Blackout Poetry – Twist of Death

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Poetry
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Blackout death

Death – is coming

Death – is inevitable

So meet and befriend people

See the world and visit place

And live life to the fullest.

 Dear Addie,

This is my first attempt at your blackout poetry. I would like to take back the sarcasms I gave you because I realized this stuff is no easy. I spent all afternoon thinking of you, I mean the words in this poem. It was so hard finding words in a newspaper article and convert into a poem that I ended up cheating. Haha.

I adore my photoshop skills so much that’s why I utilized the animation technique. I know its a form of cheating but I cant help it. I hope you cannot forgive me. Let’s just say I put a little twist to our art. Anyways, I did stay true to the newspaper rule: I used my Youngblood article published last year (click here).

I’m no poet or anything close to Lourd De Veyra (Palanca winner, TV5 hunk?, and we shared the same birthdate) or Tyler Knott, your current lover? So I will accept your comments and sarcasms with open arms.

It’s been a wildest day, yeah it really is, one of the most memorable day of my life. First, I flunked the tryout for a Boracay dragon boat team by not showing up. Then I got late for a couple of hours, an all-time high. And moments later I almost witnessed a hotel burn down to the ground. Thankfully we averted the disaster in the nick of time. I’m not the hero, but hey I’m still alive, and still has an office. And I’m crazy about death once again. I really wonder when it will come to get me…perhaps the sooner the better.

But I always pray that before Mr. Death comes to me, I hope I can see you in person. You are this fascinating young woman that’s quickly becoming our WordPress darling. There’s probably a lot of things we can talk to, and I got this feeling you can as bubbly and as crazy as I am.  If you have any plans to go on a vacation this summer, please come to Boracay and may you find some peace and happiness to come.

Your’s truly and cheating,

Lester Pencilhands.
  1. Addie says:

    No sarcastic remarks here, just pure admiration. Your photoshop skills show. Death may not be my favorite topic but I appreciate the effort. Looking forward to reading more blackouts from you. And must I add that I hope you’d refrain from thinking too much about death. Be safe all the time. And thanks for the Bora invite – friends and I will try to consider that. 🙂

  2. lapiskamay says:

    photoshop does covers some mess. haha. I’d really love to hear you hitting me, perhaps better or bad luck next time. hehe. blackouts are really hard to do girl, its Extremely Challenging and Incredibly Exhausting. Death is quite an issue, but i think you’re right I should better get on with on life. You be safe too. And I’ll be looking forward for you and your friend’s decision.
    Summer is Coming.

  3. PM says:

    nyahaha ikaw talaga 🙂 nakita ko din kay apollo itong black out poetry, parang ang cool. ewan ko lang sa cheating technique mo 😆 hayaan mo susubukan ko din ito dahil naman sa inyo ni apollo 🙂

  4. lapiskamay says:

    Apollo as in AkoaySalbahe? maloko din yun, di ko pa nakita mga previous post nya. hehe. cool nga eh. itong si Addie kasi pauso bigla. haha nahirapan ako sa pagcompose., halos mangamote ako. for sure you’ll do just fine dahil magaling ka naman eh. idol namin si PM! 🙂
    aabangan namin yun. 🙂

  5. Tom Baker says:

    That is funny Lester. I read your comments about Addie’s poem and thought it was not so nice but I’m glad she was okay with it! Funny! I do like this and I agree with Addie – your Photoshop skills are great.

    • lapiskamay says:

      Thanks sir, yeah I’m not really her nicest friend. haha. wait, Am i that bad to her? Thanks God she’s always cool. I couldnt find a way to make out a line here so I just made multiple layers from it.

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  7. Sassy says:

    Now, this one’s cool. Hah, your creativity is overflowing! And it’s a good poem too. *thumbs up*

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