When Batman Falls and Skyfall Rises

Posted: November 21, 2012 in Events, Film
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The past few nights I was able to watch two great movies with different companions for each film’s showing. First was the latest James Bond film, SKYFALL, which is first and for the best instalment in the fifty-year history of the 007 franchise. I watched the movie with my brothers over the weekend in Cebu City in full digital theatre and our reaction after the movie was a unanimous WOW! We were like nuts out there having: Standing ovations. Big claps. Cat calls. High fives. And screaming. Oh brothers. And the next movie was a DVD one-on-one film showing of The Dark Knight Rises with the best dad in the world. By the end of the movie, I think my father had went through the worst movie of his life! Well, that’s based on the words he threw the entire duration of the movie, haha.

Goodness, I have never seen my father condemn a movie that bad.  Tatay seems to seeing only the bad aspects of the film like having a Batman that is such a pussy, stupid and weak; of him letting Bane & Co. cripple the entire Gotham City and Batman himself (literally and figuratively); of having such long dialogues and less action (where’s the fun in that?); of having a menacing villain that should have been dead with a simple gunshot; of the stupid polices trapped like rats; yatata yatata…The last time he was upset of having such a bad film was four years ago when we watched (surprise..!) The Dark Knight, you know the one with the crazy clown. Me really love the Batman vs Bane film this year and I tried so mightily and valiantly to depend explain the essence of the story, to no avail. And I was like, man, my father really hates Christopher Nolan without knowing the guy.  Haha, I did have a good time laughing at his argument (when all my defences were useless).

Now let’s go back to Skyfall. You must watch it people because it’s so freaking awesome. Ahm where do I begin? Ah.. ah.. Adele! She sang the opening credits, it’s a really good song and the presentation was pretty cool. There’s going to be a lot of ass kicking fight choreography and chase scenes that will make Jason Bourne audition for the next movie’s extra. The cinematography is spectacular especially the scenes in Shanghai. But Daniel Craig is the MAN, as he brought back his A+ game that he showed in Casino Royale (forget Quantom of Solace) giving our favourite spy such never before seen emotional depth as a character. Damn, he made James completely human; someone who gets shot with bullets, be drowned by beers and live fucked up moments. The villain is terrifying and interesting to watch in the name of Silva (Javier Bardem) a cyberterrorist (is he gay?), James Bond’s ultimate match both in physicality and intelligence (he’s a former 00 agent). Thanks God for the first time ever we finally got a villain who’s not after world-domination (gee that’s so ancient, right?). Silva just want to get revenge on M16 and M. That really sets the tone for the film to have a grounded story with a foundation built on exploring the human side of James Bond. Who is this guy? Where does he came from? What haunts him? How deep is his loyalty to M? In Skyfall these questions and more will be answered, because this time around everything is personal. Don’t worry the Bond girl, Severene, is so smoking hot! Me love her!

One really steamy scene without getting their clothes off. Sexyback is back!

So what’s the point of comparing two different movies? Because we people, especially the guys, needs to understand that just because you absolutely love a film doesn’t mean you’re friends are gonna love it. It’s an interesting experience to see how different our sense of taste despite being half a clone to my father. But watching a good movie with your brothers/friends is a whole lot of fun watching solo. I sure does not make sense at all, right?

Batman and Bane - Dark Knight Rises Memes

  1. cheesecake says:

    i didn’t read the skyfall part. i need to watch it first.

    and for the batman part, i am actually no big fan and geek to the batman series but i had to watch it because of my office peeps. i dont say i hate the movie but i just see it is a good batman movie (also as per my peeps lol). the twist at the end is pretty unexpected.

    • Lapiskamay says:

      no worries the skyfall part is spoiler-free, but it depends how we define a preview of what to expect. but I hope you;ll catch it in theaters! theres so much to love in that movie.

      and Batman kind of a unique superhero, not all generations can really appreciate him, especially his human side. but yes it’s a really great movie from a great crew. it’s just kind of weird some girls are fascinated with the character for all the wrong reasons: Daniel Padilla and his batman inspired wardrobes.

      • cheesecake says:

        anung connect? lol

        maybe i just don’t like him (batman) because of the same reason why the Spawn (comics/movie) creator hate him: he is too soft for hardened criminals like Joker who does a lot of bad stuff and ends up only in jail and just gets out anyway. Spawn will kill him on the spot.

      • Lapiskamay says:

        magulo nga talaga ako hahaha.

  2. I’m so behind in the movie-watching department…I still need to watch both of these!

  3. potsquared says:

    ahahahaha! ayaw talaga ng father mo kay batman or kay pareng christopher.. ehehehehe di mo siya mahila sa dark side.. eheheheheh gusto ko manood ng skyfall!!

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