The Past 24 Hours

Posted: August 31, 2012 in Books, Drawing, Journals
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The following sequence of events happened in a span of 24 hours of my life. It’s a long narrative so if you have other things to do you can leave and return later. But at the end of the day my life, as I know it, comes full circle.

The first hour started with a job interview in one of Cebu City’s biggest and most prestigious non-profit organization. There I sat talking to this beautiful young woman probably a year or two older than me; she’s the head of a department where I am applying. I was calm, relaxed and confident just like the many interviews I’ve been through. To make it short, I have that one by the numbers. I am not really a hundred percent committed to the job opportunity since I’m with an organization already and I’m still very much hopeful for that government post. It’s just I really appreciate that organization’s social impact in the lives of many and I want to be a part of it if given the chance. The offer was at par with what every other Cebu based companies can offer, which is really not much to fed a family. But with a boss like her, a company like that, and a city to kill for what more can I ask for?

But I was still unsure whether to grab the opportunity until she dropped the bomb: the company will sponsor for a CIA review course. That’s Certified Internal Auditor, we’re talking about international accreditation and a big freakin’ gateway to global opportunities (and fortune). I was like “Holy Shit!” Now my head hurts trying to decide the many crossroads I am suddenly facing right now: should I go for that organization, or stay with my present company, or pursue the government position. And just recently going for a shot at becoming an artist for a living (which is kind of suicidal the way my country view the Art Industry).

NBS: a pencil stump, a 5B Staedler pencil, and a #12 round bruch for painting.

Alright, becoming an artist is already out of the question. I just can’t pursue that passion for now, I have a career to build. It’s really just a hobby in order to satisfy that congenital itch in my hand to create something out of an idea, emotion or something from the soul. But anyways, right after the exam I went to my favourite internet café and downloaded a half a gigabyte worth of videos on watercolour tutorials, tips and techniques. After that I even dropped by at SM Cebu’s National Bookstore to buy some art materials. This is a serious hobby after all.

In that same mall, I was very fortunate to know that the Drum Tao (The Art of the Drum) crew from Japan is in the building to perform! Drum Tao’s a famous group of Japanese drummers, musicians and martials artist well that’s what the world label them, but in reality these guys are awesome ATHLETES. Why, you have to see them perform to get the full picture. The performance is only a 30-minute free sneak preview of their performance this Saturday.  It was one hell of an experience in a lifetime. They are just so fun to watch, it’s like having a ‘drum porn’so heart pounding, mystical, relentless, fearless performance.  My jaw dropped and my hand hurt from over clapping. They are so bad-ass.

photo courtesy from TraveLife

I have to travel to my hometown that night so I boarded a ship. There I met someone who made me an art mentor even for a very short while. She’s only a young girl but I noticed her immediately when I saw her doing something while facing her laptop. I approached her closer and found out she was drawing the face of the late Kurt! And I noticed she was struggling and techniques aren’t helping. So I introduced myself as a probinsyano self-proclaimed artist, fortunately she talks to freaky strangers like me so I give her a few Drawing 101, especially smudging using a paper stump.  I even let her watch my on the spot demo (poor book) :

It’s a new experience for me teaching something I’m not really good at, but it felt good and satisfying that somehow I gave another soul a reason to keep drawing and appreciate arts. I even gave her the paper stump I just bought from the bookstore earlier.

I reached home by dawn and caught a few hours of sleep before heading to another city this time to give something even more precious than time or money: LIFE. It’s a blood donation day for me and I can now introduce myself like this, “Hi I’m Lester, I’m 24 years old, and I donated blood 24 times.” I don’t really keep a count until it’s the time I’m about to donate. It’s already a seven year old thing for me and I think I’m not yet halfway before I stop donating. I don’t even remember how I started but it’s something I love to keep doing. Yes, donating blood is a thankless thing to do since you don’t really whose going to benefit from your blood. But that’s why I love it –  a pure act of kindness without ever thinking of something in return.

Hi I’m Lester, I’m 24 and this is my 24th.

But that donation is special, I met the beneficiary. A mother was there pleading to a Red Cross receptionist to give her a bag of blood because her son fell from a tree badly that he needed an operation. Unfortunately, she’s not allowed for some reasons unless someone fills in for the blood. That someone turned out to be me. At first I was hesitant to be her on the spot donor because I’m also going to use the blood too for my cousin, but anyways I’m stupid so I obliged.  There goes my 24th donation, I’m glad I was able to help another soul.

And that wraps up an entire day into the life of this human being. I hope you learned a few things about myself and my life, because I sure did in the past 24 hours.


  1. Rhence says:

    Sipag mag blood donation! 😀 Pero grabe what a long day for you. Dami mo ginawa hehe.

  2. renxkyoko says:

    You’re an awesome person !

  3. nelnavarrosa says:

    nice one, good luck Dong Lester!

    by the way, glad to see the “Love Bontoc” shirt…buhi pa man diay ^_^

  4. nuelene says:

    Wow! Ang galing naman. I’m afraid to donate blood because I’m afraid of the needle and the blood itself. Nagpa-palpitate ako. So yeah, di pa ako nakakapag-donate kahit kailan. I hope someday, I can overcome that fear. And oh, I love the book. =)

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