The Lapiskamay Project: I’ll Draw, You Pay It Forward

Posted: June 28, 2012 in Drawing, Events
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Drawings for free!

Hi guys welcome to my new project! Here’s the situation: I know I can draw, loved doing it, but just don’t do it. I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember; only God knows when I started doodling. But as I grew up I found myself drawing lesser and lesser. There was even a period in time when I gave up drawing completely. What a shame. That was the time I started writing. But ironically the more I write the more I am drawn back into it.

Drawing pictures and stuffs are easy and fun, the hard part for me is coming up with the right inspiration to draw. That’s always my problem, when I can’t come up with a strong idea there’s really no way I am staying at the drawing table. And that could go on for weeks or months (even years). I am not really good at getting inspired at or coming up with brilliant ideas so I’m asking your help. If you can give me some ideas, I’ll draw it for absolutely free! And you can keep the original drawing. I just want to draw

To participate in this project all you have to do are:

1.  Come up with a worthy idea. Just come up what you wanted me to draw that’s all. It can be your favorite scene in a movie, you favorite cartoon/anime character, your favorite hang-out place, any of your daily routines, your hobby or your passion. Just anything. You can even suggest an idea, like emotions and point of views. Just don’t come up with stuffs that 18+ in nature.

2. Drop a comment or an email. If you have an idea what your future drawing will be. Drop by a comment below or send me an e-mail at and explain to me what the idea is all about and why it inspires you.

Due to time constraints I can only pick one or two suggestions per week. You must know upfront that this is not a promo or a contest hehe, I’m not that freakishly talented like the awesome Sam Spratt and the lovely Valerie Chua. But I can promise you that I’ll do my very best in making your idea come to life (or in a paper). The thought of people counting on me is already enough to drive me nuts to draw. The finished drawings will be posted here in this blog and/or in my online portfolio every Friday starting next Friday, the 6th of July.

This project is a two way mutual relationship between friends where you help me draw, and you keep that drawing. Nice and easy. No worries, no hidden charges. And I have no intention of asking money in here, or anything in return. Just pay it forward to others.

Spread the love. Life is good. Thank you!

  1. ako rin! I draw. But not as well as you are.

    • Lapiskamay says:

      wow galing. all drawing share the same insight. mas magaling ang iba. hehe. I would love to see your drawings. but you can ask what to draw. i’ll draw it as soon as i can.

  2. Lilith says:

    I’m excited about this…mostly because I’ve always dreamed of being able to draw, but alas, I really can’t. I have one question, though, will this be in black and white, these illustrations? I have something in mind kasi sana. 🙂

    • Lapiskamay says:

      hi finally may lumapit, i thought this project is doomed for eternal damnation along with my passion. wag naman. Oo, black and white is my niche talga. but i only started using watercolors, but don’t trust me on that. hehe. just tell me what it is and i’ll my best to put it into paper.

  3. Lilith says:

    Email sent! 🙂

  4. potsquared says:

    lester! padrawing ha.. hehehehe. isip ako ng magandang i-drawing mo… pero pramis hindi iro R-18… wholesome to.. wholesome… maganda itong naisip mo.. nakakainggit nga kayong magagaling mag drawing.. nung nagsabog at aang langit eh natutulog ako sa pansitan… pero goodluck on your project.. alam kong kaya mo yan!!

    • Lapiskamay says:

      Hello kuya! wala lang kasi magawa at madrawing kaya nglilimos nalang hehe.
      send me lang po ng suggestion nyo sa email ko. medyo di ko masyado nagets ang idea pa (may R18 pang binanggit eh! hahaha). Salamat po kuya sa pagbisita. Ohayou!

  5. jlapis says:

    Nice nito! Sabi ko naman Sayo dati magaling ka magdraw 😁

  6. […] started a project wherein he gets to draw for people, even for strangers, for free. He calls it the Lapiskamay Project. I grabbed that opportunity, of course, and so I got this beauty. For free. Thank you, Lester. […]

  7. bagotilyo says:

    astig to .. pag nakaisip n ko ng magandang concept ..

    wag mo ko tatanggihan ah.. wahhahah

  8. Yey! Lester, nakalimutan ko pala magcomment didto. Lol. Yung sa Before Sunrise na scene, yung fave ko. Yknow what it is naman! Lol. ❤

  9. Oooh this is very exciting! I came across it from Lilith’s site, ‘The Girl with the Red Hair’ post, which is beautiful. I have an idea… I will email you 🙂

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  11. […] The Lapiskamay Project: I’ll Draw, You Pay It Forward […]

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  15. mirrorprincess says:

    Woah! Done reading.
    Hmmm…since mirror pirncess, ako pwede bang little girl (yung madumi parang gusgusin, sira sira yung damit) in front of the mirror then yung refelction magandang dalagan princess. In full color please? Harhar demanding lang? Sige na friends na naman tayo eh hahaha, para mapalitan ko gravatar ko, hiniram ko lang kasi ‘yan kay manong google eh. hehehe

    Thanks 😉

    • Lapiskamay says:

      hehe ok friend walang problema., ang ganda pa naman ng requet mo, challenging! hehe.
      pero hingi lang ako ng pacenxa sa’yo ha baka last week ko na yan magawan dahil dami ko pang projects at raket na gagawin. hehe. Sana di ako mapahiya sa’yo. hehe

  16. […] frustrated, however, not to have a suitable photograph to go with it, so when I stumbled across the Lapiskamay Project it jumped immediately to mind. The author was kind enough to accept my suggestion, and below I have […]

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