I’ve been back in Cebu for a two-week vacation since Monday!

It’s my first time to getaway from the island since July, so it’s really a long time coming to my beloved Sugbu. By the way this is not really a vacation and to witness the mother of all Philippine festivals, the Sinulog Festival, this weekend. I was permitted to be on leave for that long because (a) I have to renew my CPA license which will expire next month (b) have a medical check-up because after month of doing graveyard shifts my body isn’t what it was anymore and (c) I need a break. But of course there are some hidden agendas involved, lots of ’em. The only thing I am can divulge is that I have to visit RC-san’s resting place for me to move, stop wearing black and say the last ‘good bye’. It’s quite an all-in-one kind of trip.

Make it fast!

The Flight Cabin of a Cebu Pacific flight for Cebu.

A bus-jet-lagged view of the Best City in the World.

In Boracay I don’t have anything but work and work, solitude and pressures, insomnia, sickening graveyards shifts, headaches and coughs, a few friends, zero-night life, some bitches to annoy and an on-and-off love affair with beach running. But here in Cebu, I’ve got everything I wanted; my younger brothers and families, dear friends and classmates, a strong Protestant church, a healthy running lifestyle, a cheap cost of living, and an infinite supply of heavenly ladies. A simple yet happy life.Β I’m all too happy to be back in my comfort zone here in Cebu where I left my heart at.

Even Jorny's billboard is in Cebu airport? My God that dude I flew parasailing with is really popular!

A taste of Cebu.


The one thing that will make me come back hungrier than before..


Are you serious? Flip flops for gowns, the world has gone crazy.


Ah caught at Fully Booked! That's Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter on my hand.

A runner disappeared in front of a battalion of Sinulog dancers at the Abellana Stadium. Whaa! They removed the rubber tracks and replaced it with cement! Thought it was finished. 😦


Days of Future Past. Timeless cars, timeless to pay. Bloody display.

WTH? Is that for real? Next year baby you'll be mine.


I am in Southern Leyte now.

  1. PM says:

    it’s funny how boracay sounds totally dull πŸ˜† glad you are having so much fun. your photos are cool. the one in fullybooked is great! keep it rocking πŸ™‚

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