Half-naked, Barefooted and Lovin’ It!

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Boracay Chronicles
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photo from barefootrunner.com

Yesterday I went out for a swim in one of the world’s most beautiful beaches in the island paradise of Boracay.  The weather was perfect and I only plan to just swim, relax and marvel like a first time tourist at the sight of the breath-taking sunset in a pre-summer afternoon but I never expected I’d ended up having one of my most enjoyable running sessions in a long time.

I’ve been running on the sands of Boracay for almost a year now, although not in a consistent basis like 3-4 times a weeks like I used to in Cebu City.I don’t know what got into me that I suddenly got the groove to run. I don’t even have my costume. When I run I always make sure I look great, or at least look like a runner. Sports glass for my eyes, Adidas singlet, Adidas shorts, and again Adidas running shoes. I just love Addie, I mean Adidas. When the get-up is set, I feel like the coolest guy on the road ala Coach Rio or some Kenyan supersonics. But yesterday was totally out of my league, I was practically half-naked with only a shorts short on my body. And thanks God I’m in Boracay where people just don’t give a damn what people are wearing. I was probably just another distraction to the real attractions – the bikinis.

I run from Station 2 in front of La Carmela Resort and headed southwards all the way to Asya, the tip of Station 3. I don’t really take that route more often because I love to run northwards to the tip of Station 1 because the sights are more ‘heavenly’. But seriously, running from Station 2 to Station 1 is the longer road and I love the isolation offered at the finish line. I consider the rock formation near Din-iwid a sanctuary. But yesterday I got reoriented with my running trails in the island. Running towards Station 3 is also great, and yes, it’s also quiet there away from the maddening crowd at Station 2 especially along D’Mall. How come I didn’t run there more often? And the Russians just love it there.

I was running the whole course have naked! It was a revelation not that I’m not confident with my body it’s just that I’m not used to showing some flesh. But I can fairly say I got a great figure, a product of years of being an athletic sports junkie. And you know what? I actually loved it, running naked. It feels like I am the hottest guy in the island, like I was a part of the intro scene of Baywatch. Yikes!

It was my very first time to try barefoot running. I was hesitant at first to run barefoot because I fear of unwanted injuries or stepping on some broken glass. But fortunately the drive of running overcame my doubts and fears, and it turned out unexpectedly great! I love the feeling of touching the sands with my soles, such soft and relaxing sensation. I could my muscle ironically relaxed and composed even though I was getting physical. My movement suddenly went natural because I could feel I am not forcing anything with my body. And my pace was solid too. It just felt great running with almost nothing at all.

Perhaps one of the genuine reason why running is so popular today is the pleasure it brings of discovering the unknowns and unexpected. Through running new trails are discovered where new friends are found, and worldly problems are suddenly forgotten. During that bare-foot run I experienced that overwhelming calmness and sense of serenity or inner peace. It’s probably what they call genuine meditation.

a shot of vanity in my sanctuary at the end of Station 1.

Boracay is known for many names. Foreigners call it paradise, locals call it pride, single people call it Temptation Island and me, I call the place my ‘turf’. This is where I run, this is the only place where I can look up into the horizon and marvel at God’s awesome designing skills. That’s why when you run in Boracay you don’t give a performance second best. For me, this is the best place for running barefoot or not, at the shores or at the road. When you run here, you do it with style. Give every stride of your feet a graceful note; not too fast, but not too slow. Run with power and pride, because that’s one sure way to savour the beauty of this place. Run as if it’s the last day of your life. After all you are already in paradise.

Now, where can we buy those red shorts in Baywatch?

  1. PM says:

    ako yata yung hiningal ah? 😀 btw, sent your prize, enjoy 🙂

    • lapiskamay says:

      Hello PM! ang pangit cguro ng pagkasulat noh? hehe You should teach me some writing tips. Wow thanks! I’ll buzz you up when i received the gift. 🙂 looking forward for the book.
      Have a great summer PM.

      • PM says:

        i’ve no plans for the summer yet. we have booked a trip to bohol but in june pa so maybe late summer? i wish you a good summer too. that should not be hard right nasa bora ka!

