Posted: October 31, 2012 in Drawing, Journals, Music
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I really love the new Batman movie  especially it’s music, you know the loud and powerful thing in there. So good I even bought the album. Hail Hans Zimmer! The Oscar judges must be deaf should they ignore you once again.  And in that soundtrack, there’s one particular track I’m fascinated about; Track #9: Despair. The one used in the official trailers. It should sound bad news for Gotham and our cape crusader, click the video below to know.


Despair. What a word to describe and pinpoint my exact location in this life’s journey. Despair. Four weeks to go, and I seem to get worst in capturing faces. Despair. I have the money and energy yet no time to resurrect a star by my hands, but ends up paying pay someone else to do most of the dirty job.


Featured art works by MLSart, Nat Morley and ArtworByGabrielle.


  1. potsquared says:

    i believe in you lester.. practice lang and you’ll be the best in everything that you do! goodluck!

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