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Posted: May 2, 2012 in Events, Journals, Photography
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Hey guys look what I’ve found: one of my Boracay days pictures got published in the summer edition of Runner’s World Philippines! Whoa it’s such a wonderful experience to get published in a really great and dedicated magazine. I’ve been moonlighting in a few publications the past year but it’s only my first time in a magazine format. And this is quite an honor to represent and promote the awesomeness of Boracay and the running sport/lifestyle! Catching two mockingjays in one arrow.

It’s only a cameo appearance if it the thing is a movie, just about half a page out of 92, haha. But certainly it’s one of those priceless moments in one’s lifetime where you are simply out of words to express the happiness. (Duh, and I’m writing about it already). That moment is found on the article title “10 Runners, 10 Cities” it’s a sort of a Top 10 Running Destinations in the Philippines where runners from all over the Philippines share why their hometown should be your next running destination. I don’t know if I will ever convince a soul to run in Boracay, a.k.a. my kingdom since I just conquered it, but running will certainly be a really great activity in anybody’s ‘To-Do list’ while vacationing in that beautiful island.

Here’s the page. You can click the picture for a higher resolution so you guys can read whatever badassery I wrote there that deserved publication, it’s in HD you know.

The other destinations who got picked in the articles are Intramuros in Manila (miss ko na si Diane), Quezon City (kina Addie), Lucban in Quezon, Bacoor in Cavite, Vigan City in Ilocus Sur (it got the best picture in the article), General Santos City, Clark in Pampanga, Nasugbo in Batangas, and of course Cebu City my second home where I got the running fever (and never recovered since). The article is really a fascinating read and really beautiful, I couldn’t see any better version of it. Oh I will be looking forward to run in those places and even meet the other runners featured.

How did I get in? I am a liker of the Runner’s World magazine facebook page (click here) where they posted their search for running destinations for this issue. That was around Valentines day. We were instructed to send an email that contain a high-resolution picture in fulling running vanity, i mean glory, with basic runner infos plus the favorite running areas, the best races in town and why on earth should people run there. I received a reply and got in touch with the RWP managing editor Ms. Angel Constantio. They notified me that I got in, but I never really expected they’ll published it for real. Haha. I don’t even know who took the photo whether it was self-inflicted or was it the Korean chick? Nyahaha bad-ass.

The April – June issue of Runner’s World Philippines is already out in your nearest bookstores. So what are you waiting for? Quick grab a copy! (I promise I will sign autographs). Hehe

  1. Congratulations on having your article posted on Runner’s magazine. I might not know how exactly it feels to have your works published for all the world to see but I bet it really feels so great especially if you’re writing about something you’re passionate about. Again, congratulations! 🙂

  2. Mars says:

    Congratulations Lester! Chos fumifirst name basis lang. Lol It must be such an honor to be featured in this magazine, especially knowing it was your passion that brought you there. I’ve been a writer for various international publications but it did not have my byline…so it’s still on my BIG list (Before I Get too old, stupid or cranky) Kudos to you!

    • Lapiskamay says:

      Thank you Mars! ok lang first name, close naman tayo eh. haha.
      oo thankful talaga ako kay God sa opportunity na mapasama sa mga ganyang bagay (kahit di naman talaga runner, kunwari lang hehe).
      Wow you’ve been a writer for pubz abroad!? Kudos Mars, badass supreme!
      Oh it won’t be long before you get your byline, i can feel it already. hehe

      • Mars says:

        Well, if you were part of the list, then you must deserve it! Claim it! Lol

        Sort of my title back when I was working in Malaysia. But never really felt I deserved it. Lol. I’m happy with just blogging non sense. Haha. Salamat Lester!

  3. PM says:

    fantastic! getting affirmed both as a runner and a writer is simply awesome. congrats! 😀

  4. JackieB says:

    congratz, Lester! bagay na bagay ka dito! it’s where your passion belongs 😀

    • Lapiskamay says:

      thank you Jackie. hehe pogi points sabi ng tambay sa amin. haha. I’m just glad to be a part of the magazine. hehe. grab a copy. ^_^

      • JackieB says:

        I won’t buy kung walang autograph lol… grabeh! hindi lang pala pangalan mo ang napublish pati face… ay, whole body pala lol

  5. bagotilyo says:

    its you already ..

    paulit ulit ako no? kasi naman ikaw na talga idol! hahaha

  6. congrats! ibang level na ito!

  7. Addie says:

    So green with envy!

  8. kara says:

    awesome! more to come, im sure 😉

  9. Lilith says:

    Awesomesauce! I can’t wait to see more of your works published. Congratulations, man! 🙂

  10. Congratulations. That is one beautiful image of Boracay and all the excitement and fun that goes with it.

    • Lapiskamay says:

      thank you so much fellow traveller! I really wished I
      submitted a more high res photo, but i hope that will do. I’m missing the island and running there.

  11. zezil says:

    Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww! This is awesome! Saya naman nito! Mapapa jog ka pa even more! Nice! 😉

  12. […] on local and national papers. But one of my favorite published stuffs  was my last year’s first magazine appearance for the Runner’s World magazine. And just this month I’ve done it […]

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