Under the Sea We Breath and Saw No SpongeBob

Posted: February 16, 2012 in Boracay Chronicles, Events, Photography
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Last week three of my fellows from my hometown visited Boracay for a one night getaway. I was called to serve as their tour guide, or something like that. But for a two days and one night stay in the island there’s always an irrisistible dilemma on choosing which activities to try out for aside from the swimming in the beach. There’s simply too much to try out in Boracay from water activities to island adventures, there’s even an helicopter adventure. We chose the water. Helmet diving + Island Hopping.

I was really hoping I could see SpongeBob below. Hahaha

Behold Atlantis!

In the picture above locals call that stuff ‘helmet diving’ but just recently I learned tourist calls it ‘reef walking’. Sosyal. It’s a fun activity and its not really expensive. For P250-P350 (depending on where you line.up) you’ll be able to experience walking and breathing under the sea for 15 minutes! It’s a short period, but in my case I was barely 2 minutes underwater and I wanna call it quits. “Get me out of here!” Kuya Benjie and the gang seems to enjoy it so I stayed and somehow enjoyed it.


I was really surprised that when submerged the 25kg helmet weighs only a mere 3kg underneath. The alien-investigation-looking helmet by the way supplies you the much-needed O2 for you to remain alive out there. But what it doesn’t do is to protect your ears from experiencing the pressure. It was a little painful at first as the pressure of the water underneath  weighs down on the most sensitive are of the head, your ears. I wonder how Sandy Cheeks, Spongebob’s squirrel friend,  manage the pressure. Anyways, there is a safety lecture on how to control that irritant and what to do to get rid of it. In a few minutes you’ll be OK and jumping crazy like me in the waters.

I’m glad I’ve experience reef walking but it certainly one activity I may not try once again. Unless it’s offered for free.

Bontacanons in Boracay! from left Ate Salve, me Gwapo y Loco, Kuya Benjie and Ate Mayang.


  1. Dorm Boy says:

    Naalala ko tuloy experience namin nung nghelmet diving kami, ginaya namin ung formation ng evolution of man. Nakakatuwa effort kung effort makpagcommunicate para sa formation.

    Nice shots!

  2. lapiskamay says:

    hahaha. ayos ung idea nyo ah. hehe. oo ang hirap magcommunicate sa ilalim wala kasing wifi. hahaha. thanks for dropping by kuya!

  3. PM says:

    wow that looked like fun! syempre hanggang tingin na lang ako kasi hindi ako madunong lumngoy eh! ikaw na lang maghanap kay spongebob para sakin 😀

  4. lapiskamay says:

    you can still try this kahit kahit di marunong lumangoy, may mga scuba divers naman na mag.aassist. hehe. Oo hahanapin ko talaga si Spongbob at Patrick pagnagscuba dving ako. hehehe. ^_^

  5. bagotilyo says:

    isa yan sa mga gusto kong ma experience..

    haha dapat hinanap mo si spongebob anjan lang yun 🙂

  6. lapiskamay says:

    dapat ma.experience mo talaga to pare! hinanap ko nga si Spongebob eh kaso di ko nakita. sa uulitin iigihan ko ang paghahanap. hehe

  7. Addie says:

    Wow. I think that’s one cool activity. I wanna experience that too and maybe, I dunno, rediscover Atlantis?

  8. lapiskamay says:

    You should try this summer Addie, its really cool. No you wont discover Atlantis below, haha, you’ll be sorely missed in the surface if you find it.

  9. jlapis says:

    Tried that last year. Really fun. Diving is better though 🙂

    • lapiskamay says:

      yeah I’ think scuba diving would be better. mas may movement ka kasi. wait di ko pa pala natry yan. Magkano yung nagscuba kayo?
      But i bet Cliff Dving is more bad-as. hehe.

      • jlapis says:

        More or less, scuba lessons with certification will be 10k plus, I think. Plus the travels, gear etc.. I wanna try cliff diving too!

  10. lapiskamay says:

    here in boracay its almost double that price..and the verdict cliff diving nalang ako! mas mura pa. at xempre super bad-ass! hahaha

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