The second weekend of the month of June had featured an incredible array of multiple sporting events held within 24 hours apart.  The biggest of course for Filipinos and boxing fans was the Pacquiao-Bradley boxing match. Then we also had the Eastern Conference finals of the NBA. The French Open also reached its conclusion in the men’s and women’s tourney. Football fans also have major reasons to turn on their TVs to see the much anticipated Euro 2012. Looks like we just witnessed four major sporting events on collision course in one heated sporting extravaganza.

So who won their bets and who got their hearts broken. Now, what happened last weekend? Here’s my quick recap in chronological order of the events:

Tennis –  First off the pitch was the women’s French Open finals. And my, oh my, Maria Sharapova just completed her career grand slam by winning over unheralded Sara Errani 6-3, 6-2. After four long years of waiting and getting my heart broken in every loss, finally Sharapova wins another grand slam and took the No. 1 rankings. She also won Wimbledon in ’04 as a 17 year-old darling, US Open in ’06 and the Australian Open in ’08. Dreams do come true, even for a fan. hehe

Yeah baby, we won!

For the men’s side was a win-win scenario as Rafael Nadal gunning for historic 7th French Open title against the funny man NovaK Djokovic bidding for a grandslam sweep (4 consecutive grandslam win). I choose Djokovic because he’s funny but unfortunately he lost the match.

Football – I’m not really a fan of football but I’m starting to like it though (I like the stadium venues in Poland!). It just so happens that the Euro 2012, arguably the second biggest football event next to the World Cup, came in last weekend. I am not really familiar with any European teams so I picked Christiano Ronaldo’s (that soccer dude in the Head n Shoulder commercial) country Portugal. But tough luck they lost Germany 0-1.

Portugal's Postiga fouls Germany's goalkeeper Neuer during their Group B Euro 2012 soccer match in Lviv

an image of the game, Germany vs Portugal.

Basketball Miamia Heat vs Boston Celtics. Heated rivalry. Big Three vs Big 3+1. And I really hate both teams. I only chose the Celtics because I can’t still stomach LeBron James’ unforgiveable move to Miami (remember The Decision where he broke a city’s heart in front of the world?). Manalo lang ang lahat wag lang ang Heat!  But win they did.

Column: Durant is the anti-superstar superstar

I hate this guy, I hope he waits a long time to win a ring. Cheater

So for now I’m rooting for Oklahoma City to win it all in the finals and deny Lebron a championship. There’s no shortcuts for winning you jerk.

BoxingBut the biggest shocker of ‘em all belong to the boxing world. Timothy Bradley defeated the people’s champ Manny Pacquiao! And word is, Pacquiao virtually won it all but the two judges’ score card. Hmmm I smell something fishy. So here’s my possible theories (please note that this are all speculations  and have no factual basis) as to how the unthinkable happened:

Manny Pacquiao Throws

Whoever really wins may not matter, its the Boxing fans who lost.

  1. Pacquiao going soft and holy – boxing is one bloody physical sports and every priest I know watches every Pacquiao fight then condemns the sport later on in our theology class. But we’ve seen it all how Pacquiao practically challenged every laymen’s Faith out there by his devotions and Bible studies. Who knows Pacquiao did go easy on Bradley, perhaps too easy the judges scored otherwise.
  2. Mafia rigged the scoring – in every sporting upsets comes this popular theory that some criminal organizations predestined the outcome of the game to maximize winnings. Bradley was a 5-1 something favorite in the betting scene, just imagine how much money people lost and those crooks could have gained.
  3. Bob Arum makes some money – Mr. Arum was the promoter of both fighters, he controls them, he controls the flow of money, and perhaps he even controlled the outcome of the match. Maybe he wants to make more money, lots of ‘em so he let Bradley win because “controversy sells tickets” and make it double for the rematch. He might have won big time on the betting counter.
  4. The fight’s a Gayweather bait – I know it is wishful thinking that the fight was engineered by the Promoter, the Mafia, the Powers That Be and even Pacman himself to lure Floyd Mayweather Jr. out of his hole into fighting Pacquiao in what could be a mega fight and will generate unprecedented amount of money. Let’s face it, Mayweather doesn’t want to fight Pacquiao because he’s so f***ing afraid of him, but who knows after what Bradley did he might come to think that he could beat the Filipino ring icon.

 By the way I did not watch TV this weekend because I travelled so I pretty much missed all those events.  hahaha I lose.

Note: Photos are grabbed from Yahoo! Sports, courtesy of Getty Images.

  1. PM says:

    testosterone filled post (even sharapova falls in that category, am i right?) hmm… let me see. i’m not big on tennis but i did follow it when i was in college. for the nba, i’m rooting for OKC because my man likes miami. in football, i like germany. i love leo messi, he’s so talented. as for the pacquiao match, no comment na lang ako masyado ng maraming nasabi about diyan. 😀

    • Lapiskamay says:

      hahhaa. it;s every guys weekend that was.
      Sharapova, so proud of her, been following her since 2003 (HS pa ko) when i saw a photo of her in a newspaper and i fell in love. haha. the next year she did the unthinkable, winning Wimbledon at 17!
      I’m rooting for portugal still and they are in the group of death. hehe. I haven’t seen the Pacquiao match yet. hehe.

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