Summer Promises for the Wondering Soul

Posted: April 1, 2012 in Boracay Chronicles
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Hello guys, I’m back again! I’m really sorry I went into a sudden hiatus. There were things here that we have to clear out and let go. I’m still in a state of shock and rage to the people who put me into a very uncomfortable place, man I’ve trusted and respected those people. I’m not really the forgiving type but don’t worry I didn’t do anything stupid. Letting go and ignoring those idiot is the best reaction.

Now I’m officially off the hook. I am no longer connected with the company I worked for here in the island. I now have the freedom to do things I didn’t have the time to try on before. I’m still adjusting though after working in the office 12 hours a day six times a day (even on holidays) and suddenly I find myself having all the time in the world to be just me. No schedules, no graveyard missions, no reports and deadlines. I just love the sound of freedom, but it does feel a little awkward sometimes. And just today it hits me:

Summer is here.

I’m planning to stay in the island for only a month or so, since I still have a paid balance for my lodging and I still have a LOT of unfinished business around here. I told you already my work schedule  wasn’t the prettiest thing in the world. Now I’ve got a month to make up lost times. And the thought of having a very busy summer in this island destination brings music to my soul.

Growing up in the province my summers have always been uneventful, unromantic, boring, unproductive and in constant state couch potatoness. I didn’t get out that much, now I really wonder why since I was fairly certain I was (and maybe still) a happy-go-lucky guy. Oh I remember I loved TV, shit I smell regret. Then came college and the required summer classes (my school offered a compressed 4-year Accountancy course, normally it is a 5 year commitment w/ no summer courses), then review for the board exam, and then work in the past two years. Summer for me was sacrificing beach fun for studies; building foundations for the futures instead of enjoying the present; thinking and doing grown up things in this youthful age instead of exploring the world. That’s my lifetime worth of summer in a paragraph.

But this year is my year, and I promise my summer will fun. Being in Boracay does have its advantages. One, the beach. Two, it’s an island paradise, which is still true. Three, there always exciting going on you just have to explore to experience them. Explore I will. I’m planning to keep myself busy and active. Relaxation can be part of the equation but a huge chunk of my time would be spent on trying stuffs for the first time and learning different stuffs around here. This summer is an emancipation for my soul to search its place.

Here’s a shortlist of the things I’ll be doing around here.

  1. Study the local arts scene in Boracay – I’ll be observing and closely studying those guys who paints landscape on T-shirts, the henna tattoo artist, and those who does portraits sketching. I hope I can catch some techniques that I can apply on my craft or even learn their entire craft. Fingers cross.
  2. Volunteer for the Red Cross – it’s my way of giving back to the island although it’s a little thing. I’ve already signed up by the way and likely to receive some training (God I wanna be a lifeguard!). But for sure I’ll be there when they need any assistance especially in the blood donation drive and the marketing and preparation for a fun run (which I’m hell-bent going for winning that race, I hope I wont get tough competion out there haha).
  3. Volunteer for a fun run! –  I’ve run more than a year and I just want to try to be a part of the production crew who organizes these events and see those tired runners cross the finish line.
  4. Conquer the island by foot. This mission of running/walking the entire island on the road is past overdue since last year, but I never really got the time to train myself. So now it’s part of my Daredevil’s Hitlist 2012. I already started training and I’m eyeing for a third week of April kick-off. Godspeed to me!
  5. Get a tan, read books, and lay under the sun by the beach.
  6. Make friends and socialize a lot – believe it or not I don’t have friends outside of the hotel staffs.
  7. Learn to swim like a pro, beach volley and throw a Frisbee forehand.
  8. Write and blog a lot – loads of review is coming up!
  9. Paint and draw – the most important part of my stay. This is finally my time to finally have a go for them.

It’s now the start of the Holy Week and I’ve got a feeling this will be an unholy one, haha. But the most important thing is I desperately have to enjoy this summer no matter how small the budget and how limited my time is. This is for a change. I just want to treat myself. Even good guys deserves to be selfish sometimes.


  1. bagotilyo says:

    But this year is my year < — this is indeed a powerful statement man.

    Im amuse by the last line .

    It just give me the right to be selfish sometimes…

    *evil laugh*

  2. lapiskamay says:

    hahaha evil laughs talaga. hehe rakenroll dude!

  3. Addie says:

    Glad to see the pencil’s back!

  4. aylablahs says:

    Oh wow cheers sa Boracay vacation mo na this time totoo na, curious lang ako saan ka pupunta after your stay there?

    • lapiskamay says:

      sana nga di to mabitin. hehe. summer for me is NOW na talaga. hehe. balik po kayo dito hehe.
      i’ll be working for a goverment agency in Cebu soon. 🙂 really excited to serve a real cause.

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