Blackout Doodles – From Whimpy to Mighty Dragon

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Boracay Chronicles, Drawing, Poetry
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Not long ago you were ordinary,

No promises, no praises.

Not long ago you were a coward,

No adventures, no greatness.

So they took you for granted, coz’

You were just the Whimpy One.

But soon blooms your fiery self,

Unyielding, relentless, formidable.

And soon comes greatness,

In one breathe you kill ’em all,

On your guard you protect ’em all.

Lodus and Kudos to the Might One!

Hello everyone! It’s the start of another month of mayhem and brawls, it’s definitely March Madness! This is only my second attempt on my Blackout Doodles series (see the first one here), same rules apply: Draw, Scan, Edit, Invert.

I took my fascination with dragons into my own hands.. and pencils. This I drew not one, but two blackouts! I was really planning to make a sort of ‘How to draw you dragons’ post but unfortunately I can no longer do that because I lost my camera, my old but ever reliable CyberShot. So to make amends I made an impromptu poem depicting the fall and rise of a dragon. It’s a figurative style of telling a story of an ordinary person who rose to greatness, either in a negative or positive way. Dragons can mean a really bad guy who destroys life or a good guy who fights to protect and preserve life.

I hope I didn’t suck big time, but still sarcasms and violent reactions are highly appreciated.

If you want to see the original drawings drop by a message in the comments section, I’ll send it through email. Thank you.

  1. Bagotilyo says:

    I super like it dude 🙂

  2. lapiskamay says:

    Maraming salamat dude!

    • ganda ng poem sa pagkakasulat at mensahe mo. doon sa dalawang drawing gusto ko yung una. cute-cute! hehehe

      dati natanong ko na sa yahoo kung alin ang sa dalawang emosyon ang sa tingin mo ang drving force mo sa buhay – anger or love? ikaw?

      tingin ko bagay yan dito sa post mo.

  3. lapiskamay says:

    hello hoshi! thanks naman at nagustuhan mo ang poem. hehe instant lang yan pagkagawa. ehehe
    yeah cute nga ng unang dragon. Yun yung sa How to Train Your Dragons na movie. 🙂

    ewan ko ano driving anong klaseng emotion nagpapagana saken. hehe. I’ll quote james mcavoy sa X-men: First Class: “True focus lies somewhere between rage and serenity.”

  4. PM says:

    i tagged you in a meme les 🙂

  5. lapiskamay says:

    oh thanks! its my second! i feel so indemand. hahaha

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