First of all I would like to great everyone a very Happy Valentines Day! I hope Cupid’s arrows have found their harm’s way down deep into your hearts. Let’s not take it too seriously though if it seems nothing really comes, maybe not this year and the next will be groundbreaking. Let us all share and spread the love in the air, c’mon its Heart’s Day!

Today, for two year’s running now, I’m celebrating my Valentines Day on a bleeding room. I started donating blood on the very Heart’s Day last year, click here to for the full story. Sometime the only way you can truly how much you love others is by sacrificing a part of you that really means a lot and without expecting anything in return. I am sometimes insensitive  to things happening around me, but somehow it leads to people to believe I don’t care for them. I know I’m not much of a good friend that you can talk to in bad times, and I am simply not the guy you’d want to turn to for financial support. Sometimes people around tends to take me as the I-dont-give-a-damn type of guy. I can’t blame anyone if I’m such an ass sometimes, perhaps I’m just to preoccupied with my goals and crafts. Giving blood is my way of saying ‘I care for you guys‘.

Today’s blood donation is held at the Boracay Regency (one of finest hotels in the island, me love the place) sponsored by the hotel’s officials in cooperation with the Philippine National Red Cross. I was working graveyard shift last night, so I was practically a walking dead when I showed this morning. I’m glad my blood pressure and hemoglobin count turned normal despite the lack of sleep and nourishment. Haha. But this bloody season turned out to be something memorable. It was painful.

Time's change, even on Valentines Day. Last year Super Yabang, this year WTF.

I don’t mean to discourage anyone from donating their blood since the process is generally PAIN-FREE, it’s just that this time I got  pinned real hard out there. My veins, both on my arms, are not really that thick than normal and it really takes some skills to suck some blood. In most case, it usually ends up where an expert bleeder or the veteran guys that gets the job done when the newbies can’t. This time the head of the bleeding team went on my right arm to bleed. I think he hit some nerve or some sensitive muscle inside, he hits the veins and out of pain I was almost out of breath as he pushed the needle through some spots hoping to pin that elusive vein.  Of course I did not complain or said about the pain, that would be rude. They give up on my right arm and transferred on my left. There Ma’am Melanie Rojo,  the med-tech I got in touch with about the donation, hits the spot. Finally blood came out, all 450cc of them.

Blood coming out, thanks God. I'm with Ma'am Melanie ^_^

It’s actually my 22nd blood donation  for the Philippine National Red Cross (I also donated once at PGH). This bloody hobby started way back in 2006 as a college freshman, and since then there was no stopping by. I just wanted a flat one for my NSTP subject that time, never expected that would be the start of a lifelong personal crusade. I may not be Anglina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Rosa Rosal, Mother Theresa and other great humanitarians, but every single time I give blood I feel like I am of them saving the world one drop of blood at a time.

  1. Jacklyn Belo says:

    this Valentine season, instead of blood, why not donate your heart to someone else? haha, figuratively speaking 🙂 I’m not sure if I greeted you already but still,,,,, Happy Birthday! Belated! 🙂

  2. lapiskamay says:

    hello Jackie. by giving blood i’m already giving my heart to people i love. 😉 gee thanks for the Birthday Greetings!
    by the way, bl8d Happy Valentines to you. ^_^

  3. PM says:

    hey great job on taking this task, especially on valentine’s day. i think that is so cool! matagal ko na gusto magdonate ng blood kaso disqualified ako! but you just continue doing what you do. it matters to people who need it. 🙂

  4. lapiskamay says:

    thank you PM, bakit ba disqualified ka last time? sa timbang mo or blood pressure? basta kain kalang marami tsaka enough rest before donating. Dalhin mo family at friends mo para masaya. ^_^ its one way of changing the world. and yes I can! hehe

  5. bagotilyo says:

    makabuluhan ang valentines day mo.

    full of blood este love<3

    Pangarap ko ding makapagdonate ng dugo kya lang parang nakakapanghina 🙂

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