when you control the greatest NBA player of all time and make him do some ridiculous high-flying dunks. Like Jordan, NBA2k11 is simply a freak of nature.

  1. cheesecake says:

    i thought there is some 2k12 around. i can’t comment on 2k11 coz i don’t have it. 🙂

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