A crowd of runners celebrating the new World Record at the SM Mall of Asia. Photo from Ma. Francis.

Just one day before going back to work in Boracay I was able to be a part of history by participating in the Cebu City leg of the Unity Run: Kahit Isang Araw Lang (Just One Day) fun run. The fun run was organized by the Daniel “Mr. Public Service” Razon, the Department of Education and UNTV to raise funds to send thousands of Filipino students to college. The event is a simultaneous race in seven key cities: the biggest was in Manila at SM Mall of Asia, Cebu City, Puerto Princessa in Palawan, Davao City, Bacolod City, Tacloban City and in Butuan City.

A camera crew preparing for one historic event ahead.

I immediately signed up for the event right after touching in Cebu City for my quasi-vacation trip. I don’t know why I was so certain to join the race because I was not even sure if I’ll be in Cebu during the race day. I simply love the idea of one man and his ambitions to help in a greater way. Having an advocacy for Free Education with the entire DepEd (Department of Education) in full force, I said to myself “Hey that sounds fantastic, sali ako jan!” By the way my parents are both public school teachers under DepEd, plus I got my basic education both elementary and highschool in public schools so joining that race was the least I could to send  others to college.

@Manila, Daniel Razon triumphantly addresses to the crow. Photo credit to Ma. Francis.

Now let’s talk about the run. It was  a Fun-tastic one!

I was in the 5k category, I think it was the biggest draw. The other categories were the 3k and 10k. I did not really train at all for the race, the whole week prior to the race I just ate, watched TV series and played video games, with a little dose of short light runs in the afternoons. I went into the race with one thing in mind – just to finish it and enjoy the course.  My time was around 31 minutes and 30+ seconds (just a minute slower than my other official and first 5k run set last February 2011).

Ah I think I got away with a descent performance and a World Record. No wonder I didn't win a place or a laptop in the raffles. haha

I don’t know if that’s a fast time, but I’m happy I managed to run in good condition, in a constant pace I’m comfortable with, and was spared of serious pains and 12 year-olds overtaking me. It was good run indeed running with so many people and even foreigners  who share the passion for running. I love the feeling of being at peace out there sweating my ass off, being able forget all the problems and bad things, and the feeling of altruism that somehow I was helping other.  Just like what Daniel Razon loves to say “Ang paggawa ng mabuti, ay hindi kailanman magbubunga ng  masama (doing good things will not bring bad things).”

Run People Run! In the middle of the huge crowd during the ceremonial Unity Run after the race proper.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of being able to participate in the event was to learn later that it now holds the World Record for most participants in a fun run with a whooping 209,000 runners. The former record holder was the Piso Para sa Pasig Fun Run in October 2010. That was a historical event indeed, it would have been really nice if I won in the raffles afterwards. Hahaha.

With a Mulawin dude in costume. Darn I should wear some costume someday.

I'm not sure if these guys are from the Navy or the Air Force contingent, but all I know is they can run - and fast. I ate their dust.

Darling local beauties, charming Korean ladies and that red nosed British. Its more fun in the Philippines.

Kahit Isang Araw Lang Unity Run of Kuya Daniel Razon and UNTV set world record with 209,000 participants

Photo credit from Ma. Francis.

Kahit isan araw lang (even for just a day) Filipinos made history.

  1. kartonista says:

    I also ran last Sunday…It was an awesome early run.

  2. PM says:

    hey this is nice! i loved the mulawin costume. you should’ve gotten a costume for yourself too! that would rock 😀

  3. lapiskamay says:

    next year’s editionI should wear that Spartan costume, haha kahit wala pang abs (ab lang). I hope to be back in Cebu by summer para makasali ako ng bonggang fun runs every week.

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