Blackout Doodles – Fire Killers

Posted: February 23, 2012 in Drawing
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I got bored since yesterday because I finished all my works (the one that pays the bills) in no time, I cannot run on the road because I got ugly and painful blisters on my left knee (road accident) and I am still having a hard time figuring out Addie’s blackout poetry. Poetry is hard enough and finding words in an article to compose one rhyme is worse. Just because you can write well, doesn’t mean you can compose poems. But no worries, I can draw (not so) well, but at least I am comfortable at it. So presenting my original line of art, my first blackout doodles!

The rules are simple. Draw it, Scan it, Edit it and Invert it (using any picture editor). Just Draw all you  want . Just remember, in illustrating it is better if your drawing  tells a story. In that way you can save all the effort in brainstorming any themes. That makes drawing more personal and self-indulgent. Share and brag about it

So here’s the story of my blackout doodles.

I posted a couple of days ago that the hotel I am working almost got burned down. If it’s not for the bravery of the two men who risked their lives I would not have a job and a wi-fi connection to post this blog into the net. There was 3 of us who went on the third floor where a circuit breaker panel that houses electrical connection caught fire. The hotel manager asked me to escort the remaining guest to safety through the fire exit. While he and the security officer, ignoring personal safety, remained behind to kill the fire even though they could hardly breath and see at all because of the smoke. It was almost a suicide mission because any moment the damn thing could explode. And they averted a major disaster. 
Sir NPM and SG Bawisan were the real heroes that day. They deserve the credit, I was there and not much people knew how brave they were out there. And for that I offer immortal glory through doodles. They are the Fire Killers.
Teach me how to Doodle:

1. Draw

2. Scan

3. Edit

4. Invert

  1. Addie says:

    Nice. Very action-packed. That dude trying to fight the fire with an ax is epic. LOL
    Keep it up, kid.

  2. lapiskamay says:

    Thanks Addie. Officer Bawisan was pounding the panel door open, the fire started inside. The extinguuisher came in very handy indeed. It was epic indeed. haha.
    You too are doing very well in your poetry. Keep it up, girl..

  3. PM says:

    ano to compensation? 😆 buti na lang hindi nila hinayaan na matusta ang building. mabuhay ang mga bayaning fire killers!

  4. lapiskamay says:

    anong compensation ka jan? etong mga ganitong bagay ay tinatawag sa english ‘Gratitude’. hehe. oo mabuti naman at may trabaho at office pa ako kahit papaalis na. hehe.

    • PM says:

      compensation kasi sabi mo toxic yung poetry kaya nagdrawing ka na lang 😀 malapit na nga ano? teka may lilipatan ka na ba?

      • lapiskamay says:

        ah di naman toxic maxado yung poetry. na.prepressure lang cguro ako. haha.
        I have a long application with a government agency spanning 3 years, 3 regions, 11 interviewers.. finally a light was shed. hehe. Babakasyon muna ako dito while hintay nalang ng appointment san ako maassign. 🙂

  5. jlapis says:

    Oh wow, this is so nice. Wish I had a talent in drawing too…

  6. bagotilyo says:

    ang galing mo dude doodles 🙂

  7. Valencius! says:

    Yung number 1 dun sa steps, yung drawing, parang ganyan ata yung nasa music video ng Incubus, yung sa kanta nila na Drive 😀 Astig yung doodle mo! Rakenrol!

    • lapiskamay says:

      salamat sa rakrakan na comment Valencius! Para kang isang gladiator sa kakisigan, mabuhay si Spartacus! hehe. di ko pa pala nakita yung mtv na yun, nkita ko lang ang drawing sa google. hehe.

      • Valencius! says:

        Hahaha rakenrol kaibigan! Magdodrawing nga din ako hahaha! May doodle ako dati na gustong gusto ko i-upload dito kaso nawawala yung notebook ko hahahaha!

  8. lapiskamay says:

    cge mabuti pa’t magdrawing ka narin. aabangan ka namin. goodluck sa paghahanap!
    ..lahat na yata ng notebooks ko may doodles (from D-Kerr to CooL-legs), kaso lahat din yata ay nawala narin. hahaha

  9. galing naman ng iyong drawing at magaling pa ulit dahil binigyan mo ng pagbibigay mula rito ang dalawang superhero.

    God bless sa kanila dahil kung hindi dahil sa kanilang initiative ay marami pa ang napahamak.


    • lapiskamay says:

      wow salamat naman. kunwarian lang naman yung pagdrawing ko jan. hehe. masabi lang na mayginagawa sa pinagmanahang chakra ng mga ninuno.
      Hi daw sibi ni Sir Neil Boy Extinguisher, at AXeman Captain Bawisan. Mabuhay ang World Peace!

  10. Sony Fugaban says:

    I’ll take that … Sounds interesting!

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