Crushed Chicken for a Wondering Soul

Posted: November 8, 2012 in Journals
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Yesterday, I almost  died. I was involved in a freaky road accident when we were going to Ormoc City for a seminar. Haggard, sleepless, and had no breakfast I could have traded anything for a pillow or a hard coffee. I could have chosen the first one but we were leaving early for a 3 hour trip to the city so I decided to sleep inside the van until I saw the front of the road and  realized we were heading straight on to the truck in front. I closed my eyes and everything just went black.

Somehow, somewhere down the road this truck suddenly stepped on the brakes. And somehow somewhere our kaskasero driver must have missed the truck’s signal or just plain stupid to keep a  safe distance. It was too late.

We crashed. It should have been an easy kill to the driver and the guy in front if we crashed on a full case collision. But somehow, our idiot driver managed to turn the van sharply to the right. With a loud noise I can’t decipher, our van rolled sideways to the right, I saw everything before it turned it all turned black. I was seating in the middle row of the van next to the right window so I felt how my perspective rolled sideways.

I think I might had blacked out for a few seconds, but the moment I opened my eyes everything is sideways.  I was pinned heavily on the button of the van. There were two people crushing on top of me. On my right is a crushed window, the cement  road and… blood. But the worst thing feeling is the heavy load of the two people crushing me. It [expletive] hurts. But I’m just glad I’m conscious and yes, pretty much alive.

The van was a wreck. But it turns out we were so lucky the van only rolled sideways thanks to the street light post that prevented us from rolling a what would-have-been deadly times, you know those rolling in the deep scenes in the movies. It would have been an easy kill for us because none of us, the passenger, had seat belts. We escaped with no major injuries. The worst were small bruises. Mine was blacking out for the very first time in my life, and a minor concussion. Damn, I must have bumped my head pretty hard on the window. By the way, the blood was not mine but on the poor chickens who happened to be on the wrong time and place of the road.

Perhaps the most important lesson of the day for us was how fortunate we were to be alive. I never expected I’d be involved in a road accident. Look I don’t drink (hard), I don’t use narcs, and I don’t even drive anything but a mountain bike but then again yesterday happened and I was a few meters away from dying. Again thanks to that street light. But seriously, I can’t thank God enough for saving all of us.

But do you know what really hurts the most? It’s not the hurting shoulder, not the sickening headache, not the dizziness but the realization that I really am not ready to leave this life. No, I didn’t have flashbacks of my past life, I didn’t think of my family, nor of a predestined meeting with God above and all that sentimental stuffs movies made us believe. I thought of a cup of coffee, of my laptop, of the next trip for Ormoc, of that goddamn CPE points… these things are just so Earthly. Evidence that I am still pretty much attached to this life and everything in it. But trust me, a change of environment (from this world to the next) won’t hurt that much. Look I’m tired, uninspired and pretty much screwing up my life.  At least I’ll see‘her’ there. Sorry guys, but I just miss her badly until now. But fate says I’m not finished here, as if she’s saying “Stay there Lester-san, find someone, do great things and see the world for me.

I think I better get a St. Peter’s Life Plan now, have myself insured and for God’s sake make a death-wish that when I die I want my body cremated. I want them  to turn my body to ashes. Because it cost less and wont take much space in the already crazy overcrowded cemetery. Heck I can even ask them to throw my ashes on the sea, that looks epic. I love that kind of scenes. Right now, all I know is that I’m lucky to be given the chance to complete my Pledge 25 (a sacred Red Cross promise to donate blood 25 times, before turning 25), I’m now down to my last donation to complete the cycle so I guess I’ll do it at the day of her first death anniversary to celebrate life… My life. Her life. And to the second life ahead of me.

On Monday, I’ll go to court and press some charges. Because that idiot driver and that van company doesn’t deserve to drive a van with living PEOPLE inside. And oh my God they never gave me a receipt! How am I going to liquidate that expenses???

Welcome back to Earth, Lester.

  1. renxkyoko says:

    Thank the heavens you are well. that was a very nasty experience, indeed. take care.

  2. cheesecake says:

    may mahalaga ka daw misyon sa mundong ibabaw. bow.

    glad you are safe.

  3. Jacklyn Belo says:

    When we almost face death, that’s perhaps the only time in our lives that we can appreciate the value of life. Your thoughts on your next trip, cup of coffee tells that you are not ready to leave. Death sometimes is intriguing and heaven is fascinating but as what they say, “Death be not proud.” I’m glad you’re safe…. that was really a horrifying experience! mag-celebrate ka ng second life mo! 🙂

    • Lapiskamay says:

      thanks JAckie! I just celebrated it with my classmates in College here in Maasin. 🙂
      I guess I’ll be around here wondering until I found the reasons why I’m still here.
      Death is really fascinating. I can still remember our Youngblood columns, we both talked about life and death. 🙂

  4. potsquared says:

    good thing you’re ok… and poor chickens.. huhuhu…

  5. “I think I better get a St. Peter’s Life Plan now” – hehehe 😉

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