Max Landis: Writer, Big Mouth, Bad-Ass and Superman?

Posted: February 11, 2012 in Events, Film
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You will know in an instant when a storming is coming by mere observation of the sky and the winds. This principle can also be applied when an exceptional talent comes crashing into Hollywood. And I think I may have just found one, in the name of Max LandisMax who?

Up until last week this certain Max Landis is very much unknown to me. By the way, I really love movies and my knowledge for this particular medium of art and entertainment, not to brag, is quite wide (puh-lease I am not a geek for chrissakes). But who is this guy anyway? I bumped into a (that’s my favoritest film site) about this writer doing a educational-mockumentary in the Death and Return of Superman, which I found really awesome, accurate and very funny (with Elijah Wood and Mandy More as Superman and Lois Lane) and instantly made me believe Max is the next big thing on Hollywood.

Please see the video below to see it for yourself.

Max is a screenplay writer with only one full-lenght movie on his sleeve and a legendary film director for a father. He’s a terrific story-teller as you can see in the documentary. He’s the one who wrote and hosted the documentary. He’s an eccentric type of writter because he loves to talk, and be in front of the camera (he’s not shy unlike most writers do). He knows how to make people listen and keep interested, even thought there were part where he was practically murmuring non-sense out there with a glass of rhum on his hand. My goodness. I think that kind of bad-ass attitude makes him an exciting writer to follow.

Max Landis is still an untested talent in Hollywood. His earlier career has composed of short films, mostly done when he was a student for University of Miami, and two TV series episodes. There’s really not much that he had done so far to label him a legit force, but it is what his upcoming projects that speaks up for an enormous talent this guy can offer. His first full-length feature film as a writer is Chronicle, which is now showing in theaters and is quite making a stir from movie going public for being disturbing, unconventional and never-been-done-before awesomeness. I have not seen the movie yet, but if the reviews and the box-office are to be considered then its a clear indication of his uncanny prowess as a writer. And he swears his father has nothing to do with “Chronicle”, except for his touching remarks “Max, you sick f*ck!”  after the old man read the script.

Max Landis is a bad-ass young man with a lot of imagination and obviously attitude. He’s exciting, eccentric and his knowledge of comic book stories are immense (note: in case you haven’t notice we are still in the Golden Age of Comic Books, that’s where the money is in abundance). But Chronicle is only his first wave of Hollywood gate crashing. Year’s ago he had this auction or some sort of  ‘movie-scripts-for-sale’ bonanza. Chronicle was one of the many scripts sold during that spree.  Another scrip is currently on production starring Mark Wahlberg and Jonah Hill, and another is to be produced and directed by Ron Howard (Angels and Demons, A Beautiful Mind). Max was recently hired to write for a re-imagination of a Frankenstein movie, a space Disney space adventure, and another re-imagination of the German fairy tale  called  Pied Piper. Max is really busy.

The moral of the story: DRINK ALCOHOL on your birthday. Oh my goodness I turn 24 today! Happy Birthday to me. Storm is coming.


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