The Parol Project RISES!

Posted: November 15, 2012 in Events, Other Arts
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It’s 40 days until Christmas according to my Facebook newsfeed (Is it? I’m not good at Math) Boy, my ears are all filled with such strange chants repeating over and over again: deshi basara. It’s a secret language they used in a pivotal scene in The Dark Knight Rises. It means “RISE”.

Like Batman who rose from darkness , a star rises in this sleepy town in a cold bleak of November. After a weeks of preparation,  my Parol Project finally rises! We just hang our new Parol up in our porch at home. The sight is simply amazing around here. You should see the look at the eyes of the kids.

It took me and my gang, I mean, family to finish the Parol Project. Not that it’s hard to make but rather we all have things to take care of. Mine’s balancing work and studying arts. Tatay got an entire school in his shoulder, same as my mother, they’re a team. My brothers only got a two-week semestral break to help out. I was forced to outsource the making of the star’s framework and the basic patches of the colored plastic charol. At least we’ve made another family earn something.

So it all goes down into a slowly-but-surely approach in crafting the star, night after night, inch by every inch, detail by detail. Never mind the cost because I got it all covered, I’m the executive producer and screenplay writer for this one. Just imagine my delight after accounting the total cost which hits just around the budget. But my father, Tatay Dindo, is no doubt the director of the project. He simply took over and owns ’em pretty good that we were practically sitting ducks during the latter stage of the production. We even got an argument in the changes in the design, but in the end I’d just have to trust him and settled it with a bottle of beer. It turn out just great, even greater than I could imagine.


We are very proud and happy for the result. It’s a total teamwork for the family during the semestral break, and the star amazingly reflect the values behind the hardwork and the design. We just want to make this Christmas a little brighter.

I’m now all ears for more projects around the neighborhood, hopefully many will put up their stars in the coming weeks until Christmas. And to wrap it all up here’s the behind the scenes/ the making of this great Parol Project.

some of the electrical stuffs..

the skeletal framework

light up the soul, baby

tinuhog talaga ng baseball bat, haha

lookin pretty good, almost done!

before we hang this one outside

that’s my baby up there.

  1. renxkyoko says:

    Oh, so pretty ! When a relative came here to the US, she gave us a beautiful Christmas lantern, but it got damaged during a heavy storm . I wish we could have one again. We were the only one in the neighborhood with something so Filipino.

  2. zezil says:

    Wow! This is fanta-bulous! 😀 Ang sayang family activity at inspiring din! Good job and Merry Christmas!

    • Lapiskamay says:

      fanta-bulous! ganda naman ng word na yan, ma.Sottonize ko nga. hehe. Maraming salamat at nagustuhan mo ang gawa namin. 🙂
      Merry Christmas din sayo. naway maging shining shimmering maliwanag pasko mo. 🙂

      • zezil says:

        Mapapakanta ka ng ano e, ang nagsindi nitong ilaw, walang iba, kundi ikaw! Basta, napasaya ako lalo na yung andyan pa si Tatay na lider ng project tapos mga kapatid! Ang saya saya! Maligayang Pasko! 😀

      • Lapiskamay says:

        masaya nga yung experience, mas na.appreciate namin ang ganda ng project. 🙂

  3. mrbeancent says:

    Astig! Ayan na ang pasko. Yey!

  4. bagotilyo says:

    merry christmas .. hehehe..

    Amazingly done idol 🙂

  5. potsquared says:

    astig!! at kasama ang buong family!! nice!! ang galing lester!! congratulations!!!

  6. ladyotaku says:

    shucks naman oh si friend, electrician din pala….beautiful!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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