Ahcee Flores Must Die

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Boracay Chronicles, Events
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Last Monday, a 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck the Visayas region in the Philippines killing at least 52 people in Negros alone. In Cebu City, the largest city in Visayas, panic struck the citizens about a coming tsunami that caused heavy traffic in major highways as people are running for their lives. Several aftershocks occured as the hours passed by creating a overwhelming sense of dread and fear for the people who felt nature’s incredible display of power. It was a day every people in Visayas will remember. But a Filipino rose and gained unparalleled fame in a time of catastrophe – for a wrong reason.

Two days after the earthquake every people would want to have a piece of Ahcee Flores. In Facebook, twitter and blogs, everyone wants this lady hunted down, punished and, if bad luck struck her, drop dead. But what did Ahcee Flores do to deserve this notoriety?

It turned out Ahcee Flores is a fan of Yahoo News as much as I do. In a news report about the earthquake Ahcee posted vile and racist comments. This one below triggered a massive uproar on the internet:

“Let us all pray……. Na matuloy ang tsunami para maraming bisaya ang mamatay, para mabawasan ang mga baduy sa pilipinas [I hope the tsunami pushes through so people from Visayas will die..so the outdated will cease].”

And here are some more:

"Dont worry guys if the tsunami dont happen today,there are chances of it happening. It will happen. Just keep on praying.

Immediately the comments was warmly received by the netizens. Warm as in at the heat of boiling rage. Many have criticized the remarks, but most are directly against Ahcee Flores. People are virtually condemning this woman that could make Adolf Hitler jealous.  Facebook pages have been created for the sole purpose of condemning Miss Flores, like “Ahcee Flores – Persona Non Grata in Cebu“, “Ahcee Flores Is Such a B*tch” and the worst so far is “Kill Ahcee Flores Movement“. People are hunting this woman down, tracking the IP number to get to her locations. Some comments  against her in the Yahoo page were so vile and very much likely a feel-bad-reading-of-the-year so I wont be posting a single one. But to sum it up, people just wishes her good luck and may she die right away.

I am by the way and  matter-of-factly a Visaya. I grew up in the Visayas and I certainly speaks Bisaya. And I’m very proud of my roots. But to hear someone bickering about my race and actually prayed for us to die is simply unforgivable. I cant help but got hurt by her words, especially she’s also a Filipino probably given she speaks Tagalog. Ah alas that prejudice again, some Tagalog people really consider us Bisaya as badoy or outdated like we’re some kind of freak and stupid inferior people. We are sick about that, since we too can excel and compete as much as any other Filipinos in the World. I don’t think we are badoy or outdated kind of people, we have a fair share of models and fashion designers. And to Gloria Diaz,  we too knew how to speak English.

I don’t know what this lady was thinking when she posted those statements but those  remarks are totally below the belt and uncalled for given the terrible tragedy that just happened in the country. Those words came from no ordinary people, its from a racist and a megalomania. We dont know what this Ahcee Flores motives and reasons were for her to have the stomach to throw those bombs but at least we now has a living proof to what Alfred Pennyworth said in the movie The Dark Knight, “Some people just want to see the whole world burn.

  1. DJ_Joey says:

    The thing about Filipinos based on my experience since I am overseas, is that they abuse other Filipinos and quite a fault finder just to get nearer to their employers, a heated competition between Cebuanos and Tagalogs for the longest time one could remember and whoever started it…the niche: CRAB MENTALITY. What Ahcee Flores did on providing Cebuanos an ill-fated wish that “they” may vanish in the face of the earth, that’s how i perceived her words, is something indeed mind blowing. True to the fact that she is Tagalog, I somehow think that she felt bad about something it could be about love or at work where she’s thriving so hard that she basically didn’t get the satisfaction from the party she wished to please…my suggestion for her is to take some time off from the world…I have this feeling that she’s not getting the time to rest. Overly dilapidated mind, heart and soul…I hope she will think how God will judge her as well.I must say: CEBUANOS ARE DARN LUCKY TO BE IN AN ISLAND WHERE THE HOLY CHILD JESUS AND HOLY MOTHER IS PROTECTING THE PEOPLE AND THE ISLAND ITSELF…

  2. 2prex4u says:

    one can’t help but think that a comment like that doesn’t just come from nowhere. it makes you think what caused the person to say such words.

    i also believe this person is not the only one. there are quite a few Filipinos out there who would not bat an eye to blurt out such comments. there’s a reason for everything. it would be good to find out.

  3. ahcee flores says:

    Sorry na please. Patawarin mo na ako.

    • lapiskamay says:

      Is da you Ahcee?
      you dont have to apologize out here, i’m cool, its your opinion. just be nicer next time at the comments sections at Yahoo, and that’s where the apology should be addressed.

    • voiceless says:

      how could you say such words!! before u say those words, please think the negative side gurl. and plz.. by just saying those words, its like that ur cursing ur own! were still one in here. were bought filipinos!

  4. Rish Mangubat says:

    I love and adore Cebuanos (and Bisayas in general!), and I’m practically a Tagalog although my parents are both from Visayas.

    Btw, I have a new blog site, mas relax na blog site (whatever that means haha).

  5. lapiskamay says:

    Hello Irish, I really missed you. I’m glad you have a new blog, again. hehe. I adore your random posts.. It makes blogging experience really personal reading yours.
    Let’s throw the crap out of whatever was said against our precious Cebu during the earthquake, lets move on to give our prayers to those who need it the most.

  6. i just wish that we don’t fall in the same trap where she (ahcee flores) is. the issue here is not tagalog vs visayan…it is rather immaturity vs sensitivity in giving comments. ahcee flores had shown enough an amount of immaturity given her insensitive comments, if we make “patol”, it makes us all think in the same level as she does. to make a war out of this proves that we are just the same as her.

  7. dan says:

    i think ahcee flores is bisaya ug nawong, ngano magtagalog tagalog paman jud siya kung bisdak diay ug dagway?

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