Daredevil Mode 2012: The Hit List

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Boracay Chronicles, Events
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Again it’s the time of year where people are keeping their hopes on a high note making lists of New Year’s resolutions.  Last year I retired from doing that after I realized I broke every single one of them the next month, so instead I made a my bucket list. But out of the seven tasks listed, I can only manage two – real disappointing (at least I pulled off the trickiest one). What went wrong with the bucket list is mostly because I was exiled in Boracay Island. Time was never on my side in 2011.

For 2012 I am keeping my hopes up again that hopefully this year will be a fantastic one. I decided , it is going to be COURAGE that’ll serve as the key for success. Because there’s nothing Badass in being a Coward. I wanted to be brave this year, I’m tire of being afraid, of failing, and of reaching my limitations. Maybe its the right time to become The Man Who Has No Fear, like the Daredevil. And these are my hit list:

  1. Do a “Lonely Planet” – They got this famous shirt that’s tempting people to “Quit your job  and Travel the Worldthe country.”  I want to have a life this year.

    In short, have a life!

  2. Storm Down Abellana – Run 50 Non-Stop Laps around Cebu Sports Complex, a.k.a. Abellana. The stadium just had a new rubber tracks updates, so WTH, binyagan natin! 
  3. Conquer Boracay – It’s an adventure running the entire island’s course from the Jetty Port to Mt. Luho and all the way to the Puka Beach, that’s a tip to top, back and forth. God, help me with this one.
  4. Cliff Diving – If the super clumsy Bella Swan did it on Eclipse, I’m sure as hell I can do it. Ariel’s Point here I come!
  5. Bungee Jump – Of course I’ll do it. But the question is where? I just made a research and I found out there’s currently no bungee jumping facility in the country. But I’m crossing fingers that hopefully Agas-agas Bridge will develop one this year.
  6. Art by the number s– watch at least 100 films, and read 20 books, that’s the easy part. The hard part is: make a hundred movie review and a book review for every book finished. Oh scary.
  7. Lapiskamay Evolution – When Digimons and Pokemons evolve they usually turn into something bigger, stronger and meaner creations. But in my case, I simply multiply to three. Lapiskamay will have two other blogs: a movie blog and a drawing blog. Yeah I think it’s about time to try that exciting stuffs. It’s coming pretty soon.

And to the WordPress people, here’s my dare:  GET ME INTO YOUR ‘FRESHLY PRESSED’ line-up!  Ahm… please…?

  1. PM says:

    your list is so much active than mine! it’s exciting, i feel you excitement. i wish you well in this list. i will be eager to follow you on this one, like how rob and i journeyed last year. it was a blast. i’ve never thought about cliff diving but i think that rocks. oh when you put up your annex blogs send me the links right? would love to follow you. i also thought about having a separate reviews blog you know? for all the books i plan to read. not sure about that yet. but good luck with yours! my other blog friend dan, is a fantastic artist and he posts his work on his blog too. i’m sure you’re as awesome. and i also want to be on freshly pressed, damn it! 😀

    • lapiskamay says:

      hello PM, thanks, ambisyoso tong listahang to (mayabang daw sabi ng The Girl ko) haha. Yes I will be updating you with the list all thoughout the year, hopefully by january tapos nako sa Cliff Diving, hinahanap ko pa cheaper ways to get there. mahal kasi pag package for tourist. I’ll send you the links for the annex, both are still in the inception process, hopefully by Feb they are good to go. Good luck too on your list, I hope its a grand one!

      Cge dapat manlibre ang makaFP this year!

      • PM says:

        pano ba maging FP? i’m clueless. excited ako sa cliff diving mo, wish i was there to jump too, kaso i don’t know how to swim, pano yun? 😆

      • lapiskamay says:

        it’s still a mystery how to get into FP, haha. try google! I’m going to dive somewhere in the last week of January! Uwi pa ako ng Cebu at Leyte tomorrow for sinulog and do the No.1. hehehe. Punta ka nga dito eh, alam ko maraming promo flights ngayon. 🙂

  2. Jacklyn Belo says:

    so you’re quitting your job and go back to Cebu? naks, nakialam ako hehe.. walang bungee jump sa Pilipinas? that’s sad….i hope agas-agas will have one..good on luck your bucket list! 🙂

    • lapiskamay says:

      You dont really have to take on that #1 literally,. hehe. that’s a big decision to leave, pero let’s just see in the next few weeks. Wala ng bungee jumping sites dito sa pinas, at least wala akong mahanap sa internet. Pero let’s really hope magkakaroon sa Agas-agas (lapit lang sa bahay namin eh). Mangambak ta ha! hahaha

  3. PM says:

    oh well, guess we’d figure it out. inggit ako sa sinulog mo! one time i will see that too. 🙂 hey, i sent you an email, on the one you use to comment on my blog. i hope you can hit back. thanks and have fun on your trip! 😀

  4. jec mendiola says:

    hi! number 6 demands a lot of time so number 1 needs to be done first, hehe. Sure, that’s the reason why it’s number 1 on your list. Anyway, I’m excited for your drawing blog; I’m managing three blogs, too 🙂

    • lapiskamay says:

      sobra-sobrang oras talaga magagamit ko sa No.6. hehehe. pero ok lang. kakayanihan, tingnan lang natin gaano ako kabad.ass. hehe.thanks for dropping by!you have a pretty nice blog, like it!

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