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Posted: September 28, 2012 in Boracay Chronicles, Drawing, Journals
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It’s been months since I left Boracay and I just realized I haven’t posted anything about my departure from the island. As I said in the last post, I’m already here at home working. There were plenty of reasons why I left and I am no longer sure which was the main cause. It’s part health reason, part ‘I want to experience another environment’, part economical, part stupidity of pursuing a government position and a little dose of infernal affairs.

Health reason because I was working most of the time on extended graveyard shifts so my body wasn’t really functioning badass as they should be. I still have trouble sleeping early at night, aside from the common low immune system (which is quite embarrassing for a big to get sick too often). Economical, because the island has a very high cost of living so it was hard to save any money out there, given the fact that I traveled a lot, on  sick leave or not. The rest of the reasons are either self-explanatory or different topics for another blog post hehe.

But truth be told, I loved living in the beautiful island of Boracay, it’s still paradise after all. I treasure the experience of exploring the whole island through running. The beach is really something people should see in their lifetime. The sunset at the front beach is also amazing. I love meeting all sort of people of different religion, nationalities, belief and type of bikinis hehe. All the problems and struggles I had there does not diminish the wonderful experience I’ve shared with the friends I meet there. Being able to live in paradise for a full year is something I can tell to my grandnephews and nieces.

When I was in Boracay despite of the hectic schedule, somehow I was able to develop the ‘itch’ in my hand to draw again, and I think I have never really recovered since. And I’m not planning to find a cure for that, now that I got my life back. 🙂

Just this afternoon after work, I was able to locate my bigger sketch pad that I used to draw at when in Boracay. I was not a big fan of that set because the paper easily displaces since they’re not attached in a spring. So I settled for a smaller sketchpad which I just filled up this month. But when I browsed though the pages I saw that there were three drawings I made that I haven’t shared yet, not all of them I was able to finish. So here’s what inside the sketchpad:

And I was quick to make another drawing on the next clean pad. And presto:


I noticed I’ve gained some minor improvements somehow. The first three and the one below were done at least 6 months in between.  I’m happy with it, the way I felt when I left the island.

  1. renxkyoko says:

    Those are wonderful drawings.

  2. potsquared says:

    hindi pa ako nakakapunta ng boracay.. sana magkaroon ako ng pagkakataong mabisita yan.. at makita ang nakita mo.. tulad ng mga bikini.. hihihi…

  3. Gen says:

    I miss Boracay! A year in Boracay? Wow. It must have been fun.

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