Yeah baby, that’s me!

Last Monday I went to Tacloban City to claim my renewed CPA Licensed. Instead of feeling relieved because I get to become a professional until 2015, I feel rather horrible upon seeing my new license. The picture in there doesn’t look like me, the hair’s a mess, his face ablur and it’s just plain inferior to the old one which was blazingly professional looking. I am still so pissed off with the quality of the card so I end up making a parody out of it. Please see the image above.

Tacloban City is about a three-hour drive away from our home. I drove there before sunrise to avoid the lines but I still arrived there an hour late. Fortunately there was no line, no new board examiners. But it’s the drive that’s the hard part because the night before was our town’s anniversary celebration so I drowned a few shots of brandy while partying hard for old times sake with my bestfriend. Barely four hours later I drove for Tacloban with all my body functions protesting for me to stay. It was really hard travelling with a hangover because I can’t sleep and my head hurts and it was freakin’ cold. Nightmare.

I claimed my new license card under 30 minutes after I arrived in the PRC Office. I never thought it would be that fast, my God I should have stayed in bed.  With a headache I got myself plenty of time (to suffer) to see the city. Tacloban City never really appealed to me all these years, because every time I think of it are bitter defeats in regional meets from elementary, high school and college, courtesy of some questionable cases of cheating and manipulation of birth certificates – during those pre-NSO days where our humble Leyte teams were squared off with much older, stronger and experienced opponent. With this sporting culture it took more than a decade before our hometown coach (who teaches fair play and excellence in training his athletes) before winning it all on the same year when NSO Birth Cerificates were required and rigorous scrutiny papers from the athletes.  The coach has been winning since, either from massive shift of power on new recruits or a new culture of fair play, nobody knows doesn’t it? That’s my point of view of sports in the region and the City of Tacloban where the major sporting events are often held. But I was aware that there’s a new Robinson’s Mall in town so I checked it out. And I saw this shop and did some shopping (which I’m not really good at):

As stated I’m a lousy shopper who wanted to make sure I’d spend the least possible scenario. I may not be poor, but I’m broke. But I can’t help but be mesmerized at the sight of a shop selling Japanese products and at affordable prices. The stores name is Saizen, I think they’re a branch of some Daiso shops in Manila malls. The staffs were polite, and the manager was really accomo-dating and beautiful (we talked a few minutes hehe).

I’m nuts with everything that has something to do with Japan. So I dig in and found at the art section some very affordable treasures. One watercolor sketch pad, a set charcoal drawing stuffs and a set of dust-free choke-free chalks (that’s for my parents, they’re teachers). Had I spent them on a bookstore the price would at least cost me triple the amount (that’s P85 x 3items x 3 mile high mark up). I know Japanese products are globally acclaimed for their quality so to make if they’re any good (or not made in China) I made a test run of the products.

This is what I achieved with the charcoal drawing set. It’s my first time to use charcoals. Beginners luck?

And for the water-color sketch pad I test painting on it. And I was surprised to find out that despite the paper’s lack of substance/thickness they held off the washes and the paper hardly waved or curled up. Nice!

I did the two art pieces with inspiration from the Batman Mythology, obviously. That’s Mr. Bane and the Batman paying an homage to the victims of the Aurora, Colorado shootings during the Dark Knight Rises’ premier. I try (and failed) to put in an aurora borealis effect representing the Aurora county, and I stood no chance of nailing that one. But it’s the thought that counts, really. I’m a big fan of Batman and I too condemn the shootings, it was an unfortunate incident. It really hurt me hearing those people’s stories and the way the tragedy affected the legacy of Chris Nolan’s beloved Dark Knight trilogy. This is my way of honoring those who have fallen.

My one day trip in Tacloban City brought me two lessons: never drink before travelling and never forget to take a cute manager’s number.

  1. Dorm Boy says:

    CPA ka pala idol! Audit din ba? hehehe! Hope I could draw gaya mo. Di ako gising nung nagbudbod ng talent sa pagdrawing eh! hehehe!

    • Lapiskamay says:

      pasanag awa lang ako nung pumasa ako, pero di ko parin alam ba’t binigay ni Lord yung licenxa saken.. soul searching pa nga ako eh, i.e. voluntary tambay. hehe.

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