Phantoms of the Dawn

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Events, Journals
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Just the other day while going to Tacloban I bumped into my best friend. It was still dark and early to call it a day but I’m glad I was sitting right beside my friend on a long road trip inside a van (it didn’t crash thanks God). He was heading for the airport to catch an international flight to China and I’m heading for a seminar. We haven’t really seen each other for most of the year, and yes, the last seven years. It was a roadtrip, and it was a time for us to sit down and talk.

And talk we did – the whole 3-hour ride at the back of the van. We’ve been friends since preschool and took the same school and section the rest of the way until college. He’s really one of the very few people who knows me, my voice, my fears, my color and my limitations. But one thing I really liked about him is that he knows how to talk to me. Oh man, that’s rare talking to other people naturally who can keep  up with my train of thoughts: which are basically ideas and sometimes nonsensical questions. This guy really know how to listen and talk back. I’m a lucky man to have a bestfriend like him.

It was a long conversation, 110 kilometers long. We were talking, amidst the cold dark of dawn and the penetrating silence of the sleepy travellers. We talked just like the old times. We talked about our experiences the past few years, our travels, our ideas, our doubts, our hopes, our plans and above all how our lives went. I think I never had one good conversation like we have in a long time. Something that is sensible, intelligent, and emotionally border-less.. just say what you think and say what you feel.  We were cool.

Why do we have to grow up?

Why do we have to grow up?

I really love listening about the places he have been to all over the world. The different people of different nationalities and accents that he met and befriended. Like how does Europeans talk, how they converse, their accents and the way they carry their conversations. Do they speak ill of other people like what Filipinos are so fond of? Do they talk about ideas or share their experiences? And do they even speak about love, religion and philosophies? Obviously we don’t talk about people.

He told me  that he already bought a lot and will construct a house when he comes back. Then I remembered that this man earns dollars, big enough to earn ten years worth of salary in a single tour. Indeed he has come a long long way financially, career-wise and quite literally on the kilometer readings. It’s natural to feel out of place with that kind of staffs but he is so down to earth that he even gives praises and encouragement of how much I achieved too. I wish he knew how proud and happy I am for whatever he is now.

Our conversation also landed in Vietnam. I told him I want my passport get stamped and the cheapest and coincidentally the most special place I want to visit is Vietnam, next year. And right away he told me that he will come too since he also mentored and befriended a Vietnamese sailor who invited him to come to Ho Chi Minh City next year. Travel mate finally, Oh the power of conversation!

We may have to continue living in two different worlds but that conversation we have is an evidence our bond goes deep into our beings. There’s always a good thing to talk about, in fact just too many I can’t wait until he comes back. And one more thing, we were talking the whole time without seeing our faces. We don’t need to. It was dark and our eyes were on the road. We were creatures in the dark, talking and not caring about the world around us.. we have no faces to show, only voices only we could understand, synchronized brains and a strong common bond. We were like the phantoms of the dawn.

  1. james says:

    that’s a great. going back to roots and reminiscing old days with an old friend makes it all the more special. good luck to your planned trip in vietnam lester…

    • Lapiskamay says:

      thank you James! that’s what real good friends are for. WE’ll just see if our schedule will allow us to travel to Vietnam, nothing is final yet but the commitment is there. 🙂

  2. potsquared says:

    wow.. friendship… saya talaga.. saka yung pakiramdam na malayo na ang narating ninyong pareho ng kaibigan mo.. then pag-uusapan ninyo yung nakaraan.. classic…

    • Lapiskamay says:

      oo friendship talga na malalim. hehe masaya talaga ang life pag may friends. gaya natin kuya, pinapasaya mo kami sa mga kabaliwan (at regalo) mo. ako yata tong wala pang narating eh. baka willing ka magsponsor sakin ng trip to Japan jan kuya. hehehehe

      • potsquared says:

        sabi na nga ba at hihirit ka na naman ng ganyan.. sandali.. *tingin coin purse* wala talaga lester.. wala pang himalang nangyayari eh… try mo mag apply sa japanese embassy for scholarship.. pwede sya.. sagot nila ang paaral mo, may allowance ka pa pag nandito ka…

      • Lapiskamay says:

        sabi ko na ngaba magpapalusot na naman to. hehe cge po kuya if maligaw ako ng landas, i mean maligaw ng maynila mag.aaply ako dun. kahit janitor lang. ahahaha

      • potsquared says:

        uyy hindi ako nagpapalusot ah.. ayan nga at binubuksan ko coin purse ko para makita kung may naligaw na sangkaperahan.. nataon talaga na wala… ehehehehe.. naku, dito sa japan, mahal ang labor.. kaya kapag ganyan ang trabaho mo, sa malamang malaki sweldo mo…

      • Lapiskamay says:

        hahhaha. sa tokyo po ba kayo nakatira kuya?
        mabuti naman at mahal labor jan, mag.sasideline din akong macho dancer hahaha

      • potsquared says:

        uu sa may tokyo ako.. mahal ang labor, mahal din ang gastos.. at aagawan mo pa ako ng customer sa sideline ko na dancer ah.. ehehehehe

      • Lapiskamay says:

        may the best (macho) man wins!

      • potsquared says:

        kailangan atang mag training ako.. *nood magic mike*

  3. I have always believed that our best friends are friends whom even though our paths go separate ways and cause us not to see each other often, that when we DO get together again it is as if we were next door neighbors seeing each other everyday — it is so easy to get “in-sync” with this person. For example, one of my best friends has gone the opposite direction in which her main journey is family life while my main journey is includes much traveling.

    • Lapiskamay says:

      yup, fits in right at the get go, as if we were just going to school over the weekend. there’s a certain chemistry for best friends thats hard to capture with words.
      … and you are travelling, just like my bestfriend. I better take that path too. haha. certainly no family life in sight. it still give me creeps.

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