Ryan's sketch design

Fashion: A word Lourd De Veyra defined as a “a mysterious world” and I couldn’t agree more. I’m not a fashionista too, although I have to go with the season’s trend to look good but I am certain I have never attended a fashion show before. My only sense of affection with the fashion industry comes once a year during the Victoria Secret Fashion Show (oh I got a crush Miranda Kerr!). Btw, the range of my fashion knowledge is limited to the combination of blue jeans, black shirt  and a pair of old rubber shoes, yeah I’m just a simple guy that wears plainly. But anyway as someone said that what I lack in style my charisma and sex appeal more than makes up for it. Wee, di nga? That’s vanity, I know. hahaha

My attraction for the fashion suddenly caught fire when I stumbled upon the facebook timeline of Ryan Sta. Maria, an old gay friend from my hometown. I still cannot believe he made that sketches above, my goodness that’s serious pro level material. I can still remember him being the foster child of Cris ‘Sencio’ Evale, our hometown’s legendary boxer-turned-hairdresser/make-up artist. I was a year senior than him during elementary but he was well-remembered as that energetic noisy bitch in the Boy Scouts platoon under my father’s command. With him, there was never a dull moment. During the National Boy Scout Jamboree held in Tacloban City the guy almost single-handedly turned the Southern Leyte campsite into a fashion show capital for a night (filled with boys in lady’s dresses having their fun of a lifetime). People can’t resist his playful energy.

Ryan Sta. Maria

In an interview he said that his love for sketching designing started during those years in Elementary. He designed the costume for the Bontoc Central School band members and then the costumes for the ground demonstration presentation in school events.  My father was the Arts teacher and Ryan has always been the front runner in their class. He was mentored by his foster parent Kuya Sencio to learn his craft that makes women suddenly stunning after visiting the parlor shop. Another mentor he came across with was Regil Dulfo, a Bohol-based fashion designer and modelling agent who also hailed from our hometown of Bontoc. He worked as a Marketing Associate for the Philippine Fashion Week since 2009 and he is eyeing to be a part of the prestigious Dubai Fashion Week in years to come. And he will be working in Dubai starting this February for Chantella Haute Couture fashion company. Big time!

With great previlege he permitted me to share some of his original sketch designs. Man, they are impressive and beautiful indeed!  These are the artworks that he sent to Chantella that eventually landed him his dream job:


“Layered Trumpet Gown 2” 

“Flower Invasion” 

“Doing While Stress”

There’s an anecdote in our town about his loving Kuya Sencio; the man used to be an amateur boxer in his early days and one day decided to try his luck in Manila. But then years later he came back suddenly as a certified Miss Gay gifted in the fine art of  parloring. I didn’t bother to find out if its true or not, but I’d rather leave it that way. After all Ryan came into our town as a poor but ambitious young boy, and only time will tell he’ll come back once again as a great and successful fashion designer whom our little town can truly be proud of.

  1. Ryan says:

    Thanks for this one Glenn 🙂

  2. lora-lor says:

    OMG. i like the term “big time!”. 🙂
    i’m now a fan. 😀

  3. Addie says:

    The sketches are top-notch. I’m sure this will take him places.

  4. PM says:

    ang ganda! pwede ba sa kaniya na lang ako magpagawa ng wedding gown? haha ang galing-galing niya, nakakatuwa ano when people we know are able to accomplish great, beautiful things. congratulations!

  5. Ryan says:

    bkit kailan kba ikakasal?

    • PM says:

      matagal pa 😛 but i love what you do. i can almost imagine you working. the look on your face, the smear of the lead on your hands, the way you would smile or frown as what you are doing take shape. basta, ang galing ng ginagawa mo 🙂

  6. Ryan says:

    Waaaahhhh….!!!! sobrang thank you po sa compliment.. nakakataba ng puso..!! siguro gawan mo din ako ang article sa blog mo..!!! i’ll show you some of my work..

  7. paris acedo says:

    bravo! couldnt be more proud of you ryan!!

  8. dec.fri.5. says:

    a true artist indeed. 🙂

  9. jhanel says:

    indeed very nice ryan! so proud of you friend

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