Trouble With A Friend, Watercolors

Posted: September 13, 2012 in Drawing, Journals
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About 70% of Planet Earth is covered by oceans, including the Pacific Ocean which the Chinese may want to own after they claim the Philippines. That’s a lot of waters and their usage never seems to run out like flooding a nation’s capital city or giving someone a headache with colors.

Okay, I love watercolors! They don’t. I love those lovely water-colorists (especially that one in Hanoi). But they don’t even know me. I love the effects they create. But I don’t know to capture ’em .  And I’m starting to think this medium doesn’t like me. 😦

After months of inconsistent practice, watercolors are still a mystery to me, it’s as if they have a mind of their own. The problems start with water and ends with water. In watercolors you not only have to deal with choosing colors, you have to choose the right amount of water. When you paint, you not only have to worry about your strokes but also the waters flowing around… messing around. And the wet finish products most of the time doesn’t come close at all to the idea I have in my mind. Believe me the ramblings runs a long list.

But anyway what you are about to see are products of my limited grip on the watercolor medium.  You don’t have to be nice on the comments. Tanggap ko na di sila kagandahan. huhuhu.

Save for the last one below, I’m much better with pencils (especially when inspired). It’s a rough sketch done in record time. It’s the last page of  my 35 page sketch pad so kudos to me for dispatching my first setter of documented nonsense!

So the final verdict is that watercolours are hard to me, and pencils are not so hard. But it doesn’t mean I’m giving up studying the we medium. I actually love playing with watercolours; they are relaxing and something I’m really fond of. I love the feeling of discovering something not related to numbers and financial policies.  It’s something I’m willing to learn and start from scratch down to the very basics of it.

I can only pray that somebody watercolors will  listen to daddy Pencilhands.

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  1. That’s great! Just because watercolours are more difficult (for now), do not give up =)

    • Lapiskamay says:

      gee thanks Frances! oh i am not really giving up, but i may have to skip watercoloring for the remainder of the year to focus in portrait illustrating (pencils). I have a very special project to do in December.

  2. renxkyoko says:

    Watercolour is the hardest medium to use by the way. The painter cannot afford to make mistakes. Most of the paintings we have hanging on our walls at home are watercolor paintings, done by a good painter from the Philippines.

    • Lapiskamay says:

      wow nice to hear that! now i know why i seem to have the greatest difficulty practicing it, unlike in pastel and acrylics which less difficult (but still hard). Thanks for mentioning, i also noticed in most art exhibits watercolor painting always show up. 🙂 and may i know who’s the lucky artist?

  3. PM says:

    the one with the pumpkin patch rocks!

  4. jlapis says:

    Gusto ko young Edward scissorhands!

  5. hana banana says:

    wow! para sa’kin super nice lahat ng artworks mo :))
    kahit watercolors pa’ng gamit mo,
    sobrang ganda pa riiiin…
    waaaaaaaah… sana makagawa rin ako ng mga ganitoooo!!!

    hehe…napadaan here 🙂
    gOOd mOrning ^^

    • Lapiskamay says:

      nako maraming salmat ng bongga! hehe, nakakatuwa naman at nagustuhan nyo aking mga di-kagandahang asal este obra. hehe.
      oo makakagawa ka nyan for sure, ako nga siraulo hirap na hirap kaw pa kaya. hehe. peace!

  6. bagotilyo says:

    practice makes perfect .. pero para sakin maganda p din naman pareng idol 🙂

  7. potsquared says:

    maganda naman ah!! buti ka nga nagagawa mo yan.. ehehehehe saka practice lang yan… nice lester!

  8. RiMa says:

    You can be better with water colors kuya! For me, mahirap din talaga yan xD Isa pa, wala akong water color. Wala kasing pambili.. Parang gusto ko diin mag paint. Ahhhyyy :)))

    Pansin ko lang,, bakit puro may parang “wolverine” dun sa kamay nung mga guys? Hahaha. I dunno what to call that. I forgot the term 😀

    • Lapiskamay says:

      naks, subukan mo narin yang watercolors, mas maraming mga magagaling na watercolorist na babae, see the previous post. para kasing mas natural yang medium para sa inyo kasi it takes lots of grace and patience, eh wala ako nyan eh! hahaha.
      maraming mga tutorial sa youtube ngayon! basta cool at nakakatuwa syang iexplore. (d nga lang nakikinig sakin)
      ah yung parang si Lapis Kamay yan, may lapis sa kamay. hehe

      • RiMa says:

        really? :O Pero mas mrami akong kilalang lalaki na watercolorist. (ay ano daw? hahaha) basta ganun.. :O saka, hindi din nakikinig sa akin si Watercolor eh. Magkaaway kami. More on color pastel at pencils kasi ako 😀 mehehe

    • Lapiskamay says:

      yung the other guys, basi din kay Edward Scissorhands. yung pinaka.all time favorite ko na character! hehe

  9. hello… thank you for sharing your experiment with watercolor. kapatid… have fun with your art activities. well-wishes… 😉

    • Lapiskamay says:

      hehe maraming salamat sa pagbisita kapatid!
      msaya ako’t nagustuhan mo mga pagpapapansin ko dito. hahaha. artist ka rin ba?

      • no problem, kapatid, naaliw naman ako sa mga nakita ko… i used to draw – copying na tipo lang, mga gano’n. medyo matagal nang hindi. mahilig rin dating pumunta sa museums, painting exhibits… feeling artistic bale,hehe. yon lang po… 😉

      • Lapiskamay says:

        you love arts, that’s what matters! masaya ang buhay pag may ka.ART.tehan diba>? hehe.
        sana bumalik karin sa pagdrawing!

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