Their Balls Shall Roll

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Events, Journals
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Now let’s talk some shit… while the idiotic Cyber Crime Law is currently on hold.

Ball Number 1. Men in Bikes. Lance Armstrong at this point of time is now the most disgraced athlete of all time. Stripped of his 7 consecutive Tour de France titles and banned for life in the sport of cycling.  And I’m not buying the allegations. Innocent or not, he doesn’t deserve that kind of condemnation. What’s my point? He was NEVER caught testing positive our of the billions of time he was screened in all those cycling events. And for God’s sake UCI can’t even juice him of a Confession. We’ve seen baseball players and Olympians confessed and most of them the  worst they’ve got are suspensions and stripping of medals. Why him only? Because he won it all? Fuck. And now we have this hellish media publicity about him because those fuckheads from UCI juiced two dozens worth of  TSISMIS and circumstancial chemistry project proving he’s guilty like hell. I believe it should be UCI president Pat McQuaid who should resign and be banned for all eternity for obviously failing to clean his sport and also for obviously abusing his power to destroy an American Hero.

There I said it, Lance Armstrong, is and always will be a hero to me. He’s just larger than cycling, larger than performance enhancing drugs. He’s like a symbol of hope and determination who overcame a deadly cancer. Fuck cycling, it’s what he does away from the bike that makes him so legendary. He has touched millions of lives because of his journey against cancer, and has helped countless of lives through his LiveStrong cancer foundation.  I guess it’s his way of earning atonement if the allegations are true.

Ball Number 2. Sen. Ralph Recto. He betrayed every single Filipino, born or unborn back in ’07 by having the balls of passing the Expansive – Value Added Tax (E-VAT Law). What is E-Vat or VAt anyway? Btw, I’m a CPA and my knowledge in this subject can allow me to write a novel but to make this tragedy short: VAT is a business tax payable by the Corporations and other business entities and they shamelessly passed that one to the end consumers – the masses like me, like you, like your babies. How come? Because it’s legal, because our shithead politicians think they’d rather fuck the masses than those giant corporations not paying taxes at all. Our VAT used to be 10% and that’s already fucking big. And then came The Good Senator, Mr. Vilma Santos, Emperor of Batangas. He thought 10% VAT wasn’t enough to raise to raise enough national budget (most of it are stolen by corrupt politicians anyway), so he made it 12%.

Two percent might be a small figure, but the result were catastrophic to our budget. Prices skyrocketed, poor got poorer, schoolmates unable to enroll the following semester, people got hungry and still hungry because of that fucking Law. Why? Simple, the Domino Effect. It’s like this; shrewd Company A sells raw materials and shrewd Company B sells electricity to ShoPaw Company both at a higher than normal cost (VAT included). So of course ShoPaw Co. will sell the finished product at a more higher price (VAT inclusive) to the masses, ahm just about 50-100% than the price in pre-E-VAT days. The masses is the end-consumers, they also bear a part of the taxes that Shrewed Company A & B, and ShoPaw Co should have paid to the government and they got richer. E-VAT is just one of the many laws the country needs but its not the law the people deserved.

Ralph Recto by all accounts, should have been sent straight to hell escorted by Satan himself. He crossed the line, he committed an unforgivable sin to 90 million Filipinos. And to add more insults this Good Senator crawled his way back into senate by leeching into the Tuwid Na Daan campaign by the then  presidential candidate Noynoy Aquino in the 2010 elections. Tayo kasing mga Pinoy ta-tanga tanga minsan, naku ambilis makalimot ng mga kasalanan ng mga hinayopak na politiko. Sen. Recto last month tried to fuck the whole nation again by proposing an anorexic Sin Tax Bill, which is coincedentally similar to the ones lobbied by the Tobacco Corporations.

Balls Number 3. Sen. Tito Sotto. No explanations needed.

Balls Number 4. Mainstream Journalism . I was browsing TV Patrol (I also watch 24-Oras and Action Balita) saw such news show where almost half of it are showbiz news and self promoting of their telenovelas and movies. Pathetic. Stupid. And still that’s journalism. Where does those brilliant minds go? In ANC.

Balls Number 5. The re-engineered Nescafe 3-in-1. What the hell happend to Nescafe’s 3-in-1? That coffee stole my caffeine virginity and fell head over heels with it. And who the hell put a foam on our coffee! I did not order a Starbucks for God sake!

  1. Marya says:

    Hey, hehe cool ka lang…btw, nice points. Yung sin tax bill version ni Recto parang sa Philip Morris lang. Dapat kasi yung version na lang ni Sen. Miriam Santiago. Clear na agad kung nasaan ang interests ni Recto re this issue. I hate his arguments pa na magkakaroon daw ng smuggling at kawawa daw ang tobacco farmers pag tinaas pa. Duh?!!! yun lang ang masasabi ko kay Recto. On no.4, so true but I have to admit I prefer Chika Minute or Star Patrol over pointless police stories na pinapakita pang nag-aaway ang suspect and victim. hehehe.. On no. 5,masarap naman yung bagong nescafe ah…:)

  2. Panalo yung No. 3 na “no explanations needed”. 😀 And yeah, I do agree with No. 1. I feel bad for him too and awe at the same time. There was this article I read a long time ago where he said that he’s giving up fighting them since its a waste of time defending himself against people who are already dead set in thinking that he’s guilty (or something along those lines, 😛 ). Instead, he’s just going to concentrate on his foundation and all that. He doesn’t need to worry though, a lot of us still believe that he’s not guilty of what they’re accusing him. About the journalism thing, yeah. Medyo mababaw na nga ang mainstream journalism ngayon pero hindi naman lahat.

    Hindi ako makacomment sa 2 at 5 since hindi ako updated sa current issues (busy kuno sa acads) at hindi ko pa natitikman yang bagong Nescafe (may bago pala? haha). Kopiko fan ako eh. 😛

  3. At si Recto pala may pakana niyang E-VAT/VAT na yan? :/

  4. I agree with you about the Lance Armstrong issue. I feel that he will always be a hero in some way — especially with how he increased consciousness about cancer and to LIVESTRONG.

  5. potsquared says:

    damang dama kita lester ah.. ahahahahha! nag enjoy ako sa pagbabasa.. aprub! hindi na ako magcocomment sa mga sinabi mo dahil baka mapamura din ako ng wala sa oras.. ehehehehehe..

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