Her name is Miss Dances. But I can swear to my unreliable memory that she’s not a person who danced, or someone the Department of Dancing  would consider recruiting. That’s the start of the many unexpected surprises we shared in life.

She was one of the pretty faces in college, someone who seems to be dating some dudes, but as to with whom was never my business. A beautiful face, mysterious grin and a Korean set of eyes – those are winning elements that can catch you off guard at first glance. She was two years my junior inside the Accounting Department – arguably the elite squad if our school was military. But when a close friend engaged a move on her, I knew I have to check her out. Who is this underclass girl that caught some seniors attention?

I saw her and I quickly made a brief inventory of all the Korean words I know. The final count was one; hello, an hyeung haseeyo. Not Bad. Luckily she was obviously speaking bisaya with a gayfriend. Careful there girl, gays are still guys. By the way, my second reaction was ‘does she eat?’ I never really had a fascination with the petites and the ulta-slims, but damn with that face I’ll be glad to be her friend, brother and source of exam leakages just to know her name. We become friends instantly.

I think it was not really a common sight to see upperclassmen befriending the littles ones, and vice versa. It could be the later were intimated or worshiping the seniors for surviving that far in a lethal course soaked with bloody numbers, or the former were simply too damn busy shifting studies, responsibilities, food trips, discos, flirting and Red Horse. But me, I was never the shy type because I did have the luxury to have loads of upperclassmen friends who so willingly provided me wisdom on which subjects to skip, old exam questionnaires for leakages and instant access during clearance period. Having friends with the lower batches gave me the position to become someone cool, hot, and smart dude rolled into one popular fallacy – someone they can look up to – and yes, I love telling those young kids how dark and nose-bloody  the days in front of them. Nyahahaha. Evil laugh.

In no time I graduated, left school, faced the real world and I saw her no more. I thought she’d be one of those college characters I would likely forget and text no more. But there’s one thing I can never forget about her, something that connect us: she came from my mother’s hometown. We love that place deeply.

Then I did the unthinkable – I passed the notorious CPA Board Exams. Take one and in October. How many in our school’s history have done that back then, I do not know but perhaps only a handful or so. I cracked the code, the exam is beatable given my happy-go-lucky, girl flirting, org hopping, study-later reputation, some might have assumed it was a miracle I passed.

Two years and two jobs later, out of nowhere, she got in touch. It’s her turn to take the exam.

photo from SJC-JPIA fb page

Ah you so you survived? I remembered she was a smart one. It’s good to know those young ones from college graduated successfully. The pressure and punishment in the senior year was really tough and ever so crucial if one should decide to take the board. But nothing in college comes close to the horror in the major league CPA exams. Smarts, money and solid underground foundation doesn’t really equate to success.  She came to me to ask what the missing pieces are, or simply put it ‘how did I pull it off?’  And I gave her the shrewdest advice imaginable: meet people, get crazy with ‘em, go to malls, watch movies, drink, date, skip some review classes, study like hell, and if you don’t know the answer pick Letter C, etc etc and pray to God you’ll pass. Best time of my life. Good luck my friend. I was drank, sleepless tired and lonely out there in Boracay. I was barely a month staying at the island and ready to quit but somehow my communication with her changed my mind!

I prayed to God she didn’t believed me. Of course I’ve done those things during the review, but what I really mean was that she just has to be confident with herself. People sometimes forgot that COURAGE is also a key to success. To Dream of something needs Hardwork, doing the Hardwork requires Faith that you can achieve that something, but Believing digs deep to materialize – it needs Courage. Everything else follows. That was my philosophy I guess it worked.

Four months later, she was officially admitted to the list of Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Take one and in October. I was really so proud of her. Thanks God.

This summer after 3 years of no-show acts because work, I got to attend the town Fiesta of Matalom, Leyte. Our family used to live there, even born and baptized there too, until I was two years old. And I finally met her again. But what greeted me in the doorstep was no longer that pretty little girl, instead it was a young professional, a colleague of the same sworn profession. And man, she’s gorgeous even on plane clothes. I reckon if there was a time I greeted warm congratulations and felt so silly by the whole thing for not having any better words to start a chat? Haha.

I am very happy to see her again and realize that of all the bad things I’ve done, the words I never said, the stories I exaggerated, the emotions I never showed, the thing I held back and everything negative in the bad-assness that I’ve become… somehow, something good came out of it. I don’t know how and why but all I know is that thing was standing right in front of me. Through her eyes was a vision of thankfulness and gladness as if a woman dancing under a golden sunset. There was simply so much that happened and changed since the last time we talked yet we are still good friends just like the old days. And she’s going to kill me if she read this. haha

*   *   *   *

By the way, check out this absolutely unrelated video of Josh Groban singing a song with the same title “So She Dances“. It’s one of my favorite song from him. I only read the lyrics and it was really really beautiful.

  1. PM says:

    nice! congrats! 🙂

  2. bagotilyo says:

    naks … may taste ah.. hehe

    nakarelate ako dun sa pick letter C pag hindi alam ang sagot.

    nagawa ko din siya nung actual board at nakapasa naman.. cguro nga epektib! hehehe

  3. Marya says:

    kinilig naman ako dito. pwedeng chick flick, heheh:)

    • Lapiskamay says:

      whaa, anong klaseng drama yan. hehe.
      kakaibang comment yan ah. Salamat ng marami. ^__^
      tara gawan natin ng script.

      • Marya says:

        Haha…napaka-detalyado kasi. May intro, yung unang pagtatagpo, tapos nagkawalay ng ilang taon tapos bigla siyang nagtext tapos muling nagkita sa isang special place. hehehe. Ipadala mo kaya kay Ate Charo baka basahin niya sa Maalala Mo Kaya….hehe. 😉

      • Lapiskamay says:

        ah nagets ko na. iba naman kasi naiisip mo eh. good friends lang kami no, sarap nya kausap eh (nanununtok). hehe. di bale pag nagkita kami ulit tanungin ko xa if sino gusto nya gumanap sa kanyang role. nyahahah.

      • Marya says:

        hahah.. eh, ikaw ba sino gusto mong gumanap sa role mo?

      • Lapiskamay says:

        malayo mangyari yan, lalo na sa MMK eh di naman to makabagbag damdamin. walang iyakan dito oi. hahaha. pero kung malasin matanggap malamang si pareng Jake Cuenca gaganap. hahaha.
        (isang kabaliwan!!!)

  4. Isn’t it amazing that we get second chances if not three or more. This is one beautiful post. It shows how destiny will find a way when it is meant to be. Congratulations for passing the boards as well as your friends. These thoughts are wonderful, “People sometimes forgot that COURAGE is also a key to success. To Dream of something needs Hardwork, doing the Hardwork requires Faith that you can achieve that something, but Believing digs deep to materialize – it needs Courage. Everything else follows…” Indeed it does. Best wishes to you…

  5. Lapiskamay says:

    thank you so much sir for the reassuring words. Yeah I never really expected we’d be in the same for a time but yet again fate has its mysterious ways. I kind of had a hard time venturing into the real world, my life’s quite a mess after the board. I’m still looking for that special to live, hopefully she could guide me where it should be.
    Best wishes you to you too sir. All the best in life to you and your family!

  6. cheesecake says:

    same time ata sila ng exam ng pinsan ko, who also passed the exam. congrats to them.

  7. zezil says:

    Like how you penned this one. Good job! =)

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