Jack(ass) Of All Trades

Posted: October 16, 2012 in Drawing, Graphics, Journals, Other Arts
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You take out Ironman’s suit and you got yourself a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist and an ass. Strip down all the eccentric roles of Johnny Depp and we got ourselves a musician, a painter, a winemaker and the purest form cinematic artistry. And you don’t have to travel in Asia to get to know a guy named Jay Chou who is an actor, singer, composer, screenwriter, producer, director etc. Man these guys got long titles to describe them.

Me always been fascinated with people who explores a lot things and be good at them. Me not really a big fan of one-dimensional faces, but yes, me agree that being good in a thing they so passionate is really sexy. But being  jack-of-all-trades is way hotter to behold. Me look ups to people with multiple skill sets because they are like the real-life super heroes walking among us; cool, versatile, interesting and badass. Me prefers the Jacks than the Masters.

Me only gave superstars above for example, so let me give not so sikat  people with lots of sidelines.

1. Me likes Valerie Chua – artist, illustrator, fashionista, YoungStar columnist, traveller, painter, blogger and who knows what else. She’s “a self-taught visual artist who specializes in traditional media such as watercolor, gouache and acrylic and is also skilled in traditional and digital collage work.’ – words from her site, http://quietgirl.net/.” Picture also stolen from AVA something contest of the 15 up and coming artist to watch out for so to vote and show our love me sister’s one-time mentor, like and share this picture in Facebook:

click the photo to vote

2. Me also like CJ De Silva – you’d recognize her as that gifted Promil Kid painter who paints. Fortunately she does not enclose herself into painting she’s now a graphic artist, illustrator, designer, advertising magnate, blogger and just a creative director for one famous advertising agency. She means business.

from Agimat.net

3. Me loves the Lourd de Veyra – He’s my birthsake. His resume second only to one guy, Jose Rizal. The Lourd is a Palanca Award winning poet (thrice!),  multi-awarded Filipino musician, emcee, poet, journalist, blogger, funny man, broadcaster, and more recently a commercial model.


4. Jose Rizal – national hero (against his will), original playboy de kilabot ng mga chicks, writer, novelist, poet, illustrator, painter, fencer, manghuhula, a goddamn lotto winner, scientist, engineer, statistician, researcher,  actor, model, horticulturist, journalist, linguist, musician, polyglot, sculptor, sharp shooter, genius and the ultimate badass. No wonder some people worships him.

Me still have a long list of super dudes con jack of all trades, but I have to make this post short. But these people really rocks. Me really believes that being an artist or a student in life is not about focusing one’s time mastering a particular skill set but rather it’s all about exploring uncharted places, learning news skills, testing new mediums and screwing up a lot the rest of the way.

Me is no jack of all trades. Me just wanna be jackass! You know one of those crazy guys doing crazy stuffs, stupid stuffs. Me thinks that’s exciting and liberating. This guy is not afraid. But seriously me really want to explore different things and continue to learn more. Me don’t really care to master any skills as long as me enjoy doing them and make other people happy then me is happy with that. Some people just don’t want to be a close box, it doesn’t matter if it’s a jewelry box or a balikbayan box what matters is that is an open box.

  1. ladyotaku says:

    haha! Jose Rizal, not my chosen hero, but one hell of a multi-talented bad-ass dude…^__^

  2. Jacklyn Belo says:

    Same here, I am always fascinated with people who explore a lot of things. they never fail to amuse me 🙂

  3. jlapis says:

    I love Valerie Chua! I’ve been following her for some time now. I even asked her how much it is to have a watercolor portrait. Di Lang kaya ng budget! Hehe 🙂

  4. potsquared says:

    well being a master and a jack is the same thing, if you add more syllables to the two words… if you know what i mean… oohh.. btw, I’m a jack-ass too.. ehehe apir tayo lester!

  5. bagotilyo says:

    Rizal is one of a kind … hehehe 🙂

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