BlackOut Doodles: Cliff Diving and Sun Burns

Posted: April 10, 2012 in Drawing, Events
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What did you do last Easter Sunday? Me I tried to kill myself… by jumping off a cliff. Of course I survived just to have this post, haha.

That Sunday morning was particularly blissful; the sky was clear, the breeze mesmerizing, the tide was high (really high), and the sea was so tempting cool. I’d be a fool if I had not plunged in to the beach of Boracay on Easter. I stayed away from the beach front crowd so I went into my sanctuary up north at the end of paradise. It was Sunday and I’m obliged to behave and not stare too many on them people wearing those seductive bikinis. Temptation Island.

But as I reached my destination I noticed there was a gang of local boys swimming and having a lot of fun above the rocks! Those rock were stiff and nail-like to step on, but I cant resist joining them jumping and diving. I knew the water below is not deep on regular tides but that particular day it was just perfect, I could swear the water was 10 feet high. I thought I could survive like those shokoys (roasted mermaids) I am with. So jump I did!

At around 20 feet off the ground it’s my highest I’ve ever jumped on. But hey it’s only a sneek preview. I’ll jump 30 feet on Ariel’s Point on the mainland. Then 50 feet off the cliffs of Malapascua in Cebu. This kid likes to die hard. And my reward for that act of bravery (and foolishness) is a painful dose of sun burns. Don’t ever touch my back kiddos (it hurts).

Update on my Daredevil 2012 Hitlist: Cliff Diving. Done.

  1. bagotilyo says:

    astig ka tlga pare koy..


    memorable yan :p

  2. Mars says:

    Yown! Parang gusto ko na din magcliff dive 😦 But scared of heights so I guess it’ll have to wait…

    • lapiskamay says:

      oi di to maxado mataas ha. hehe. wait may mga chix pala kaming kasama that day. hehe. cool nga tumalon. bad-ass talaga. hehe

      • Mars says:

        Ako antay antay lang muna ng lakas ng loob. Weird kasi natry ko na yung bungee jumping in Macau, buhay naman haha

      • lapiskamay says:

        nako kaya yan. basta ka lang ng go. hehe
        Wow you tried bungee jumping na pala! grabe mas bad-ass yun. inggit ako. hehe. kaso wala dito sa pinas. hehe

  3. cheesecake says:

    I hope I can do this too. lol. madali yung pagtalon, yung paglangoy ang hindi ko alam. hehe.

  4. cliff jumping is fun!….just as long as the cliff isn’t too high, lol

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