Hello everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR  to all of us! I hope you had a great night welcoming the Year 2k12. Because I did too, and the day ahead. So here’s my first post of the year and I am very relieved I am no longer obliged to post here every week as part of the postaweek2011 campaign. 2011 was an exhausting blogging year for me since I have to balance my time with my job and other hobbies (thanks God I didn’t date much). Now I can finally slow down a bit around here and post more quality posts and lesser in quantity. Thanks to all those who visited this blog.

2012 is the Year of the Dragon. I was also born on the Year of the Dragon two decades (and more) ago. I just hope this year is a grand one. I hope…

So how does a very busy man celebrate the welcoming of the coming New Year?

I worked. Graveyard. Three hotels. Bloody reports. Period.

But not without a bang! Of course I went out outside during the countdown at the world-famous Boracay Beach Front to see the fireworks. And boy what a sight it was at the beach. The front beach stretches around 2-3 kilometers of pure heavenly white sands, and that very moment, its fair to say (I was in Station 1) every inch of it was covered with the maddening crowd (most of them are local and foreign tourists)!  And the fireworks?


Season of fireworks.

Then a few hours later…

New Year on a high - literally.

I finally experienced how it feels like flying and just simply to be UP there. I was with Jorny Mariano, the hotel’s Wave Rider instructor and Boracay’s legenday skimboard artist. He actually won the free Parasailing Adventure during our Christmas party, and I had to bargain the other winner for a very very reasonable price (80% markdown based on actual price hahaha). The parasailing was a very exciting activity, it’s quite scary when you are up there but the view of the whole island and that sparkling white beach more than makes up for an itchy feet. Highly recommended for everyone.

So that’s how I celebrated my New Year, how was yours?

  1. Wow. I wanna try parasailing too. hehe.
    You sure look that you’re having fun up there. 😉
    Happy new year!

  2. PM says:

    happy new year. i’ve never done parasailing before, maybe i should add that to my list sometime in the coming years. i hope you have a great one this year because it is your year. let’s all have a blast!

    • lapiskamay says:

      Make that in your new year’s resolution this year! I hope you could visit Boracay soon. You too have a really fantastic year ahead! All the best in life and blogging. ^_^

      • PM says:

        it might sound weird but i am not attracted to boracay. i’ve already made my list so maybe another year! same good tidings to you!

      • lapiskamay says:

        it’s not weird at all, even I feel Boracay is losing its grandeur because of the people and establishment crowding the entire island. magulo nga eh. hehe. i believe the “it” destination na is Palawan and Bohol, which I’m really planning to go this year. SAma ka? hehe

  3. Jacklyn Belo says:

    wow!parasailing! magkano? i wanna try 🙂

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