Ang Unggoy ni Kaloy (Carlo’s Monkey)

Posted: June 16, 2012 in Drawing, Journals
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Hey guys! Summer is definitely over here in the Philippines so along came the rainy season. For my parents, it’s a crusade back to school. Nanay and Tatay are both public school teachers in the same school in our town. My siblings and I was not spared, there was a point in our lives where we have to call them Ma’am and Sir by day, and Nay and Tay during the night at home. School started last week and we had our fair share of helping mom and dad in cleaning and preparing the school last month which was a great family bonding.

There was one particular project where us kids and Nanay and Tatay collaborated. It’s a school material of sort under the new K-to-12 curriculum – a picture book for kids. Nanay wrote the story in the bisayan dialect and Tatay and us kids draw the pictures. The story doesn’t have to be in a  level with J. K. Rowling just plain and simple. Just let the drawings catch the attention of the kids. And here’s what they came up with:

Ang Unggoy ni Kaloy

  1. Si Kaloy usa ka bata nga mahigugmaon ug unggoy. Busa nagbuhi siya ug usa niini ug gitawag niya kinig “Tsunggo.” (Carlo is a monkey-loving kid. So he owned one and called the animal “Tsunggo.”)
  2. Si Tsunggo usa ka gamay nga unggoy nga adunay himsog nga panglawas, himos, abtik malihok ug labaw sa tanan buotan siya. (Tsunggo is a small monkey with healthy body, cute, agile and most of all well mannered.) 
  3. Giatiman pag-ayo ni Kaloy si Tsunggo. Kada adlaw hatagan niya kini ug pagkaon sama sa saging nga hinog. (Carlo takes good care of Tsunggo. Everyday he fed him ripe bananas.)
  4. Usa ka buntag niana, wala na si Tsunggo sa iyang nahimutangan. Nakabuhi diay kay nabugto ang ang kadena nga gihikot sa iyang lawas. Naguol pagayo si Kaloy ug mihilak siya nga misumbong sa iyang amahan. (One morning Tsunggo was no longer in his place. It turned out the chains that holds him got loose. Carlo cried out of bitterness and immediately told his father.) 
  5. Gipangita ni Kaloy si Tsunggo ug nakita niya kini didto sa ibabaw sa kahoy nga mabolo nga dili kaayo layo sa ilang balay. (Carlo searched for Tsunggo and found him on top of a mabolo tree not far from their house.) 
  6. Naguol pag-ayo si Kaloy ug gusto niyang dakpon si Tsunggo aron dad-on pagbalik sa ilang balay apan wala siyay nahimu kay abtik kini milikay. (Carlo was very sad of the sight and wanted to cath Tsunggo and bring him home. But the monkey is so quick and agile so there was not much hope of catching him.) 
  7.  Usa ka adlaw niana, nakahuna-huna ug paagi ang amahan ni Kaloy. Gibutangan niya ug tabletas nga para pakatulog ang saging nga hinog ug gihatag niya ngadto ni Tsunggo. (Then one day his father had an idea. He placed sleeping drugs in the banana and gave it to tsunggo.) 
  8. Tuod man, gikaon ni Tsunggo ang saging ug wala madugay nakita na lamang nila kini nga migakos sa dakong sanga sa kahoy ug natulog didto. Diha-diha misaka si Kaloy sa kahoy ug gidakop si Tsunggo. (Tsunggo ate the banana without hesitation and not long they saw the monkey slumbered and fell asleep. Carlo took advantage at the opportunity and climbed the tree where he finally caught Tsunggo.) 

That’s our Tatay Dindo at work! Happy Father’s Day.

  1. daisy says:

    Hahahhah!!!….I enjoyed the story and the drawing but most of all I’m so proud of you guys to come up with this great idea!!..indeed, the filipino family bonding is still the best!!!continue making such Tabada family… 😉 uncle&auntie, pamanahi intawn ko beh bisan usa na lang ka ingana heheheh,I’d be very happy to share it with the german kids pohon!LOVE YOU ALL!!

    • Lapiskamay says:

      hahaha lamat sa pagpuna te. hehe joke. charr charr ra sii na nila sa school. hehe. naa kay talent te oi more pa, di man ka mareach te Germany jud!? cool ate!
      All the best diha te. ^_~

  2. Addie says:

    The artistic skills definitely run in the family. Great job, Tabadas!

  3. bagotilyo says:

    nawili ako ng husto dito ..

    alam ko na ngayon kung saan ka nagmana idol 🙂

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