      • lapiskamay says:

        wow nice! nakansela yung bohol trip ko last january sana bumawi ako sa second half ng summer. hehe. baka pwede sumabay ako sa inyo. hahaha. gusto ko lang naman mag.plunge/bungee jumping. hehe. Yeah summer is really coming. April here should be a blast, it’s the best time of year.

  2. Bagotilyo says:

    wanna try to run bare footed to0 .. at xempre sa boracay din .. hahaha

    oo nainggit ako… hahahaha

  3. lapiskamay says:

    hahaha. punta ka kasi dito dude, gala tayo. masarap pa naman magbarefoot running sa Boracay. hehe

  4. nuelene says:

    Hindi pa ako nakakatakbo ng barefoot sa Boracay pero nilakad ko na mula Station 3 hanggang Station 1 (After that, may cramps na ako). Minsan, tumatakbo din ako ‘kuno’ kapag may makikipagkilala sabay hubad ng slippers para mas mabilis. Haha! When I was in Cebu City, sa IT Park lang ako tumatakbo pero nakakahingal ding umikot.
    I really can’t help it but I laugh every time I see that read shorts in Baywatch. May kabag na ako. Haha!

  5. lapiskamay says:

    hello Miss Nue! bumalik ka nga dito, halika takbo tayo! may race sa April 21. http://www.takbo.ph/2012/02/skyathon-boracay-beach-run-2012/#comment-10177
    …we could run as a couple. hahaha.

    you’ve been to Cebu! wow, dun ako nahawa sa running bug. i really miss running there.
    Watch is really cool, espcially the red shorts. hot stuff. hehe.

  6. lapiskamay says:

    ah cge pagpunta mo dito kita tayo, be my guest at pasasayahin kita.., malay natin ikaw na pala hinihintay ko. whaa! i’m dead. hehe.

    Oh nice to hear you’ve been to UP-Cebu, i might enroll there soon or later in the unlikely chance na ma.admit ako sa kanilang Fine Arts school. hehe

    • nuelene says:

      I’ve taken units in Public International Law. Wala kasing offer that time sa UPV Miag-ao. Good luck sa’yo! Haha. I heard that Fine Arts professors in UP Cebu are terrors to the highest level.
      I-submit mo yang mga banat mo kay Boy Pick-up. Feeling ko, yayaman ka pa. 😀

  7. zezil says:

    Wow! I’ll try that next time, barefoot running!

    On a semi-related note, I saw Coach Rio one time in Ayala and my face was like, OMG! IT’S COACH RIOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha. Pero dinaanan ko lang siya. Patay malisya kunyare. hehe.

    • Lapiskamay says:

      whaa! nakita mo na pala si Coach Rio, ako di pa. hehe. swerte mo ah! hehe
      yeah you should try barefoot running, masarap sa paa lalo pag sa beach. hehe

      • zezil says:

        Yeah. And I was totally stunned! haha. Nung malayo pa kasi sya sabi ko, Uy afro, parang Coach Rio lang tas nung malapit na, HOMAYGAWD! Si Coach Rio nga!!!!!!!!!!!

        The closest thing to a beach where I jog is Roxas Boulevard! Haha. Sige, pag napadpad ako sa beach, gagawin ko yan! 😀

      • Lapiskamay says:

        wow swerte mo talaga girl nameet mo running hero mo. dapat nagpa.authograph ka! Nakita mo narin si Piolo tumakbo?
        maganda din mag.barefoot running sa oval track.., rubberized naba yung sa Quirino? sa Cebu dun kami sa Cebu Sport Complex, minsan nakikisaw.saw narin sa mga nagsiSinulog. hehehe. excited na tuloy ako tumakbo kasabay mo. 😀

      • zezil says:

        Rubberized? Erm, hindi pa. Hehe. Pero pag may running event, inaayos naman kung san tatakbo mga runners. 🙂 Sa Cebu rubberized? Cool!

        Piolo Pascual? Nopes, not yet. 🙂

        Autograph? Nahiya ako kasi naka polo and jeans siya. I mean, baka on official business or something. Hihi. next time. Kung may next time!

        Yeah! Kung may fun run or what, kita kits tayong mga joggers/runners! 🙂

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