Last January I promised to watch tons of movies and make a hundred reviews. Watching is easy, making the review is the tough one, really really tough. I have only managed to write just 2, as in two.. dos.. dalawa.. duha.. Why? Believe it or not I haven’t been watching movies at all (my dad and big sister will not believe this). I’m practically making up for lost time watching TV series!

Unlike in the movies where I find myself more often disappointed than impressed with what I watched, TV series have so far been generous to me (thanks to the reviews). As a viewer, I’m really just into the ‘story’ not in special effects, cinematography and the actor’s abilities, just give me a good story and I’m OK with that. The format provided me bountiful feast of clever storytelling, highly developed characters, unique plots and even outrageous twists (and they do that with limited budget and minimal CGIs). Hats off to those writers, it’s really their turf. The only downside with TV series is their length and I can hardly finish a season in one seating. But again, as long as the story is engaging I don’t mind the hours watching as if I have all the time in the world.

So here’s my list of TV series which I genuinely enjoyed, a lot:

Just so brilliant in their first season...

  1. Game of Thrones – how do I describe this one? A high fantasy but it’s not Lord of the Rings. This got great great story in a world where kingdoms tries to outshone the other. Lots of scheming, intriguing characters, great production value, and smart witty dialogues. It’s more of a family drama than an epic war story like LOTR, but don’t worry once you get hooked there’s no turning back. Spoiler: Dragons at the end! haha
  2. The Walking Dead (season 1) – We’re only given a group of survivors trying to survive a zombie invasion. Ironically, the walkers are the least of their worries because this series digs down deep into the souls of the characters as their faith and principles are constantly getting tested while mastering the fine art of putting a bullet in a zombie’s head. Loads of crazy stuffs in this one, and you’re in wild ride of a lifetime
  3. Heroes(season 1) – ‘Save the cheerleader, save the world’ where can you get such silly tagline like that? But trust me, the first season pulled out one of the most exciting and unforgettable actioner TV has to offer. By the way, the characters got awesome superpowers.

    Unexpecting, they took me by surprise...

  4. Band of Brothers – It’s like a “Saving Private Ryan” and “Thin Red Line” that lasted ten hours. Ten episodes of explosions, guns, and massive body counts. But this series got a heart. Here we follow a group of US soldiers deep into WW2 Europe who put their faiths into each other in overcoming the horrors of war and the pain of losing a friend. Lots of brotherly love involved.
  5. Pillars of the Earth – a historical drama about a gifted artist who rose from being a small town outcast to building a great Cathedral, and a Catholic bishop who is capable of doing the most horrible things in the name of ambition and shrewd sense of faith. An unlikely hero, a perfect bad guy (beyond redemption) in an incredible love story filled with greed, conspiracy and intriguing characters.
  6. Smallville (season 10) – this series has been on TV since my first day in high school and the idea of a growing up Superman really fascinates me. The bad thing is they stretched the mythology just too long – in ten seasons for ten years. I got to watched only a ‘handful’ episodes of the first five seasons ‘coz we don’t have Cable TV back then, until DVDs came. Season 6th and 7th was a bit dragging, but the 8th season is a total f**k up, as in so bad and silly I have to skip the 9thseason and practically drag myself to watch the last season just to see how they’ll transform hunky Clark Kent into Superman. Then the episodes suddenly got interesting with clever narrative, deep plots and powerful quotes. What a surprise!

    Oh girl, they rock..

  7. Spartacus: Blood and Sands – a tale of guilty pleasures. This is not your ordinary Tv series and certainly you don’t wanna watch it with a minor. Because this series knows no boundaries. It is filled with full scale nudity, steaming sex scenes, jaw dropping sword fights, CGI heavy bloodfest galore and a surprisingly great story. Really loved it.
  8. Sherlock – Imagine Sherlock Holmes living in a modern-day London. That’s the premise of the groundbreaking BBC mini-series. Here we have a Sherlock Holmes and still the brilliant detective but with expanded so arrogant and low sensitivity, weird and incredibly pathetic socially. The series’s two season are each composed of three insanely addictive and clever 90-minutes episodes that could really pass as feature-length films (and give RDJ a smack in the face). Fast pace storyline, brilliant actors and a bold new take on our beloved sleuth. You don’t want to pass this one.
  9. Glee – this is series is the black sheep on my list, it just doesn’t fit my taste and I think this is just a silly chick flick. I only watch this one because I want to hear good music. But this musical turned out to be a knockout comedy, oh the joyous discovery of the unexpected. Just don’t tell the girls I’ve watched (and awfully enjoyed) this one. Please.

And to add further damage and distraction for the centennial review goal, I’m planning to watch these additional titles all year-long. Oh babe, good luck to my bucket list.

To Watch List:

  1. Boardwalk of Empire – coz I’m a fan of Martin Scorsese.
  2. The Pacific – coz this is the cousin of Band of Brothers.
  3. Lost – I love cleverness and J.J. Abrahms (Star Trek, Cloverfield)
  4. L. A. Noir – coz Frank Darabont left TWDead after a season to make this one. Bye-bye zombies, hello Shane?
  5. Prison Break – coz I was cut-short watching this, damn pirated dibidis. Boss is nuts with this.
  6. House – coz there’s a badass doctor here.
  1. bagotilyo says:

    Interesting yung heroes..

    mahilig tlga ako sa mga show na may mga super powers ..

