Lapiskamay Project Week #02: Ramen King

Posted: July 14, 2012 in Drawing
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It’s my second week on my Lapiskamay Project and once again I’m a day late. That’s on purpose, thought, since yesterday’s a Friday the 13th! I think I’ll have to post my next projects on Saturdays since I’m less busy on weekends. I only managed draw to draw one suggestion this week because I traveled again. And for this week’s drawing is titled ‘Ramen King’ from my new blogger friend Potsquared  of

The idea was about a scene where Kuya Pots was sleeping from eating noodles and then the heavens went dropping blessings. I made some upgrades to make things personalized and a lil exciting. Since Kuya Pots is working in Japan I place the setting in Japan just outside Tokyo with the majestic Mt. Fuji at the background spurting free IMax tickets (a blessing I’d really appreciate for The Dark Knight Rises première this week haha). The noodles he was eating happens to be ramen which I also loved! hehe.

I made the first draft inside a mall because I got nothing to do. I decided not to watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (I’m really saving for that Batman film). I was sitting on a bench with a couple of teenage girls and they were like amazed to what I’m doing, never felt so cool while drawing hahaha. I should do that more often. hihihi

original doodles

Hey guys, watch out for next week’s  edition of Lapiskamay Project. I’m planning to post two or three drawings. I’m just so happy for the e-mails, it’s really encouraging. Thanks for the supports and please don’t hesitate to pour in your suggestions. 🙂

  1. potsquared says:

    thank you lester!! and you even got the backpack! i always use a backpack wherever i go.. even going to the office!! more power on your project!! this is amazing!!

    • Lapiskamay says:

      maraming salamat sa pagtanggap kuya Pots! hehe. oo nasama ko narin, para kasing swak sa personality at trabaho mo eh. hehe.
      Sana nga hahaba at mas magiging exciting ang project na to. 🙂 regards to Japan!

  2. wow! ang galing! Magkano ba magpadrowing? 😀

  3. Addie says:

    Pogi ni Pot. Haha.
    I wish makaisip na ko ng magandang idea before matapos tong project. Sa ngayon, magulo pa isip ko. Haha. Will email you, Lester, when something comes up.

  4. nuelene says:

    Bakit ako natulog nung maghagis ng talent sa pag-drawing? Haha. Galing! =)

  5. PM says:

    pa order nga po ramen! 😀

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