‘The Hunger Games’ Book Review: Half Blood and Extra Cheese Overload

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Books
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I recently finished reading The Hunger Games book written by Suzanne Collins in digital format in just three days – a feat I should be proud of. Yeah after the $155 million box office explosion last weekend I knew the book has to be grinded and quickly. THG has always been on my radar since two years ago because I like the Battle Royale-ish premise it got. The sweetheart girl (she looks like Katniss in the poster) of She’s Got to Love Nobody is super devoted to the book the past year, and she successfully convinced me to read it. Syempre crush ko yun, kung san sya masay suportaan gud nako (shit I’m dead). I am really curious why on earth should fan girls go crazy gaga about it when there is brutality, murder and bloodbath all over it.

The answer was simple. THG is insanely cheesy, and I was kind of rolled my eyes for a million times reading the book. My goodness somebody please order some Greenwich pizzas with cheese overload! Haha. But don’t worry guys it’s no Twilight experience (I still got a trauma reading that e-book). Because it’s more entertaining, thrilling, smarter, and appealing than any vampire soaps out there.

There’s no point of elaborating the synopsis here because it’s a lot popular than I could have ever imagined. But the story is told on a first person perspective of our heroine Katniss Everdeen who volunteered for the 74th Hunger Games in place of her younger sister. So when we’re talking about first-person narrative you only get what the thought and the things the narrator experienced. I’m not really a big fan of that writing style because it’s a limited perspective which a bit of a disadvantage. Lots of details are overlooked and supporting characters don’t really get the chance to grow and evolve. But I think Suzanne Collins did a superb job on keeping the readers glued into the mind of Katniss.

The book is a real page turner that engaged me from the start to the cliffhanger ending. It’s a satisfying read and contrary to my prejudice it’s a lot lighter than its ‘Battle Royale’ counterparts and rip-offs. Btw, Battle Royale is a 2001 Japanese film (reportedly Quentin ‘bloody helluvaguy’ Tarantino’s all-time favourite foreign movie) which got striking similarities with Hunger Games, you know: teenagers fighting and yes killing each other until one survives and take home freedom kind of bloody stuff. But whether THG is a rip-off or not of BR it really doesn’t matter as long as you’re in for an exciting read because you don’t have nothing else to do. THG isn’t really bad; in fact, it’s a great book that appeals to everyone, although a lot more to the younger audiences.

One thing to note if you’re going to read this book (whether you’ve watch the movie or not) is lower the expectation for some gut-wrenching fight scenes and brutality because you aint going to get much of that. I think Hunger Games just want to stand alone on its own identity by focusing on the romantic side of the story (and send swooning fan girls to 7th seven). But still it’s really worth more your time. And now I’m hearing all over Team Peeta! Team Gale! Shut Up!! WTF!? Wasn’t it Team Edward, Team Jacob recently?

As of this writing I haven’t watched the movie yet, lots of people are saying all the same thing that movie is great and Jennifer Lawrence deliver a fine performance as Katniss. I hope I can catch it on theatres. Hey do they still show it on May? (Ah girls you should watch the movie over and over again so they’d still show it until I get back to the city, OK? Apir at high five!)

By the way my favorite character in the book is Haymitch, all-around bastard, badass, smartass and jerk rolled into one. I just love his term of endearment, sweetheart. ^__^

  1. nuelene says:

    Minsan lang naman kami maging fangirl. Pagbigyan na. Haha! Team Peeta ako eh. I like Haymitch too. When I haven’t seen the movie yet, I can see in him the giant in Harry Potter (Sino na nga yun? Inaatake ako ng STML).
    Battle Royale is more brutal kaso lang di ko naman masyadong pinansin yun dati. Mas brutal kasi gumawa ng story ang mga Japanese eh. Try Natsuo Kirino’s Out, babaligtad sikmura lalo na sa chop chop part ng story. Ewwwww!

  2. lapiskamay says:

    hahahha. isa ka pala sa mga nagsisigawang fan girl. hahaha. may team na nga eh! hehe sinong giant sa Harry Potter? Hagrid?
    pinanood ko ang Battle Royale kanina… grabe galing at sobrang ganda. hindi gratitous yung violence, not so brutal pero brutal parin.. dark talaga. hehe malaki ang similarities nga sa HG. ehhehe. ayoko ng gore no. di ko nga kinaya ang Saw 3. euwww.

    • nuelene says:

      Yup. Si Hagrid nga. Hindi naman ako sumigaw. In fact, na-bored pa nga ako. Haha!
      Okay lang sa akin yung Saw. Natapos ko nga eh. Oh di ba? Yung hindi ko kinaya yung ‘See No Evil.’ Binangungot ako dun. Haha!

      • lapiskamay says:

        ba’t hagrid? yung sa size ba ang nirerefer mo? hehe iba kasi sila, hehe. ah nabored ka pa sa THG? try mo panoorin or basahin ang original, yung BATTLE ROYALE ng Japan. yun ang mganda, brutal at gory. pero masaya sya kahit mahirap panoorin. hehe basta checkit out nalang.

      • nuelene says:

        Kasi pareho silang ‘H’. Haha! Kasi parang fairy godfather yung role nila. Chos! Sige, try kong basahin. Baka mas maganda kapag di pa nagawang movie.

  3. PM says:

    bakit naging protected yung blog mo?

    • lapiskamay says:

      may mga magagaling kasing mga tao eh. ayaw matalbugan. hehe. yung mga taong ganyan sana di na sana mag.attempt tibagin ang wall na hindi nila kaya. nako mahirap kasi balikan. sana nga mga taong yun ay matalino at yung manners nila sana ganun kalaki ng kanilang waistline. hehe.

  4. Jacklyn Belo says:

    oo nga bakit naging protected yung blog mo? you should write a blog post about it hehe

  5. Kapapanood ko pa lang nito and why o why I don’t like it that much but Katniss was so beautiful. 😉

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