Goodbye Facebook, Hello DeviantArt!

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Drawing, Journals
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I have a confession to make, I don’t like Facebook no more. I guess that’s it, the end of a once glorious and fascinating thing the internet has given me. That social keep on evolving with new features and trending policies, not all of them I agree with. No it’s not Timeline, I like that blog-ish look of my profile page. It’s just notice that the pictures got bigger and flooding all most of my News Feed. The results is an uncomfortable scenario where Vanity takes over and Thoughts becomes more and more irrelevant. Then place some senseless stupidities like “Like if Justin Beaver, Comment if One Direction” and “Share if Jesus, Ignore for Satan”. I want nothing to do with that. I was so close in deactiviting my FB page, but decided to keep it for communication purposes to keep  up with friends.

I already got a replacement, a place called Deviant Art. It’s an online community of artist and art lovers of all kinds. It’s much better out there since most of what I am seeing there are a staggering display creativity and camaraderie between users. It’s a place where I can really connect and relate with the people hanging out in there, just like here in WordPress where thoughts and ideas rules! Out there are millions of artist of different levels (from preschools doodlers to million-dollar comic artists and beyond) and different disciplines (traditional painters, digital  illustrators, poets, sculptures etc.). I can practically stay there all day browsing millions of artworks by artists all over the world, and still get inspired at the end of it. It just feels like home, like a place where being different is cool and fulfilling. I only signed up last week so there isn’t much to show in my profile yet (no never been art pieces), but you can still visit me there at

I already got a handful of watchers or followers in WordPress and a few ‘Favourites’ where my art works are acknowledge by others like ‘Dude you’re cool, I’ll add that piece on my Favourites!’ And you can’t believe how many good looking and insanely talented artists you’ll bump into whose works will blow you away. Ok, Ok I’m having a really big crush on Miss Tuyet Din Sinh Vat, a Vietnamese water colorist, illustratior and model hehe sorry can’t help it. Here’s a tip of the iceberg sample:

White” by  Tuyet Din Sinh Vat

Deviant Art’s profile pages ironically isn’t really a piece of art especially those with free memberships where we can only display upfront four of the newest upload (they call them deviations) but all of the artworks are still viewable through the Gallery page. I’m still new but I think I might sign up for Premium Memberships which only cost around two thousand pesos or a few hundred dollars annually for bigger pages, expanded exposures and some yummy perks out there. For the name of Art, I think it’s all worth it. I just want to have a home, a place to hang out with.

In speaking of art here is my newest deviation/art work titled “Mirror Princess“. It’s sort of my sixth week of my Lapiskamay Project, which is kind of postponed due to lack of request. I did this using pencils and the good old Artex watercolors we used to buy in elementary!

Still remember this?


The request came from MirrorPrincess of if I can make her an Avatar or concept art for her new blog. I really don’t know her real name or what her face looks like.  But she’s someone special to me because we were born on the very same day! What are the odds right?


*By the way, it’s still a breaking news as of presstime, Smart Gilas Pilipinas just won the Jones Cup! They were down by as many as fourteen points in the third quarter against a Team USA, crawled and fight their way out to win a thriller, 76-75, to caputre the title the Philippines has not won in fourteen years! Kudos to L.A. Tenorio for saving the day.


  1. good decision. F*-acebook … 😉 Thought deviant-art has some bad signals going on as well, I for myself am not fan of lamas.

  2. nuelene says:

    I hate those messages in Facebook that says’ share if you love Jesus.’ As if it really proves your faith. On the issue of pictures, I don’t replace my DP anymore. Haha. Kakahiya eh. Parang portrait ang laki. LOL

  3. potsquared says:

    i also have deviant art but i don’t have talent for art.. huhuhuhu

  4. I agree, Facebook can be a conduit of vanity, which is why I do not frequent the site as much as I used to. I do still have my moments of vanity though! Anyways, I like the watercolor artwork — thank you for introducing me to this VN artist =)

    • Lapiskamay says:

      hey Frances, yup i think i could agree with the vanity stuffs once in a while, i think we all have our moments. ^_^
      but seeing that every time i visit the site, i think i’m done with it. You’re welcome, she’s such a wonderful artist, she has the delicate strokes that sparks some emotions. And she’s beautiful. (I wanna marry her already!) joke

  5. toeswade says:

    WORD! Excellent post! I very happy to have found so many people leaving facebook for smarter and more interesting communities! Facebook, as you say, has developed injto to some “like”-“like” conversation. No deep thought no new ideas or concepts. Only popculture at it´s worst and people spying on their friends haha. Anyway, thanks for the info about devianart and thanks for showing your great illustrations! Keep up the good work!

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