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Posted: March 10, 2012 in Boracay Chronicles, Events
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The past week has been one of the nicest and blessed one, I don’t know how to explain it but I was practically unproductive and didn’t do anything great or badass during the period but all things seemed to come on great harmony.  I didn’t draw and I didn’t run. Just played video games on my free time. Watched only  a record one (1) single movie and wrote a single article.

But what came out of it were unexpected. First, I’ll be featured in a running magazine to be published next moth! Badass. Second, I got hooked and finished Call of Duty Black Ops, and realized aw man this game rocks, I am not even paying attention to the gameplay because the story is something I never expected to be that great (and Gary Oldman voiced a Russian character).  Then, of course I finally grabbed a copy of the most elusive movie, it was so worth the pain and effort. Writing the movie review for ‘Secret’ was something really special, never felt so satisfied and fulfilled to let all the emotions come to words. And lastly I finally decided to launch my art blog called: Blakenweitz and Pakensyitz.  I named the domain Lapiskamay to make it simple and avoid malicious animosities, and it comes with the address to make it familiar with  my WordPress page.

Don’t even try to decipher the second word. Haha. You wont really find those words in the dictionary, they sound German but they’re not. I hope you have the idea what those words meant, but to make it clear it presents my artistic fascination with pencils. I use pencils for my arts and my drawing comes in black and white (never really ventured into colors just yet) and most of those doodles are crap. I draw random things out of boredom and most of them doesn’t necessarily mean a thing. I never had formal training in this craft and I am not yet satisfied with my works, which I consider a good thing because there there’s still A LOT of things to learn and plenty of rooms to grow. Having an art blog maybe just what I need. Here’s what it looks like:

Blakenweitz and Pakensyitz interface

I’m not really familiar with Tumblr but I hope I’ll do well out there with your help, Blackenweitz and Pakensyitz will really be needing a lot of your support as much as you support this blog. I’ve known some familiar local young artists like Rob Cham, Valerie Chua, Laurice Plando, CJ De Silva, Kasey Albano etc who are in Tumblr and saw considerable attention and success out there. So hopefully I would get there, not their fame but in their level of talent.  My blog is fashioned like an online portfolio and I am pretty impressed with the outcome, I like jus the way it looks. So feel free to go there guys and browse my works, I hope you’ll press the ‘Like’ button. One good thing about Tumblr is that it’s not particular with stats and comments, and of course its a blogging platform where pictures got bigger, and prose got shorter. I’m perfectly OK with that, it’s the happiness it brings  for all of us is what really matters.

  1. Jacklyn Belo says:

    coool! which running magazine? 🙂 i hope as you find your new love in tumblr, you remain faithful in WordPress coz WordPress is my first love lol…. medyo, di ko feel mgtumblr, parang I’m having a hard time to see what i want or i’m just tumblr illiterate. pero binisita ko na tumblr mo 🙂 it’s good to know Lapiskamay is now evolving 🙂

    • lapiskamay says:

      ah abangan mo nalang Jackie, it’s an internation magazine pala. hehe. Yes i’m starting to love my Tumblr account. but don’t worry I am not abandoning my WordPress, it’s my first love and it feels really cool to maintain one. My Tumblr is only an extension, or an online portfolio for my WordPress.
      Medyo kakaiba nga ang Tumblr, more on pictures and animated gifs with really lesser thoughts (not advisable for writers). Mas focus ang Tumblr sa ‘Likes’ at ‘reblogging’ which is cool in some ways, Intellectual Property codes.isn’t a big issue there. Habol ko lang naman dun is makafollow ako sa mga tinitingala kong artists (at crushes haha), at the same time wonder2 lang. hehe

  2. docgelo says:

    i don’t own a tumblr site (or whatever you call it –i’m just happy with my blog, fb & twitter accounts) but as you state that you’re happy with your new site and yes, i agree, it’s quite impressive (those art works are so cool, man!) just carry on! 🙂 congratz!

  3. lapiskamay says:

    Hello sir, thanks for dropping by. I’m only created my Tumblr account for portfolio purposes, I simply can’t leave my WordPress which i am truly madly deeply in love with. Yikes thanks for the compliments, they’re only for starters so hopefully my artworks will improve day by day, post by post. Thanks a lot sir!

  4. Bagotilyo says:

    Idol na kita pare .. 😀


  5. lapiskamay says:

    hahaha. idol din kita pare, pramis.. 🙂

  6. jlapis says:

    galing ng artwork!

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