Three Point Monday

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Boracay Chronicles, Events, Film, Photography, Poetry
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Blogs have changed.

Something happened:

Pictures got bigger,

Prose got shorter,

And yet we’re still

Left famished.

Hello everyone I got lost for the past few days, but now I’m back with a vengeance and one crappy post. So here’s another blackout poetry taken right out of a newspaper. Unlike Addie’s blackout poems that keeps getting better and better, mine seems to be getting worse. I means look at the way I scribbled! A kindergarten would have done a much better job, yeah and people call me an ‘artist’. hahaha.

But never mind the way I did it, and focus on the thought. I read this article from last Friday’s Youngstar column over at the Philippine Star. I really agreed that blogs nowadays have evolved from the original online diary a.k.a a ‘web log’ (thus derived the term blog) into picture galleries, with little or no thoughts at all. Tumblr got a lot of those. And I’ll be in that platform myself for my art blog launch this summer! God bless the exciting world of blogging and its fascinating citizens.

Point No. 2: (yes this is a treyenwan post, as in three thoughts in one post) At the very back of the article linked above, is another curious topic which has become nowadays a national controversy. Youngstar actually run a post using two of its best writers to write it, click here. The topic is about this March FHM cover featuring Bela Padilla (wait is she Robin’s daughter?). My question is: Is this picture racist or not?


In my personal opinion as an artist, feeling artist pala, NO COMMENT. Racism is really not a topic I would tackle on this blog. It’s just too sensitive and very subjective just like the appreciation of an artwork: a garbage for others, might be a gold for me. Although, at a first glance those black ladies were downgraded a bit to highlight the goddesslikeness of Bela. But truth be told this particular cover is one of my favorite shoot in FHM history. I love the emphasis and the contrast cast by clever lighting of the picture (I wonder how much of it were photoshopped?), I can recall myself saying ‘This is one bombshell material’. Bela is now a lot more famous thanks to the controversy. I was surprised when I learned BBC interviewed her, whew it’s really a big stir, international level. Bela apologized during that broadcast. What a good girl, but it’s not really necessary for her to give an apology when you know you didn’t do anything wrong or had motives to hurt people. It wasn’t her fault for Christ sake!

Then this afternoon I saw the controvesial issue in the magazine stands and found out there’s already a new cover, a far cry from the original. FHM changed what could be a classic magazine cover, because some people got irritated and called it racist. That’s freedom of expression, great. Lesson: Just because this is a democratic country doesn’t mean you can do unlimited forms of arts however you like it. You also have to think the possible reactions from your audience. If it ain’t appreciated it no art, it’s crap man.

Point Number 3. I just watched a downloaded video of last week’s 84th Annual Academy Awards and Billy Crystal and some of its presentors were very funny. Love that show! Congratulations to The Artist for winning the major awards. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’ll try maybe tomorrow I hope it wont make me doze off (like that paking Tree of Life). Bagotilyo, our online superhero blogger, requested help for a cover design for his fesbuk timeline, and I notice the word ‘Artist’ so I quickly came to the rescue. And here’s the result: Ka ‘ching!

  1. Bagotilyo says:

    naakatuwa naman andito ang header ng FB page ko na gawa mo ..

    isa itong obra bro 😀

    • lapiskamay says:

      pare! oo nagandahan kasi ako hehe di pa ako maka.move.on dude, di ko nga inexpect ganun ang ka elegant ang finished product. hehe. It’s a great pleasure making that cover. Salamat kaibigan. ayos din pala yung ginawa ni Jhay-ar. nice yun. cute.

  2. Jacklyn Belo says:

    hi Lester, I thought about writing a blog on this FHM issue a few days ago but change my mind.. Honestly, I’m against this FHM cover. It’s racist, given that they used a caption “stepping out of the shadows.” If they want that to emphasize Bela stepping out of shadows why use black women? It’s like saying black women are just shadows and that you can only stand out if you’re white. Though I am a pro-freedom of expression, i am pro-equality and I’m against discrimination. If they were creative enough or artistic enough at the first place, they could have thought of an artistic interpretation of Bela’s stepping out of the shadows without being offensive. The black models would not have been bothered by that… but what if an ordinary black girl sees this magazine cover, how would she feel? It’s not all for art’s sake.

    Sorry for my long comment, I’m just in my momentum. 🙂

    • lapiskamay says:

      ibang klase ka talaga. I am glad narinig ko ang opinion mo para narin magets ko bakit napuna ang cover. nice to hear from both sides. You really have a point why it was racist. SA artistic perspective kasi, especially to the art director it’s their job to come up with something new and clever para mamaximize beauty ng model or the picture itself. I’m sure it was never their very intention to offend anyone or any race.

      Even I was impressed with the shoot, until i heard of the racist controversy. Medyo napadalawang isip talaga ako dun. But still i view it as a beautiful artform. Art kasi is Beauty itself (aw God, Bela pala is Italian for Beauty noh?), it’s very very subjective that any people can and would interpret it in a variety ways. Other view may view it either as sassy, sexy, clever, provocative, daring, and yes my good friend, offensive. I love your comment, thanks a lot.

  3. PM says:

    gusto ko yung black out poetry mo. short but sweet. sapul! alam mo yang sa fhm sa tingin ko hindi naman kasi issue dito ang racism satin kaya hindi na naisip ng editors yung impact ng cover na yan sa mga bansa kung san malaking issue ito. pero exposure na din nung babae siguro haha at huli, parang soap opera yung header ah ibang klase!

    • lapiskamay says:

      yey! nagustuhan nya ang blackout ko. hehe (sure ka?) nakakkainspire. hehe. About the FHM cover i agree to your point, racism was never a big issue in our country, or yung mga kunting away2 ng tagalog at mga bisaya lang. I believe its purely art lang talaga ang intentions ng art drectors to make use of the black models. kaya lang sumabit sila. hehe. basta careful nalang sila next time.. oo medyo na.expose talaga si Bela sa controversyang yan, before di ko nga yan kilala eh. haha.

  4. Lilith says:

    Ohmigod! 🙂 Your blog is amazing! I love your “blackouts”!

  5. kara says:

    i love the cover! 🙂

  6. lapiskamay says:

    thank you Kara! which cover, Bela or the Artist? 🙂
    i see ’em both pleasing to the eyes so i posted them. hehe

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