Sisters and Watercolors

Posted: May 21, 2012 in Journals
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This is a direct sequel to Hey Soul Sister!My big sister Gretchen is now back at home and I just love the stuffs she brought. There’s no amount of food pasalubong could match a package of art materials and wisdom from one of the country’s up and coming artist.

Dai Gretch, as our parents (and I) call her, spent the majority of this summer up there in the scorching  heat of Manila. One day I heard about my favorite artist Valerie Chua is doing a one-session basic watercolor workshop so I told my sister if she’d love to attend. And she really did. I really wish I was in Manila because I, too, love to attend not just for the workshop but primarily to just meet Valerie. I’ve known of Valerie since she appeared in the Avengers-like write-up run by the Young*STAR column of the Philippine star. And since then I’ve been a huge fan of her works which are not really ultra-colorful but rather toned down, serene, melancholic and pure.

Valerie Chua is a self-taught artist. And I pray to God I can be like her.

Miss Valerie Chua and Ate Gretch.

Inside the workshop. Photos stolen from my sister’s phone. hahaha

During the workshop my sister came up with these:

And most especially this one below! hehe. A few minutes before the actual workshop begun I texted my sister if she could get me Valerie’s autograph. Where will she sign? she asked. I told her to just be creative. She end up giving me her new flowery journal/notebook. Yeah, I have the sweetest sister in the world, what can I ask for more? Ah that would be an interview with Valerie and CJ de Silva! hehe

The workshop’s fee was quite steep for a working class’s budget, but based on the happiness and the promises I felt on my sister. I guess it is money well spent.

Thanks  Miss Valerie and ate Gretch!

  1. cheesecake says:

    painting – one part of the illustrative art I didn’t have the chance to learn.

  2. bagotilyo says:

    astig na astig ang autograph pre..


    galing din ng sister mo.

  3. I think it’s really cool how you’ve blogged about your sister’s talents =)

  4. Addie says:

    Two beautiful women! Lucky Lester. 🙂

  5. I like the apple! 🙂

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