Lapiskamay Project Week #04: Out of the Blue

Posted: July 29, 2012 in Drawing, Journals, Poetry
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Hello there! Your humble self-thought and self proclaimed artist is back for the fourth week of Lapiskamay Project, you may click the link to know all about this campaign. For this edition I’m posting two new art pieces  inspired from the imagination two fascinating ladies. I am so honored for the opportunity Miss Laurel and Miss Addie.

As promised last week the first artwork is my rendition of Miss Laurel’s 2011 poem ‘Caught In A Summer Downpour‘ posted in her blog Laurel’s Reflections. It goes like this:

Arms outstretched in delight
Smile stretching wide
Laughter bubbling –
Drenched in joy.

“Downpour” 190 x 270mm, watercolor. 2012

I used watercolors for this painting to capture the subdued sense of being happy during gloomy days. I put in elements like the smiling woman, the train and the couple with arms wide open while enjoying the downpour as per the author’s request. I took the liberty in adding windmills and green pavements which symbolizes sustainability and hope, respectively. I could have opted to use blue shades to go along with the many shades of grey, but I think it’s about time to put on some green movement nowadays.

Artwork number two came from the lovely Addie‘s (of  Betwixt and Between)  brilliant idea of challenging me to come up with a sequel of the painting “The Hangover” Esao Andrews (click here to see the painting). Addie really felt connected to the painting of a girl looking down from a bridge, as if having doubts or weighted down by uncertainties. She gave me three possible plots of what the sequel will look like: 1. Should that girl keep looking down? And if she does, ano kayang maaari niyang makita other than the kawalan? 2. Or should that girl look up? And if she does, may makikita ba siya? 3. Should she move forward to the other side? And if she does, anong meron?

Our topic was certainly on a religious note. But my interpretation of a sequel goes on like this: The girl jumped and walked with Jesus in the water below. It’s a full pencil sketch with an ordinary blue ballpen for the girl’s dress.

“Out of the Blue” 270 x 190mm, pencil sketching. 2012

The sketching is a metaphor of how we should live our lives. You know we mustn’t worry too much about the future but instead invest our lives in building and nurturing our relationship to other people and to God. We can start that by living through what Jesus showed to us – a life of trust, respect and love.

I am still accepting drawing suggestions and concepts for future posts. To suggest you may drop in comments or via email at Your participation is really appreciated. Once again I’ll draw ’em for free. See you guys again next week!


I’d like to dedicate this song, “Someday” by John Legend, to my dearest number one and only sister Ate Gretchen and to a special friend. Both of them are went to places with greener pastures this past week in search for career and monetary fulfillment. I’ll be missing both of them especially my sister. I hope someday we can be together again. I hope all of us can get out of the blue.

  1. Saying that your work is good would be an understatement. It’s damn great. I have to admit that I’m always anticipating your lapiskamay projects weekly. And uh, pwede mag request? 😀

  2. Addie says:

    Praise God! And thank you, too Lester. Nakakatuwa. Nakakataba ng puso. Everything you’ve hoped for me I have hoped for myself too and I have faith na all the things I’ve learned from it, yung WORD OF GOD, I have faith na maita-translate ko ang mga iyon into life. Nakaka-bless tong drawing na to.

    • Lapiskamay says:

      It’s a tremendous honor for me doing you a piece of art Addie. ang saya ko at nagustuhan mo. hehe. I hope you will continue living your life through His teachings. Continue to love and walk with Him. May God continue to bless you always.

  3. You are so talented! For the one inspired pretty lady, Addie, I was wondering who the guy was in the drawing upon first looking at the picture, hehe.

    • Lapiskamay says:

      Thanks Frances! i’m still learning how to draw and paint. but i hope i dont suck hehe. Yeah Addie’s idea was brilliant, I only put the strokes on. It was Jesus, the scene’s inspired from a novel title “The Shack”. 🙂

  4. Wonderful, thank you so, so much!

    • Lapiskamay says:

      You’re very welcome Ma’am! I hope you love it, I’ll be looking forward for more collaborations in the future. Thanks also for giving me the opportunity to create something out of that wonderful poem.

  5. […] it, so when I stumbled across the Lapiskamay Project it jumped immediately to mind. The author was kind enough to accept my suggestion, and below I have posted the poem again, with his picture […]

  6. bagotilyo says:

    talentadong idol 🙂

  7. Hey Lester! Long time no chat 🙂 I was just remembering the lovely picture you created to go with my ‘Summer Downpour’ poem, and wondered if you’ve still got creative energy for other such projects?

  8. […] it, so when I stumbled across the Lapiskamay Project it jumped immediately to mind. The author was kind enough to accept my suggestion, and below I have posted the poem again, with his picture […]

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