Thursday Thor’s Day Spoof!

Posted: July 12, 2012 in Events, Graphics
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It’s a Thursday, a day named after the Norse god of thunder Thor. The superdude was portrayed by the Aussie hunk Chris Hemsworth in the Marvel’s cinematic universe movies ‘Thor‘ and ‘The Avengers‘.  And last week we saw him struck the internet with a rather peculiar appearance. Apparently some guys (or girls or gay?) just can’t get enough of the god’s striking superhuman look they made him some funny tribute. Watch ’em below:

I’m a week late but I love the concept of (mocking) praising a god/superhero so I decided to join the bandwagon just like last year’s spoof on the DPWH officials. I have a feeling I’m already late in the party hahaha. Anyways here’s my Thor spoofs:

Happy Thursday everyone!

  1. Huhuhu. Hurt tlaga ako if I see spoofs of Chris Hemsworth as Thor. 😥

  2. nuelene says:

    Kainis yang mga spoofs na yan. Haha. Ang macho pa naman ni Thor. LOL

  3. Dorm Boy says:

    Dami ko pa rin mga tawa dito mga 30 times hehehe! Bentang benta ang THOR Jokes and ung mga Loki at Hawk-Eye pa! =)

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