La Vita y BELA

Posted: March 25, 2012 in Boracay Chronicles, Events
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As summer is now officially heating up this week I was able to answer two of the hardest questions I have ever came across with, and they’re not related to accounting, sex and relationships. They are; Question #1: What’s your favorite foreign word and are you willing to wear it on a tattoo?  and Question #2: What’s the hottest cover you’ve ever laid upon?

The first part of question number 1 is easy and that would be ‘La Vita y Bella’ it’s an Italian phrase for life is beautiful , that’s always been my favorite. The second part however, always come as a strict NO NO, I may be an artist but I don’t consider my skin as a canvass. But then came Miss Bela..

Bela Padilla is the controversial FHM cover girl for the month of March (the mag’s 12th anniversary  edition).  The controversy sparked from the racist issue from the original March cover photo in which is Bela is shown with colored (OK, black) women and with the tagline of Bella Padilla: Stepping out of the Shadows. Boom!

I wrote about it too (click here) and decided to be neutral because I respect the opinions of the opposite sides. But frankly, I can only feel adoration for such a wonderful and enchanting photo of an unknown young woman named Bela Padilla. I really have to apologize to her if she ever gets to read this one because I really don’t know her before the controversy. She’s an actress pala for GMA7 but too bad I’m not into watching TV anymore, I don’t even have a set in my rabbit hole.

And to answer the second question the photo cover above is my favorite all time. Never mind if this cover was replaced and never got published. I just love the composition of the photo, the cleverness of the lighting, the use of contrasting colors to highlight the model’s goddesslikeness, and such beautiful face showing no emotion but intelligence ever-thinking far beyond.  It is that good and the way it was criticized and defended, devoured and debated only made it so special. Plus the international attention it got, especially that live BBC interview, can only do Bela good things than harm.

And yesterday I actually met her.. in person!

She was here in the island of Boracay for FHM’s Bikini Heaven event that also took place yesterday, 25th of March, at Epic Bar in D’Mall Station 2. She was having an authograph signing that afternoon and of course I was lightning quick to grab a copy. Lapiskamay was third on the line! Hahaha. Meeting her was a surreal experience. Man, she was very beautiful I can’t keep my eyes off her. I never even paid attention to her body figure to see how really sexy she is. But she’s one of those people who actually looks much better in person. I love her cheeks, her red hair, and her smile. Mestiza she is. I think she’s a nice girl, really polite and even apologized when she didn’t get my name in two tries hehe. But its her condescending presence that had the strongest impression on me, she has this “Dude, I’m way too high for you” kind of aura. I bet she’s a palaban type of girl (I like those types). I felt like an idiot or a walking dead out there, she’s just in a different league of her own. And I was having my tulala moment  of a lifetime the whole time.

The new cover of the FHM March issue, and please don't ignore her autograph.. that's especially for me. haha

But still, it was a really great experience  meeting her up close, having her autograph, shaking hands and that awkward sight of us smiling hard to each other. Haha. That’s really worth more than the price of the magazine, even perhaps the tough year I’ve had in the island (a.k.a. exile in Paradise), with that single encounter. I wish I could thank her for that.

And to answer Question # 1.2, yeah I should get inked but not this year, perhaps when I’ve completed my Pledge 25 (25 blood donations before passing the age of 25). Don’t ask about my age but having a tattoo will compromise the goal. I’m nonetheless three more donations to go.

La vita y bella, life is beautiful!

Mi Bela

  1. Jacklyn Belo says:

    naks, nakapag-autograph ka sa isang international celebrity hehe

  2. lapiskamay says:

    hehe thanks! pero wala yan sa’yong international autograph from the great Nicolas Sparks. mas grabe yun. haha

  3. bagotilyo says:

    I also want to experience the surreal and tulala moment with a great star. hahaha


    She’s lovely


  4. lapiskamay says:

    soon pare, luluhod din ang mga artista sa kaastigan mo, dakilang superhero.

    Gorgeous! that’s the word, tumpak pare. Nako out of words na talaga ko. hehe.

  5. Nasa Banana Split pa lang siya sa bakuran ng ABS-CBN, napansin ko na siya agad. It’s a good thing na lumipat siya ng GMA.

    • lapiskamay says:

      ah kasama din pala xa dun noh? hehe wala kasi akong TV life hehe. I think she’s given a big break in GMA, so yes it was a nice move. salamat sa pagbisita!

  6. Addie says:

    You said the first cover never got published? I am quite sure it did because I saw some at a mag stand in 7-11 a week before it got criticized. She really is pretty in that cover, but didn’t like the concept at first sight.

    You are one lucky guy, nevertheless.

    • lapiskamay says:

      wow! ang swerte ng nakakuha ng first edition ng issue na yun! collectors’ edition yun cgurado. hehe.
      yup she’s really pretty., hehehe, natulala tlaga ako to behold such beauty. I guess i got lucky to see her. hehe

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