Night of the Scissorhands

Posted: December 24, 2011 in Events, Photography
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Our company Christmas party came in just a few days before Christmas and so as our 13th month pay, well, better too close than late and never.  The party’s theme happens to be a costume party so it was a blessing that I didn’t have to wait 11 month for the Halloween parties next year. I posted some time ago about my future costumes (click here) but this time, time is not on my side. My bil-bil has not melted into six-pack abs yet so for sure I won’t be doing that 300 Spartan hurrah. I was about to decide for a radical choice of the Phantom of the Opera but I realized I have here in the island the materials  I needed for an Edward Scissorhands cosplay. So this was what I looked liked during the costume party.

The Domesticated Edward

If asked again, why so Edward-ish all the time dude? I just love that character because I can relate to him being different but unique. I’m also a real big fan of his and the people who created that film. That morning when I was doing the stuffs below I was actually playing the movie all-over again in front of me, that was some added inspiration to make do bettah.

The hands are built from glove made of jeans, paper scissors, and colors. The actual product had real scissors too add more production value.

I think the people in the party liked the result of the costume. They were all praises and surprised to see me walking weird with that costume, which is quite overwhelming (di pala sayang ang effort haha). Some have this brief moment of trying to figure out whose character I’m mimicking and the next second their face brighten up as if they’ve uncovered something nice from their past. But of course most people know exactly who I am the moment they saw the hands.

I'm with the lovely house-bunny Grace. She was smokin' that night.

And by the way, I did not win the Best in Costume, I would have loved to if I did but really I’m very happy just the way the costume was embraced by the people. The winner was my friend from a different department, he was that half-masked guy with the big sword – Ichigo Kurusaki of the anime  Bleach. His costume was really bad-ass, he deserved it. The mask was also something noteworthy they guy who painted it was my friend and fellow artist-trapped-in-this-corporate-sinkhole Alviner Valena, who has done comic convention arts before.

Ichigo, Alviner, and the Scissorhands

Spectacular that Christmas party was.


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