Ah finally Christmas Day 2011 is now in history books, and I somehow managed to enjoy it!

Maybe the secret to enjoying Christmas while away from your normal life, family and friends is simply to get busy at what you’re doing with  the solid exception of  WORK. People just wanna have fun this season to be jolly, falalalalala. I never thought I’d survive the days leading to Christmas in a positive but I realized pain and loneliness is inevitable but misery is optional. I chose to be merry.

 So for a brief recap here what’s happened and what I did for Christmas in this beautiful island of Boracay:

1. Simbang Gabi – This year I completed the nine mornings! Simbang Gabi or Misa de Gallo is a tradition for Filipino Catholics that is composed of 9 masses every 4 AM in the morning starting from the 16th of December  towards Christmas. When one completes this task it is said one’s wishes are granted.

I’ve never been to a single simbang gabi for all of my life, and I dont have to because I am not a Catholic. But I am still a Christian, I have my own prayers, I worship the same God and we celebrated Christmas altogether. So why not give it a try.  It’s an advantage to be on a graveyard shift since I just used my break period going to the church.

A view of the mass inside the Holy Rosary Parish Boracay.

2. A taste of island the delicacies and kakanin – simbang gabi wont be complete without puto bumbong, bibingka and other kakanin. Also I love to eat one of Boracay’s gems, the Kalamansi muffins at Real Coffee.

what's cooking? Puto bumbong!


A line up of kakanins displayed outside of the Church.


That's a view to a kill. yummy muffins.


3. Beach Running and Shooting – I’m back in running the front Beach after weeks of struggles with the graveyard shift. Now I can wake up before the sun sets – the perfect time to run here in the island. The destination is of course the front beach. So a point-and-shoot camera always comes in handy. There are sexy people everywhere.

Walanjo, bat may mga sumaling mga aliens. One ruined picture 😦


There's a star above the bonfire at Station 1. I wonder how that looks at night.


...as if the sun is hiding behind those rocks.


The island's golden sunset is always a thing to behold.


4. Night Hopping – even for a few minutes It’s lovely to go outside during the night and see the lights around. By the way, there isn’t really much Christmas lights and decoration anywhere, as in not as festive on the cities.

The glowing light of the Ferris wheel inside D'mall.

Lights and lights at D'mall.


A lantern made out of recycled materials. Lovely bottles.


5. Giving and Receiving gifts – It’s been long said that the spirit of Christmas is found on sharing the blessings to others. This year I believe I shared my fair share of blessings. Yeah I did share my 13th month pay to my siblings, made padala the HP camera for Tatay, I gave the ham that I won on a raffle to co-worker, sent my Kris kringle to my online manita (Miss N), sent my first gift to my lovely goddaughter, and etc etc. The joy of giving is so overwhelming, and I dont really care enough if I dont receive anything return.

But I did received gifts this Christmas like a parasailing adventure this New Year, a package from Miss N which I absolutely appreciated, some smiles, some hugs, some handshakes, ‘I love yous’ and ‘thank yous’, I mean how can I ever ask for more? That’s everything I ever wanted for Christmas.

Ah I'm so trying you this New Year! Pareng Jorney are you ready?


thank you Miss N for the Pencils (man these are expensive), ballpens, Batman case and the yummy marshmallows!


6. Party party!

This is the cocktail party.

and this is the beach party!

So that’s it. This Christmas turned out to be a blast even before the New Year Eve fireworks. Looking forward for the  next Christmas back at home, I’m willing to trade anything for that. Right now, I’m just too glad I survived a Christmas away from home. Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. PM says:

    your celebrations looked fun! i was not able to eat puto bungbong this year because no one sold them here. sigh. your gift from miss n looked cool. next year ulit! 🙂

  2. lapiskamay says:

    thanks for dropping by, ok lang yun. hanap ka nalang next year! yeah, ang ganda nga ng pinadal ni Miss N sakin. nag.effort pa talaga maghanap according to specifications. hehehhe. I love the 10 blue pencils, kasya sa lahat ng daliri ko. parang Lester Pencilhands talaga if isusuot ko sila sa mga daliri ko. hehehe

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