Blackout Doodles: The Ice Dance

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Drawing, Film
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There was one Freshly Pressed article about drawings that an interesting concept where the author pulled-off her ‘What’s your favourite movie scene?’ I got intrigued since then. With a lot of time and inspiration at my disposal, finally, I was able to pull it off myself. And I was very surprised with what came out. Listing your favorite movies is a tough task, but sorting out which is your favourite scene in a movie is a lot harder. But my super-duper favoritest movie scene of all time really came from Tim Burton’s Edward Scissorhands; presenting The Ice Dance.

That was the scene where Edward (Johnny Depp) was carving an ice angel that created a beautiful rain of ice where Kim (Sigourney Weaver) had danced enchantingly, with the mystifying Danny Elfman music in the background. Melancholic, romantic, enchanting, simple, absurd, fairytale-ish, gothic all rolled into one stroke of genius. That scene is called Ice Dance… where the Beauty fell for the Beast.

I have a few other favourites in consideration: the literal shitty escape of Andy Dufrasne in Shawshank Redemption, the most romantic crucifixion of Jack and Rose in  Titanic(btw 100 years since), the rooftop revelation of the two moles where Tony Liu is pointing the gun to Andy Lau in Infernal Affairs, the ‘Where is he going Dad?’ scene in The Dark Knight (I still memorize those fateful words of Commissioner Gordon), and the ultimate scene of friendship and loyalty where Samwise Gamgee had to carry Frodo Baggins in the volcano climb to destroy the ring in LOTR: Return of the King.

For the drawing, I referred to Zane Yarbrough’s ‘Snow Machine’ an entry for the Edward Scissorhands’ Twentieth Anniversary tribute site The painting was one of my favourite entries, it really fascinated me, and I think it’s the only piece that emphasized Ice Dance. A great painting, lots of details than meets the eye (trust me). It took me long to finish this one.

There were times where I really thought that this project would not see the light. Or that this project will end up in failure, you know in my blackout doodling (here’s how) you’ll never knew what will come out when you invert the black and white tones. Oh man, here’s comes disaster, I was thinking before inverting the whole thing. But to my amazement, the result just came impressive, perfect. I was Oh my God… it’s so beautiful. Never felt like that before in any of my previous art projects. ^_^

*  *   *

I would like to greet my father, Tatay Dindo, a warm Happy Birthday! He turned 55 yesterday. We siblings are really so blessed to have such a great man as our father. He’s a great artist, a legendary coach, a terrific teacher, a loving husband, and the wackiest dad in the whole world… you know he’s like our barkada at home.

And also a warm greetings to the Young*Star (a Philippine Star Friday section for the youth by the youth.. art, music, fashion, pop culture etc) staff for their 16th Year Anniversary. I love that section, gave me the much needed inspiration to pursue the artist side. I only discovered their section last year and I’ve been reading newspapers for like 7-8 years. Keep up the good work guys!

  1. Mars says:

    Embedded vid doesn’t play (or maybe it’s just me? 😐 ) Good thing I’ve watched the film na. Great idea! Reminds me of the times when I get inspiration from doodles, photos and paintings for creative writing 😀

    Belated happy 55th to your dad!

    • lapiskamay says:

      thank you Mars!
      I’ll sort the video out, its probably the snail like connection, upload it myself pa naman. hehe.
      Thanks I’ll send your regards to Tatay. ^_^

  2. Jacklyn Belo says:

    Edward Scissor hands is one of the movies I can’t forget as a child. but mine was a traumatic one. takot kasi ako kay Edward.hehe When i was a kid, he looked creepy to me… but it’s a movie that i would want to watch again… i like your ice dance-blackout doodles.. It has texture and curves that has somewhat a merrymaking feeling 🙂

    • lapiskamay says:

      hahaha, you know what RC and my big sis also have the same reaction to Edward when they were children. takot din sila, well, who can blame us. The guy’s a terrfiying creature, with scissors that could easily slash and hack any moment. and he comes in black.
      Yun nga nakaganda sa kanya kahit nakakatakot siya tingnan pero deep inside is gentle soul. he’s misunderstood. but once you got to know him you’d wish every man is like him. ^_^
      naks nakita talaga ang textures., yan talaga nagpatagal sa pagguhit. hehe

  3. bagotilyo says:

    belated happy birthday sa iyong tatay 🙂

    Di ko napanood yung kay edward scissorhands

    pinanganak kasi ako si edward cullen na ang sikat . hahaha

    nagpapabata? lol

  4. I remember that scene in Ed. Scissorhands…that was one of Tim Burton’s coolest movies.

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