The Ultimate Creature

Posted: September 9, 2012 in Journals, Other Arts
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All photos taken from and her Facebook page.

What impresses men? First of course on the list is a beautiful face. Next is a great figure; the curves and the humps and bumps and all that physical attributes. Both of these characteristic are only good for first impressions, but what makes men stick (in my opinion) are the intangibles, thing that can’t be seen but are felt and learned to experience the very essence of a woman. These attributes are a great passion for something, confidence, grace, wit and a deep sense of identity of who she is. A man is lucky to have at least two of these intangibles in a woman. But meeting someone with all of these characteristics –  both tangibles and the intangibles –  in a woman, doesn’t really happen every day. It’s like quoting Kelly Clarkson song: Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.

Mine perhaps came the day I started my new DeviantArt account.  And I’m pretty damn sure she’s my idea of a perfect girl, or what others might consider an angel sent from above, or a goddess walking among us.

She’s the Ultimate Creature, or at least that’s what my browser has translated her account name: Tuyet Dinh Sinh Vat.  That’s not her real name of course like the way Lapiskamay proxied my identity. But in the world of Deviant Artist, somehow it’s not the real name but the things the artist does that matters the most. TDSV is a Vietnamese artist based in Hanoi. She’s a graduate of Fine Arts and makes lots of money from commissions and prints while working for a magazine. Her style at first glance may look like just another anime but after a short observation you’ll know it’s a completely different genre, something that’s so graceful and wonderful that touches the emotions somewhere inside of us. Words just can’t do her works justice. She primarily works with watercolours, and is very great at that, Knowing how difficult to control watercolours is makes me worship her even more. But she also has an impressive command with other mediums like sketching portrait and landscape with pencils, cartooning cute pigs (her avatar’s a cute pig!), and digital paintings.

I was drawn to her first and for all because of her works, but nobody warned me about the artist who does them. She’s a stunner. If her pictures are a thousand indicators of who she really is; she’d be someone having the best of both worlds: the fantastical world of arts and the real life of a Vietnamese girl. This is a brave girl who knows who she is, of what she’s doing and what she wants to look like. It’s rare to see Asian girls sporting short hair like she has which I love, especially the bangs. Never seen someone who look so good with it apart from my dearest sister. Instead of wearing braces, she makes the best out of having an imperfect set of teeth because that’s who is. She speaks for a free-spirit so full of life and optimism. And the way she projects her pose and angles she might pass of becoming a model because she knows what to wear and what style fits her.

Tuyet Dinh Sinh Vat is a young woman who has touched a lot of souls through her art. She’s an unbelievably talented artist. She reminds me of our very own Filipina artists CJ De Silva and Valerie Chua rolled into one. And at her age, she already knows her style of arts, her colors, her strokes and make them a signature of her own. The future looks so promising for this young lady, and I can’t help but get excited how far she will take her art. But I can’t deny she have won the hearts of many (including mine) by her beauty hehe. Just try to look at her and you’ll be amazed that this innocent little pig can make those fantastic arts.

Her passion is contagious, her grace so lovely and her strokes so inspiring. Based on my research this is a girl who started drawing young and never stopped doing it. This is also a girl who was once asked by her parents not to pursue arts because there’s no money there. That’s the familiar crossroads of what separates a real artists from the hobbyists, she pursued Art School and I went to Business School. That’s why she means more than just a pretty face and an amazing gallery because she inspires me and thousands of other lost souls to get back their passion for arts. The world needs more inspiring lives like her. Vietnam is so lucky to have her, because in Deviant Art she’s putting a superb job as an ambassador for her country. Thanks to her I’ll be going to Vietnam for a visit and vacation but I’m not expecting to meet her there, it’s a 6 million to 1 chance of meeting her in the streets of Hanoi.  I just want to relax, eat some food and ride a scooter there. But like McNally loves to say, ‘One never knows, does one?’

You can follow her complete works at DeviantArt and her Facebook Page by clicking the links. Now I have to go back to my real world for some auditing stuffs (travelling isn’t cheap). c’ao!

  1. Jacklyn Belo says:

    random question: is there a male artist whom you admire a lot? puro kasi girls ang finefeature mo wahaha boys naman..hehe

  2. potsquared says:

    yihee! ikaw lester ha.. binata ka na… cute siya ha in fairness… at ang ganda ng gawa niya ah…

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