The picture above is an exhausting fan-art not just of the individual athletes but of the entire London Summer Olympics 2012. Last week I was kind of missing badly the London Olympics after watching the closing ceremony that culminated 17 days of intense competition by world-class athletes. London Games was such an electrifying success right from the start (i.e. that Danny Boyle directed Opening spectacle), the games, the world records broken,  the drama and the closing ceremonies. Never had I closely followed any sporting events before.  I even stayed up past midnight until the early dawn just to witness some key events. London 2012 is so far the best Games I’ve seen.

But again, it ended last week. The sequel’s is on four years in Brazil, but that’s a long way to go. And then I found this ‘Pixar’s Brave‘ fan-art by deviantArtist Klein Meli:

…and I knew I got one massive project to labor. I want to  immortalize London 2012.

I immediately googled the Olympic flag and configured the colors and their sequences. For every color I assigned characters on fire; the atheletes/personalites who made a great impact during the London Olympics. It was a long list, but such a shame I can only use five that represents the  Blue, Yellow, Black, Green, and Red (the Power Rangers!) in the flag. It’s a  diverse ensemble of different nationalities and events.

Here’s the stories behind the characters and how they badass they are inspired a generation in the Olympics.

BLUE – Michael Phelps (USA). As far as numbers go, this dude is the Olympic’s greatest and all-time medal hoarder. Who can forget his historic Great Haul of China with 8 gold medals in eight swimming events. He was back in London 4 years older and insanely addicted to Call of Duty. He doesn’t need to prove anything this time; he just want to add a few medals to become the winningest athlete, or perhaps he just want to end his career with a proper send-off – with a bang! He end up winning four (4) golds and two (2) silvers. Not bad. He’s practically retired after the Games with a record haul of 22 medal, 18 of them are gold. He’s probably playing Call of Duty by now. Bad-ass.

YELLOW – Usain Bolt (Jamica). He’s probably the biggest star in the London Olympics with unprecedented swagger and self-confidence coupled with a freakish talent in sprinting. He came to the Olympics as a slumping champion (he’s not even a World Champion) with plenty of things to prove, i.e. can he defend his 100m, 200m and 4x100m titles? But the dude has something more on his mind: He wants to become a Legend. That’s a big debate, but anyways  he won and defended his three titles all in dominating fashion, something that’s never been done before and maybe never will. Olympic champion, yes. Medal hoarder, yes. Fastest Man on Earth, yes. Olympc Legend, hmmm Yes. But according to IOC Pesident Jacques Rogges he’s not, so Mr. Rogges became the ‘Supervillain of London’.

BLACK – James Bond (British Intelligence/Hollywood). This dude is on this list because I cannot draw the Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Bolyle , he emailed me not to hahaha. The Opening Ceremony was really great and spectacular which featured the history of London, their rich culture, their music, their role in the pop-culture and that wicked sense of humor – all in a very low production cost. Perhaps the funniest part of the Opening was the short film starring Daniel Craig as special agent James Bond and The Queen that ended with the Majesty parachuting off the helicopter. That was something Legendary!

GREEN – Oscar Pistorius (South Africa). That bad-ass dude did not win any medal, but he sure did inspired a generation of lazy couch potatoes and let ’em feel guilty in some sort of ways. Here’s a guy without limbs but that didn’t stop him from running, from getting fit, and from running into the Olympics stage. The Blade Runners is a special athlete who have battled long and hard to fulfill his dream and take the world on notice that nothing is impossible as long your crazy enough to try it, with or without limbs.

RED – Maria Sharapova. My wife has long been considered the face of tennis, someone who personified grace and power (and multi-million dollar endorsements). The Scream Queen may not have won the gold medal in her singles final, but damn who cares, Maria lifted Olympic tennis in an unprecedented mainstream awareness. The sport wasn’t really a big deal in Athens and Bejing, at least in Asia. But one thing I’m so sure about is that tennis so much tolerable fun to watch with Sharapova competing.

I made the entire project by combining traditional sketching, watercoloring with digital arts using Adobe Photoshop CS3 (which is kind of old school). There’s just no other way I can achieve the result if I used  full-scale traditional painting or full-scale digital art. I made the figures sketching manually, one by one. Then painted their apparel with water colors. I decided to digitalized everything after that including the watercolor background effects using Klein Meli’s concept.  So far this is the biggest and most ambitious artwork I’ve ever done. It was such an exhausting ordeal to me doing the whole thing, I think it took me about a hundred hours to complete the final product.  For once, I really thought I can’t complete it. I’m just so happy how it turned out.

Now I have something special that I can look back beyond the stats and medal counts of the London Olympics. I hope you guys enjoyed my work. 😀

  1. Rhence says:

    Ang ganda 😉

  2. potsquared says:

    nicely done lester!!! ikaw na talaga!!!

  3. Dorm Boy says:

    Ang ganda ng masterpiece mo. I am not gifted to draw or play different colors so everytime I read or see drawing just like yours natutuwa ako. I also made a blog post for the recently ended Olympics. i guess just to have souvenir of the London Olympics. Something I could narrate to my kids in the future. I’m sure your kids will appreciate more your drawings of Olympic colors. =)

    • Lapiskamay says:

      hello kuya! Maraming salamat sa pagbisita at natutuwa ako’t nagustuhan mo gawa ko. heheh. di po yan masterpiece hehe ikanga d best is yet to come pa. hehe. Wow, cge bisitahin ko rin yung post mo. miss ko na talaga ang London 2012. so far d best sporting event talaga yun.. kelangan talaga may souveneir hehe. nainspired talaga ako sa sucess ng event. parang gusto ko nga magvolunteer sa Rio 2016 (sana magkabudget ako). I thinks are also blessed by your narrative of the recent Olympic. 🙂

  4. Addie says:

    Maria, your wife? Ha!

  5. Gelo says:

    now these are some gorgeous paintings!!! wow! I’m floored.. The best ka pre!!!!!!!! okay lang ba kung ipaprint ko ung isa jan? hehehe…seriously, you got a good future ahead of you sa pagddrawing!

    • Lapiskamay says:

      maraming salamat sa pagtsatsaga pare. honored naman ako sa mga sinbi mo. cge pili kalang jan. kaso maliliit mga resolusyon jan, email mo lang ako what choice mo pare masend ko yung original. 🙂 hehe
      maraming salamat.

  6. olops001 says:

    WOW nalang talaga nasasabi ko sa mga gawa mo.

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