    *isip bata?*


  2. I highly suggest Fringe. Ang dami ko nang napanood at pinapanood pero Fringe talaga ang nasa top 1 ko kasunod ang The Big Bang Theory, Downton Abbey, Prison Break, at siyempre ang binabasa ko ngayong Game of Thrones. Excited na ako sa Season 2 ng Game of Thrones, kaya kailangan ko nang matapos ang Book 1 bago ako mag-Book 2. Good luck sa mga pinapanood mo!

    • lapiskamay says:

      yey thanks! finally the word Fringe comes up again, i know it would float in a discussion like this. another title on the list! hehe.

      Yup GOT is really engrossing sobra akong nahook dun. Goodluck in reading the book! i’d have to pass doing that, the books are so kapal haha. Just let me know if Jon Snow will ever become a king, that’s my bet.

      • Feeling ko rin, eh. Pero may nabasa akong spoiler sa likod ng Book 5. Nakakabuwisit talaga kasi may nakasulat na something na hindi naman dapat malaman lalo na’t nasa 65% pa lang ako ng Book 1.

        Promise, yung Fringe, magugustuhan mo ‘yun at may kuwento talaga. Hindi lang siya basta-basta. Kung mahilig ka sa science, o interesado man lang, magugustuhan mo talaga. Huwag ka lang titingin-tingin kung tungkol saan ang Fringe kasi may mga hindi ka dapat malaman hangga’t hindi mo pa napapanood mula umpisa. 🙂

      • lapiskamay says:

        ah so iba ba yung story sa book1 sa season 1 ng GOT? Parang maganda kasi yung pagkapresent nila kay Jon Snow (or ganun lang talaga kagaling si Kit Harrington) na parang they are setting him up for a big big role in the future, tsaka may poster kasi na nakaupo sya sa iron throne. hehe. Oo na hindi talaga ako magbabasa ng makakapahamak sa kasiyahan ng panood. hehe.

        about Fringe, naintriga na talaga ako. hehe. hmmp marami narin akong nabasa jan.. nothing serious pa naman. i think it now falls in the “something you have to see to experience it” I’ll be watching it pramis.

      • Ay, ang maganda nga sa Game of Thrones ng HBO, talagang naging faithful sila sa libro. Siyempre, may mga binago silang words paminsan-minsan o may mga nadagdag na detalye. Napapansin ko siya kaagad kasi sinasabayan ko ng pagbasa at panonood. Para masaya. Nakikita ko kaagad ang pagkakaiba. Karamihan naman ganoon na ganoon talaga ang nasa libro kaya satisfied naman ako. Biruin mo yung 800 pages nailagay nila sa 10 episodes.

        Tama, yung Fringe, patapos na ang season 4 at sana magka-season 5 pa kasi marami talagang naniniwala sa palabas na yan. Hindi siya pipitsugin. Mapapaisip ka talaga at magagalit at maiinis na bakit ganito bakit ganoon

    • Addie says:

      Fringe! I second the motion. Walter Bishop is a darling. Olivia Dunham unleashes the dyke in me. Peter Bishop? Emm, should have just stayed in Dawson’s Creek and be Pacey Witter forever. Just sayin’.

  3. PM says:

    syempre wala akong alam kahit isa sa mga sinabi mo. hindi ako fans ng series but i’m glad you enjoy them. i watched smallville nung bata ako pero i have no idea about the latest run. ang dami nito sa list mo i wonder how will you find the time to watch them all?

    • PM says:

      oh i forgot, i also know house and prison break. before i tried to watch house because of the doctor but i just can’t sustain it. with prison break, pogi yung bida pero i’m happy just looking at commercials. 🙂

      • lapiskamay says:

        hahaha ambisyoso ako eh. kaya kaya ko yan. matatapos ko yan ako pa. hehe nagyabang.
        na should try SHERLOCK since di yan ganun kahaba (3episodes lang) tsaka ma.aamazed ka talaga sa actor ng gumanap na sherlock. hehe. babalikan ko pa Prisonbreak. yung house yang ang bukambibig sa dorm namin sa review.hehe. Smallville is a very very long story to catch up with. but i think you can make do of the 10th season.

    • Addie says:

      @PM: “i watched smallville nung bata ako” – Wow, now I feel ‘old’. 😛

  4. PM says:

    idk if i can watch that sherlock. i love ironman as sherlock too much 🙂

    • lapiskamay says:

      SHERLOCK has the more faithful adaptation of Holmes sa books ni Sir Conan-Doyle. as in kuha talaga, kay Robert Downey Jr. kasi is sobrang bad.ass action-hero.. napaka.charismatic yung portrayal ni RDJ, parang kakaibang Sherlock holmes ang pinakita nya, nakakatuwa din. just try to watch SHERLOCK, di mo pagsisihan yan. hehe

  5. Addie says:

    Pano mo naaatim manuod ng The Walking Dead? My siblings like to torture me by playing it on weekends.

    • lapiskamay says:

      hahahaha. the second was a torture especially the first half of, it was silly nonsense those characters bickering on each other (no wonder the creator left due to undisclosed reasons, but probably magmnt, creativity, production issues) . but the first season was reallly really crazy.

  6. nuelene says:

    “It is filled with full scale nudity, steaming sex scenes, jaw dropping sword fights, CGI heavy bloodfest galore and a surprisingly great story.”

    Parang nagsisisi ako na di ako mahilig manood ng TV. Haha! To-watch list Number 1-Spartacus. 😀

  7. lapiskamay says:

    hahahaha. yun talaga ang nakita hehe. hopeless case kana talaga.
    ako din eh nagsisi ako at dineadma ko to sa HBO nung una. hehe. pero marami yan kina Manong Dibidi, or online meron din. hehe.

    Go Nue, Go!

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